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It has been a week since the King exiled himself to Trethelm Lake. Dan and his party are sipping tea lounging around the lake while fishing.

They left their fishing rod while they relaxingly sipping their tea without a care in the world.

The only one not here to enjoy this idle life is Sarah. She was ordered to do some reconnaissance work by Aero.

Sarah was happy to contribute something to the group.

Aero in this past week raised his strength stats and endurance.

He also makes all the dinner and repairs their equipment when Dan party went hunting to further improve his proficiency

He also read all the books in the Sage house to raise his intellect which in turn help him raise his proficiencies faster.

Almost all of production type skill that Aero have almost reached Advanced. Aero once tell Dan his stats, but he could not believe it.

Aero told him that stat doesn’t reflect your level. Levels up will only increase your health and mana. Sometimes it helps in acquiring stats.

But if you use your own experience and method you can get stats without using the traditional way.

Aero found this out, when he was trying to raise the attack stat. Practicing on monster is good but the he started practicing with rocks.

First, small rock.

Then medium rock. Then a large rock. Considering that Aero sword durability is unknown it didn’t break.

It gives Aero fatigue faster but it increase Aero stats faster. While Dan was thinking about this, Aero yelled.

“It is time! Marco, can you write me a letter and hire a crier to give the news?” Marco grumbled but he followed Aero orders

“Yes, I can” he said as brought over the pen. Aero went to his wooden table that he set outside and began writing onto the paper.

After finishing the letter he whisper something into Marco eyears and Marco nodded before he rides the horse and went out from the Lake.

‘What did you ask him to do?’ Dan asked.

‘Something interesting’ Aero said as he resume his repairing routine.




“This is the letter from the Royal Highness, Protector of This Kingdom, and King of Vanheim, Duke of Vanheim and Sovereign of its People King George Vermont Vanheim.’

The crier announced loudly so everyone could hear it. Standing on a large and tall podium his word echoes across the main square.

The peasant stopped what they were doing.

Even the players strain their ears to listen.

After looking that the crowd has paid attention to what he was about to say the crier then clear his throats and continues with his loud voice.

‘I no longer could bear the noble’s betrayal. They have exhausted and weakened me in body and soul. They did not care about the Kingdom and its people will. All they care about is their own self-interest. And it is because of that I intend to abdicate from the throne of Vanheim once and for all.”

The crier repeats the content of the letter until evening. Read aloud in public places all over the kingdom, the effect was startling.

The common people after hearing the announcement were angry. But not at the King but at the nobles.

In their minds their King that protected them from the threats of other Kingdom covetous eyes were weakened by the noble’s greedy nature.

As the peasant usually suffer from noble’s mistreatment they could sympathize with the King.

In normal days they would not have the guts to be angry at nobles. But bandits wreak havoc every day.

At the borders other kingdoms armies are looking over while the Orc attacks are getting severe in the north.

Desperation could force people to be brave.

And they are desperate. This desperation turns to anger. And that anger was directed at the nobles that forced their King, who in their mind is their protector, to abdicate.

To them, this is the nobles fault. They want back their King to return to the Palace and continue protecting them like in the past

The peasant band together and started to march to the high walls of the nobles houses and riot against the nobles.

Large Mansions and beautiful houses were burned that days, smokes rises up to the skies coloring the skyscape black.

The riot claimed hundreds of lives, nobles dragged out from their homes and lynched by the mob of unsatisfied peasants.

Noble ladies were raped while their children were slaughtered.

Aero of course has predicted this and still he persist in his strategy. Aero might have halt his studies but like his mother, he is smart in many ways especially the way he dealt with people.

Now, he has a stage to shine to use his knowledge.

The players didn’t know what to do in this period of confusion. Some joined the riots only to found out later their infamy became really high.

Many players didn’t like this. Many NPCs that were quest giver were killed either by bandits or by Red Players.

In a week, all the nobles started getting scared fort their lives and their properties. Even their private armies were shaken and some were even outright revolting.

They might be a private army but even they are afraid of organized armies of other Kingdoms.

The reasons why Vanheim was strong was that in times of crisis they unite together.

The poor and peasants always unite, it is the nobles that bicker and scheme to divide the poor and making them unable to strike them.

The private armies of this nobles might be following orders but they also have flesh and blood.

They have families living all over Vanheim.

The only reasons they entered the private services of noble is because they wanted to provide a good life for their families.

If that could not be guaranteed why would they serve their lord wholeheartedly? Even the nobles sees this.

The will of the people are against them right now.

They could no longer ignore the abdication of their King.

How ironic that the King has abdicated but they found themselves suddenly defenseless with the entire world seems to want to target them.

All their plans to gobble up the kingdom halted with the insurrection of peasant and independent militant popping up bearing the banner to restore the rightful king to the throne.

This is total anarchy. And in such anarchy and chaos, who would dare to took the crown and sit himself on the throne?


Inside a candle lighted room, a gathering of people spoke to each other, debating against each other and even hurl insult at each other.

After a few hours of customary bickering they finally calmed down and began to tackle the most important issues right now.

The reasons why they are meeting today far away from the Palace.

The abdication of King George and the solution to the anarchy that has taken place in his absence.

“What should we do?” asked Duke Derka, an old man with long white flowing white beard and some bald spot on his head.

His physique look saggy and weak.

He looked towards the man opposite him a middle aged men with protruding belly and a chubby rosy face.

“How should I know?” reply Count Dritri.

There was silent for a while as the people sitting around this table is thinking many things.

They could not have imagined that the abdication of the King do not bring they any benefit instead bringing them many problems instead.

“How about this? Tomorrow, we gathered representatives from the nobles, the temples and the people to persuade King George to return to the throne. This will appease the people and we could win back the will of the people. People are like pigs. They easily forgets.”

Offer a young man under a hood.

The nobles listen and they agreed. To them, the peasants and the people are simple people.

Give them something to eat they will shut up. If they are unhappy, held a fair of a festival and they will forget their hardship.

At least this is the viewpoints of the nobles.

Peasants are idiots and uncultured.

They agree silently with the young man under the hood.

This meeting was held because of the growing concern of their safety.

They invited all the nobles and anyone who could give them an idea on how to solve this crisis.

The fact that the young man was in disguises and wearing a hood to conceal his identity is not weird.

Almost everyone, low nobles and low lords conceal their faces in fear of being recognized and to avoid the low lords fears to speak their thought in front of the higher ranked lords in this meeting

They liked the idea that the young man suggest. After a round of discussion they all agreed to do that.

That night they sent pigeons and messenger to the Temples of the Seven Gods, pick a noble to represents them and contact a People representative to represent the people will.

Because of the importance of the matter by the sun was about to dawn, the people from each faction has already assembled in front of the palace.

Bringing the hopes and prayers they rides the carriage to the Trethelm Lake.

The commotion and the fanfare that resulted in this grand procession alerted the civilians and the players who were nearby.

They spread the news and soon enough more people come to see the procession.

All the players who see this procession realize this must be about the King crisis.

They knew something big is happening.

‘What the hell will happen today? Ask one player as he follows the grand procession from behind.

The players then inform this to other players and soon enough about four thousand players were following the procession from behind as they tried to get to know the representatives from the three factions.

Finally after a few hours and an uncomfortable ride on the swamp area they all reached Trethelm Lake.

The players were also anxious as they look on in anticipation of what is about to happen next.

The representatives sent a crier to announce to the Sage to inform him that they are coming here to meet the King and talk to him

An elf welcomed the crier as the crier announced the representative intentions and names. For a while there is silence when suddenly booming voice spoke

‘I will talk. Wait’

The representatives heaved their breath in relief as they wait outside for the King.

A few hours later, the crier announced the King arrivals as the door opens and the King went outside the white manor.

The players was awed looking at the King of Vanheim.

He look like a picture of the warriors of ancient time with sturdy physique and having a sword sheath strapped on his left hip like a debonair and carefree hero.

But then their shocked multiplied.

‘Look, at the person beside the King!’ one player shouted out

The King came out accompanied by a player.

Wearing a white robe and a shining red sword attached at his left hip while fanning his face with a fan, the players finally met the rumored strategist of King George.



“Your Highness, did you hear? The nobles are sending a delegation to invite you to return to your throne.”

Arcturus exclaimed in a happy tone. The King was equally surprised. Truly, this Aero is no ordinary adventurer.

Nicolas judgment was not wrong. To think he could predicted this far. By announcing my abdication and the reason for it, I have gained the people support.

The will of the people went to him and with it he gained power

But what is more amazing is that this adventurer named Aero already knew that there will be anarchy.

Now the nobles that threatened him before are running scared, hiding in their homes.

 Even his general who initially disapproves of my trust to Aero has had a change of heart.

Aero looked at the King smiling when he decided he needs to rein the happiness of the King before he did something he regrets in a moment of weakness.

So, he approached the King and said

“Your Grace, when they offer you the throne, remember what I said, do not take it. Give them an ultimatum. Either grants you absolute power to govern as you please without the interference of the nobles or find a new King.”

Aero said.

The King face turns determined and he nodded. He would not be an idiot that is consumed by happiness and forgets the grand plan and scheme of his strategist.

By now The King has already regarded Aero as his people.

Aero knows what the King is thinking but he pays the King no mine. He is no one people. He is his own people.

Then slowly he sipped his tea while whistling a tune.


For three days, the King listened to the pleas of the representatives feigning interest and shows response but his answer to the question asking him to return were always the same.


With each days passing and with each days the Kingdom is slowly descending into a state of anarchy the pressure on the backs of this representatives become heavier.

The already stabilized situation has shown itself to be slowly unraveling and was ready to be to explode.

It wasn’t until the third day, where the representatives was practically begging him with tears and wails that the King offered his subject an ultimatum.

“Give me absolute power in the court and I will return. If not forget about it and let me live my life in peace’

Faced with a choice of anarchy or despotic power, they opted for a strong King, calling for King George return to the throne.

The moment this news were spread out to the Kingdom, the common people cheered while the Temples send prayers to the Gods.

The nobbles all have a sullen face and vow to maintain this kind of power for only a few months before restoring back the status quo.

They decided to appease the people and revert back to their old ways after the situation has been stabilized.

When this spread out to the players, they have a different reaction.

“This is his strategy, right?”

“Clearly. NPCs don’t have that kind of intelligence.”

“He’s a terrifying man. To turn a country into anarchy in only a week.”

“He’s just one man”

“I like his style.”

“He’s one to lookout for “says a rugged warrior.

Sarah who is in the background is listening to all the praise and critic directed at Aero. Many players are happy because it seems that peace has returned.

But Sarah know it’s not over yet.

Aero had told her that one week ago.

Two weeks from now, war is coming. And that war will change this continent.

Aero said if he plays his card right, he would be able to gain the most influence in the shortest time possible.

Aero has found the good thing about being a strategist and he intend to use that advantages to quickly become stronger and stand shoulder to shoulder with the great figures in Brave World.

And with that he will get sponsorship deals of commercial video ad if he becomes a famous player.

To become famous you must be strong or have something unique about you. So, the determination to become strong is engraved inside Aero bones.

Sarah was curios of the real life Aero.

She wondered how he would look like.

War will come and Aero would be there to stop it.


Second chapter this week because of LS hiatus

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