Stern Devil – Chapter 001 part 2

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Loaf about in the Nightclub part 2

Please pardon my English, the translation of modern city novel is harder than that of a fantasy novel.

Characters in this chapter:

Yang Chen: The main character.

Mary: A procuress.

John: Another supervisor in the club where Yang Chen worked.

Phiona: The number one procuress in the nightclub where the MC worked.

“Big five, it’s still early, do you want my massage?” Having said that, Mary threw me a flirting look; her eyes were as if they were drooping liquid. I knew she was joking with me. The club will be open in a few moments. Even if we were to do anything, there would be no time. Thus I groped her butt and chuckled, “Fine, quit joking around. I’ve got a few rooms reserved; you’ll have what you want. But tell your gals to dress up real. These guys are exceptionally picky.”
Mary at once tuned up her cheeks and kissed me on my face, then she wriggled to powder her nose.
At the Gloria club, there were four managers in total. I was the youngest among the four but stayed the longest. I started working here since I was 18 as a busboy, then a waiter and receptionist, after finally, I became a manager.
My shift tonight will be with another manager in this club: John. This man was a few years older than me at his 30s. He was the kind of kept man, though I could always spot the lascivious look in his eyes as if he never get enough of sex. When I entered the dining hall located in the back of the club, this guy was flirting with another procuress: Phiona.
Phiona was the number one procuress in this club. She did not have as many hookers worked for her as Mary, though she had two super star girls in hand. These two girls were the mainstay of this club, and they were the prettiest.
I sat down and greeted John and Phiona. Phiona almost immediately approached smilingly and sat close beside me. She did it definitely on purpose. Phiona’s face and that of Mary’s were two different extremities. Mary was a sexy mature woman with the hottest body figure whereas Phiona was exquisite, though she had a pair of seductive eyes. Phiona seemed to be less sluttish than Mary, but she was shrewd and had her ways around people, or she wouldn’t be able to handle the star girls who worked for her.
“Big Five, why are you so late today?” John handed me a cigarette while revealed his pearly teeth. It was said that John had worked in a famous gay bar in the city, and he did have his glory days among the gays. But John wasn’t getting any younger compared with the new generations. Thus he quited and came to us.
I have always not a fan of this man. Because he didn’t have what it took to be a manager, rumor had it that he became the man in charge by pleasing one of the club’s female shareholder.
I never liked any people who lived off a woman; I had a tendency to kick their asses. Thus I didn’t like John. And I knew, secretly, many staffs in this club called John ‘Toy Boy King’.
I kept smiling and nodded to him as have greeted.
Whereas Phiona simply hugged around my neck and whispered, “Big Five, I know Boss Ma will be coming back tonight. He’s your regular customer, could you let him take care of my business tonight?”
I noticed John’s hint of displeased look in his eyes while Phiona hanged on my neck. Thus I pretended to flick my cigarette and got off Phiona’s arms.
I was not a chicken man because I thought in a place like this, there was no need to offend a coworker for a procuress.
“Phiona, isn’t the two star girls your cash cow?” I smiled and puffed a cloud of smoke then ordered a dinner combo for myself. Then I saw the strange expression on Phiona’s face. She said, “Not if they are taken care by you, right, Big Five?”
I was struck by an idea that there might be a problem with Phiona’s star girls.
But none of those were my problems. I hurried with my dinner, chopsticks threw, and bye-bye-ed the two, then went upstairs to shower.
John and Phiona remained there; God knew what they were scheming about.
Everybody here knew their dirty relationship. John and Phiona were not screwing once, but multiple times. Usually, a procuress seldom will sleep with a manager, though such case did exist, like John and Phiona. But I guessed the real reason that John hit on Phiona was her star girls.
A star hooker was entirely different from a regular hooker. Say, a regular hooker will need to please us managers and the procuresses. If successful, the managers will usually give the rich customers to the hookers that they knew. And the procuress will place her friend hookers in the front row when the customers took their pick.
As you all who have been to such occasions knew, when a client picked girls, usually the hookers had to stand in a line in the customer’s room. Those girls who built a strong relationship with the procuresses will be placed in the frontmost row which will be close to the customers. Those girls who were not in favor by the procuresses will be left by the door, or even be blocked by other girls.
Under such circumstance, even if you were a belle, if the customer can’t see you, you won’t get any jobs done that night.
But for the star girls, they didn’t need to please anyone. For, they already had a bunch of big customers to start with. On an average night, they didn’t even need to stand in a row and let the customers pick. They had their regular clients who came just for them. On the contrary, the procuresses will have to please their star girls, because they were the cash cow for them. Us managers may be able to take advantages of the regular hookers by using our rights, though the star girls wouldn’t have to please us either.
As far as I can tell, there were a total of four star hookers in our clubs, two of them were even superior. They were the best and the prettiest. One of them even came off from a renowned art college who played supporting roles in a few dramas. But due to the severe competition within the entertainment business, and the fast earned money to be a hooker, she came anyway.
I finished the shower within 20 minutes to recover my body strength. When I was out, a busboy from the sauna department came. First, he saluted me obediently “Big Five,” then asked if I need a massage girl.
I never wanted to touch a sauna girl, because I considered them dirty.
Let me give you a number, you will understand.
In our nightclub, there were 30 hookers in the sauna department. There will be an average of 100 customers per night. Thus on average, a girl needed to serve three customers per night. 90 customers per girl per month. 540 customers per girl per half year! And I don’t have to tell you the number per year.
And neither did I want to touch a club girl.
The club girls, though they were also money driven, most of them wouldn’t sleep with customers. Because they didn’t have to bed with them to earn ten thousand RMB per month.
But I didn’t mean that they were comparably clean. Girls who did such a job for a living will never be clean. This was why I stopped screwing with the club girls after I’ve worked here for a while.
But, nowadays, were the so-called ‘good girls’ really clean?
Such as the middle school girls who merely got their periods coming, and the college students who stayed in the net cafe all day long. They met friends who they met on line regularly, and if possible, slept with them in a hotel. Their sex frequency was not any cleaner than that of a hooker.
This busboy I was talking to knew my habit. What he said about a massage girl means the real masseuse, instead of a massage hooker. This place was, after all, a high-rank entertainment business. Not all customers here were into sex. We did have professional massage therapists.
During any average days, I wouldn’t say no to a real massage after a shower. This was a high-end club where showering alone will cost a hundred RMB. And the masseuses were good, a few of them were hired from far south of China, and I needn’t have to pay. I didn’t have time now. Thus I shook my head and asked him to fetch me a bottled water then drank up and went downstairs.

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