Stern Devil – Chapter 001 part 1

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Loaf about in the Nightclub par 1

Please pardon my English, the translation of modern city novel is harder than that of a fantasy novel.

Characters in this chapter:

Yang Chen: The main character.

Mary: A procuress.

John: Another supervisor in the club where Yang Chen worked.

The alarm woke me up. I rolled over and rose to myself from the bunk in the resting room.

The watch showed 5 o’clock sharp.

I turned on the light and lit up a cigarette and puffed deeply to let the pungent air went through my lungs. Now I was truly awakened.

I jumped off the bed then finished a dozen pushups while making my body joints click by the drastic movement. Later on, I got my shirt tidied and put on the black suit hanging back on the door. I rubbed hard on my face to loosen my sleeping skin then emerged from the room

My name was Chen Yang, 23 of age. I currently lived in a middle-sized city in south China.

The place I worked was a famous nightclub named Gloria, which crowned itself as the entertainment center in the city. I believed that you knew what kind of place was a nightclub. Amongst all others places of sorts, Gloria represents the high-profile, high-end location of recreation, and it was famous for its young and lovely and hot girls.

My title was a supervisor.

Good as it sounded, my task was not that elegant as it seemed. It included drinking and mingling with customers while they came to spend their money, and managing the suites every now and then. So I behaved more like a manager.

When I was out of the resting room, there were not many staffs in the hall. Some of the waiters and waitresses have begun their shift doing cleaning or other routines. I had access to a room as my private resting place because of my title. And next to my room was the hooker’s room. It was empty due to the early time: 5 o’clock was not the time for the ladies to work.

I kept on walking and spotted a glamorous woman who went out of the girl’s room. I glanced, and it was Mary.

Mary was a senior in this club. A few years ago, she was the status star hostess among a few other clubs in the city. Now she had gained years of age, thus after calling in all the resources she accumulated over the years and summoning a dozen of girls, she became a procuress herself.

Mary was the rags-to-riches kind of madame in my club. There were a total of 20~30 girls who were willing to follow her. Besides, Mary had been in the business for years that she had her ways around the city. Whenever she was short on girls, a single phone call from her will drive dozens of standbys over. What pitied me was that after all these years, she never successfully trained a single star girl.

To be a star girl in the nightclub, born pretty was not enough. Hookers these days were not an easy job. If I were to joke about it, being a celebrity hooker was even harder. As a celebrity, she had to be smart other than pretty, be flattering and judge the customers’ facial expressions. She will be sexy when needed, uphold her dignity when needed as well.

Usually, the celebrity hookers were those foxy women who were able to seduce any men heads over heels.

Only the green hands will love a girl who jumps over them at the first meeting.

Men nowadays were pretty experienced at playing.

Honestly, Mary was a very charming lady. Her face was elegant, figure shaped. All her muscle were in just the right place. That cute black lady’s suit she was wearing had purposely revealed a sizable area of her chest, making a hint of her white lace bra over the edge of suit collar that pushed her breasts together to made a deep cleavage. What an attractive mature sexy female.

“Big five!” Mary spotted me and her eyes instantly lightened up. She giggled and called my nickname while wriggled her slightly bent waist and approached. Intentionally or not, she pressed her body against my skin, her arms simply hanged around mine while said in an overdone sweet voice, “Are you gonna take care of me tonight? That John guy, he put my gals in the last place the other night, let my girl just sitting there idle the whole evening.

Having said that, wittingly or not, she rubbed her pair of boobs on my arm once again.

I chuckled and exert a gentle slap on her cute, playful butt while pinched on it and said, “Mary, don’t joke. Can John pull that off? I saw it last night, it’s your girls that took the most customers. Didn’t Boss Ma took Lily back there?”

Mary threw me her sheep eyes and chuckled sweetly, “I don’t care, you’ve got to give me a good clock tonight!” Having said that, she once again attach her soft and sweet body onto my arm.

Many might think that in such an occasion of entertainment, the hookers belonged to the nightclub, it was wrong actually.

The nightclub itself did not keep prostitutes, and the hookers and the procuress were not paid by the club. Usually, when a nightclub opened for business, the club people will call in a few procuresses, and the procuresses will bring their own girls to serve the customers in the club. The hookers earned their tips, and the procuresses’ income will deduct a certain percentage from the hookers. Usually 10%.

And certainly, there will be a few procuresses or hookers who got to know frequent visitors that will usually reserve rooms in the club. Then the spending of that individual customers will be deducted and given to that hooker and procuress.

Example as Mary, though she did not have any star hooker in hand, she knew a lot of frequent visitors, and some of them were the rich ones who usually spent a few hundred thousand each month in this club. Thus the deduction to Mary’s income will surely be considerable.

But frankly, she needed to flatter me given what I did for a living.

The club’s system required that customers will have to be greeted by a supervisor. Then after they entered their room, I will be the one to ask a procuress who I got along with to find their girls to serve the customers. The rights were in my hands.

Thus, the procuress and the hookers here need to retain a good relationship with me in the hope that I will bring business to them.

And some of the hookers, to let the supervisor give them a good place during the night, will even offer to let me take advantage of them.

As far as I know, in this club, more than half of the hookers had been slept by the other supervisor but me, John.

Thankfully I was a friendly man who seldom scolded or beat any girls, or took advantage of anyone by being a supervisor. Thus most of them love me for that.

Mary was giggling. I took advantage of the chance and surround my arm on her soft, and bent waist then pinched it. Her waist felt perfect, I had to give her that.

This woman had an incredibly perfect body figure, and her skin was dead white, no excess fat on the waist as well. The procuresses wore the tidy little black lady’s suits and a cute handbag for tips due to the club rule, she did look like an office lady or sorts.

I cannot help but sighed that Mary did have no celebrity girls, but that was because she would not be a hooker herself. If she would return to be a hooker, she will definitely be one of the celebrities. Though Mary was not the prettiest, she was seductive and comforting and could feel after the customers. No wonder she was popular by the earlier years.

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