Stern Devil – Prologue

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Many believe that things such as ‘luck’ do exist.

Although it is not a thing to be generally touched or seen, sure enough, it does affect every aspect of our lives somehow. To name a few, a gambler, if lucky, can sweep the board and gain richness overnight, or he could be down to ruin his family fortune during the latter half of the night and wind up selling pants.

Like the saying goes: You cannot stop the luck when it arrives. Which vividly describes such a situation.

But if the luck has to go away, you could not stop it from leaving, either.

If a person, out of the blue, gets hold of the peculiar ability to control luck?

Could he or she be able to spot money out on the road, or run into a love-for-life by just walking on the street, or start a limit-up by buying a random stock?

How awesome would that be?

However, is it possible for such a good thing to happen?

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