CGA – Ch 96

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“Why does it have to be Earth?” Jaime’s eyebrows wrinkled and he accessed about Planet Earth in the third dimension.

The old Lie moved his hand and an illusion of blue planet suddenly appeared in the middle of the dark of the night. “The Dragon and Phoenix continent is inside the fifth dimension. This place is a resting place of the creature of the three realms who were seeking for immortality with through the teaching of Tao, cultivation, magic, or another technique.”

“Asura, half-asura, mortal, demi-god, even god can reach this place and the dimension above. This place has different time flow with the third dimension. It could be said that the life on the Planet Earth is ten time slower than this place. With it, you have more time there to reach this continent again.”

“Planet Earth…” Jaime said while reading the information from the Book of Karma. “Does not have cultivation technique, very limited Tao teaching, no magic, and no technique to reach immortality. How could I reach the fifth dimension if I could not reach even the fourth dimension.”

“Don’t worry.” The old Lie laughed. “The ruler of the third dimension will die in few years, and after that, there will be big selection to find his replacement. I will make sure you will be join the selection. If you win the selection, you can be the ruler of the third dimension. You can also get the ball filled with your heritance in that place.”

“What kind of selection?”

“The ruler of the third dimension will gather all living being from the entire galaxy in the third dimension in one place called Shangrila. In that place, there will be millions of strongest creature from entire third dimension with their best gifts. The last man (creature) standing will be the next ruler.” The old Lie stared sharply at Jaime. “To Join this selection, there are a lot of asura, even god who asked me to reincarnate them to the third dimension. You are lucky enough to meet me. I will set a good background for you and make sure that Ye Xiu will be beside you. How’s that sound?”

Jaime’s brain was working hard, too slow, he would die and he had no ability no change his destiny. Meanwhile the Devil would not be as good as it seem.

There are a lot of invisible holes in this deal.

“If I give every memory, my ability, and my right into the ball,” Jaime lifted the black ball. “will those be returned when I touch it again?”

“Yes, if you win the selection to become the ruler of the third dimension, because this ball will go to the winner.”

“What if I lose?” Jaime asked

“Simple, everything will be someone else’s”

Jaime made a meaningful smile and finally laughing hard. Every doubt he had suddenly gone. With full spirit, he opened the wine bottle and drank it with happiness.

“Deal?” the old Lie smiled.

“Make a deal with the Devil?” Jaime laughed again. “of course I will never agree! Make a deal with the Devil will always end badly.”

The old Lie was silent for a moment and stood with cold gaze. “You don’t want to make a deal with me?”

“Of course not! Why would i?”

Anger can be seen in old Lie’s eyes. “What are you laughing then?”

“I am laughing because you thought that I would make a deal with you. Funny… it is so funny…” Jaime laughed. “Look! I even emptied this bottle before you take it away.”

With angry look, the old Lie turned around to leave.

“But I will make a deal with the ruler third dimension.” Jaime stared at the old Lie. “You will not lose anything if you bring me to him.”

“How do you know?” the eyes of the old Lie were shining.

“Know that you have made a deal with the ruler of the third dimension and come to me to find another profit?” Jaime waved his hand. “Anyone can easily guess it, because you give him advantage. Did the ruler of the third dimension made deal with you so that he can inherit the right to become the king of the three realm?”

“I did not make deal with the Devil,” a sound suddenly said form beside Jaime. When Jaime looked beside him, there was an old man with long white hair who stared at him with black eyes. The darkness in his eyes was reflecting millions of galaxies. “The Devil lost his bet with me five hundred thousand years ago and I force him to fulfill his promise now. I do not expect that in fulfilling his promise he is trying to make profit with new deal with you that will of course profit only him.”

The old Lie smiled wryly and then laughed. “There is nothing wrong in trying, why don’t i?”

“I am the ruler of the third dimension, what is your wish, young man?” said the white haired old man.

Jaime held the black ball in his hand. “the right to become candidate to the King of three realms was bound to the ability to use the Book of Karma. Because this ability, God gave me right to become the candidate to be the King of three realms. The Book of Karma imprinted in the memory of my soul. I can transfer it to this ball and later, the ability to use the Book of Karma will be imprinted to any soul that will access this ball.”

“My first wish is that this ball will be one of the gifts to anyone who will win the selection to be the next ruler of the third dimension.”

The white haired old man nodded. “That was the plan.”

“Do you swear upon your soul?” Jaime asked to make sure.

The old man smiled and crossed his chest with his finger. Suddenly a mark was seen shining on his chest.

“My second wish is that I will be born on the planet earth. In time, I will join the selection to become the ruler of the third dimension myself. At that time, I want my three wish at that time will be fulfilled as my provision.”


Jaime laughed, “I know that you will make me born on Earth where man has no power, perhaps because you are afraid that I will become the winner. I want you to fulfill my three wishes for my provision to follow the selection.”

The ruler of the third dimension nodded. “I can fulfill your wish, but your wish will be fulfilled in certain steps. If your wish is that you cannot be killed or become immortal, this will be unfair for the other candidates. All your wishes will be fulfilled within reason.”

Jaime agreed and the ruler of the third dimension crossed his chest again, another line was shining.

“My last wish,” Jaime looked at the ruler of the third dimension. “My life will end tomorrow, before that I want to borrow your power to deal with unfinished business, so that I can die in peace. Only after I finish everything, I will return it to you. If you try to force me, I will destroy my soul and anything about the Book of Karma.”

“Fine.” The ruler of the third dimension said and crossed his chest. “Tomorrow morning you will awake with my power. The time limit is until noon, and after that you will die and I will take your soul to be reborn on the Earth.” The ruler of the third dimension waved his hand and Jaime fell asleep.

“Congratulation,” the old Lie smiled. “When that slave inherits his ability to read the Book of Karma and the candidate to be king of three realms, after your death, you can be reborn to the third dimension to join the selection to be the ruler of the third dimension. I believe as the ruler of the third dimension you can make some advantages for your new self to win the selection. With that, I have fulfilled my promise to you to become the king of three realms.”

The old man sneered. “I am the one who made the deal with this slave. You did not do anything. You still owe me. After you make sure my new self can win the selection to become the ruler of the third dimension, only then your debt has been paid.”

The old Lie sneered and disappeared in the dark of the night.

The white haired old man stared at the darkness and sighed. He had become the ruler of the third dimension for million years. And for that ling he had tried to become more than the rule of the third dimension. He wanted to become the ruler of the three realms or 365 dimensions. But his destiny in this life was not good enough.

Due to his old age and his death is upon him, like previous procedure, he had to made selection to become the ruler of the third dimension to find the strongest creature to become the next ruler of the third dimension.

Only this time, he decided to be reborn and become the participant of selection to become the ruler of the third dimension. With his ability to control the birth in the third dimension, he could easily place himself to be born as the strongest creature on the strongest planes in the whole third dimension. With that, his chance to win would be wide open. He would made the selection this time to be advantageous for him, ensuring himself to become the winner then trying to become the winner of three realms.

Meanwhile for Jaime. The old man stared at Jaime and made evil grin. He would ensure Jaime would be born on Earth as the weakest and poorest that he had nothing, not brain nor power.


Jaime was awaken when he heard loud noise from the warning bell from the corners of the city walls.

“attack! We are under attack!”

“All soldiers to the battle station!”

“Close the gate!”

Jaime who was sitting on the city walls saw millions of half asura that were marching towards the city. The soldiers with body of man and head of beast, giants, and many other were walking quickly towards the city walls.

The people inside the city walls were panicked.

“Are you awake?” General Liu Wen asked beside Jaime. “I saw you sleeping and decided not to disturb you. It seems that we will not make it this time.”

Jaime smiled to General Liu Wen. “Don’t worry, we will survive.” Jaime calmy jumped outside the wall and his body was flying. He could feel power flowing throughout his body and he felt that he could do anything.

Jaime’s hands were lifted and he could feel that his power could reach hundreds of kilometers. As if one move from his hand could wipe clean anything within hundreds of kilometers. His feeling could also detect anything within hundreds of kilometers.

Jaime’s fingers opened widely towards the soldiers of half-asura. Slowly he closed his grip and thousand of half asura suddenly felt great pressure breaking their bodies.

General Liu Wen and the soldiers who witnessed that were surprised.

“Die!” Jaime shouted and a pressure came from his body towards the soldiers. In a flash, the pressure turned into fire that rolling and burned million soldiers of half-asura, turned them into dust.

Jaime took out Angi It’s arm from his dimensional storage. His eyes stared at the complicated symbol on the arm. “Book of Karma, learn the technique to open inter-dimensional hole.”

In a second, Jaime gained all information that he needed. In the next second, inter-dimensional hole was opened in front of Jaime. Next another hole opened one by one, until finally there were forty five holes.

“Return!” Jaime said and big fire that burned million soldiers return to Jaime and created 45 fire tornados that went into the hole.

Every fire tornado that went into the hole appeared in the middle of the half asura that are marching towards the White Eagle City. “No need to come far to this place let me come to you.”

In a moment dozens even hundreds millions of half asura that were planning to destroy White Eagle City were annihilated and turned into dust.

The power that was shown by Jaime surprised everyone so that none could say anything.

After killed all soldiers of half-asura, Jaime turned around towards the city and witnessed by everyone.

“I am Jaime!” Jaime shouted so that he could be heard by everyone inside the city. “I am the messenger of God. My power has no limit I can do anything. Listen well my witness. Spread the words about me to every corner of the world. The end will come soon, but for those who believe will survive! Made every creature on this continent my follower, then soon after death, you will get heaven where your souls will be eternally happy.”

An Inter-dimensional hole opened once again and Jaime moved hand to pull out a man.

“Prime Minister Ang!” General Liu Wen shouted in surprised.

“For those who dare to turn against me!” Jaime said while turned Prime Minister’s Ang body into ash. “Will die and their souls will be eternally tormented in the hell!”

Some fanatic followers of Jaime shouted in joy. Their eyes were gleaming in amazement.

“Remember! I will leave this continent to another dimension and soon I will return among you. Before that time come, conquer the entire continent my children!” Jaime decided that if he was about to leave this continent to Earth, he had to force his believer to conquer this place even if he was not around. If he was to success to be the ruler of the third dimension, at that time, this continent perhaps will be his too. He waved his hand and gave his entire spiritual stones to Guan Pu Yi. “Use this money to build our army!”

Guan Pu Yi nodded.

Jaime also saw Kuang Li Yin, An Li and the other who were staring at him deeply. He smiled at them and said. “I will be back, soon.”

Jaime smiled and looked at the information of his death that was upon him. But will he wait for destiny to take his life? Jaime flew high to the sky and blew himself. His death was not controlled by destiny but by his own hand.

After this death, he did not know when he will be awaken.

Inside the explosion, a black ball fell and quickly taken by the ruler of the third dimension. “Good… Good… Good… I will fulfill my promise by taking you to be reborn on Earth.”

End of Book Four

TN: yup that is it guys, the end of CGA… I tried to access the author’s blog and contact him, but nothing, no response so far. You can think that this series is dropped until further notice. And sorry for the very very late chapter… I cannot fulfill my promise, I am really sorry…. >.< and see ya…. Love y’all….

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