CGA – Ch 95

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“Guards!! Guards!! Someone was trying to make ruckus here!” one of the Young Master’s Guard was shouting loudly when he felt some bad premonitions from the surrounding.

Inside the White Eagle City, there was a written rule to not create ruckus. However, with the ongoing where millions people gathered, some scenes were inevitable, moreover with the meeting of the rivaling clans. This situation overwhelmed the city guards.

A squad leader named Li Kang, along with twenty of his men were patrolling the area when they heard the ruckus. With grumpy face he went into the crowds, it made people retracted their bloodlust.

“What is it?” Li Kang asked unhappily.

“Guard city leader, thank you for coming. My name is A Hua, servant of the Young Master Ji from Sky Sword Sect.” The servant named A Huang quickly went closer towards the squad leader and gave respect. A Hua secretly put dozens of spiritual stones into Li Kang’s hand. Smile was bloomed on Li Kang’s face while putting those spiritual stones into his pocket. “Guard City Leader, this bastard wants to kill Young Master Ji and make ruckus.”

Li Kang saw one million spiritual stones on the ground and stunted, then he shifted his gaze to Jaime and he was more surprised. As soon as he back from being surprised, Li Kang quickly ran towards Jaime and to pay respect.

However Jaime quickly waved his hand and shake his head. Seeing that, Li Kang did not say a word and backed away from Jaime.

“Soldiers, arrest this Ji asshole and his servant, they try to make ruckus, bribed city guards!! Give them one hundred lashes and throw them outside the city. They are not allowed to enter White Eagle City for life!” Li Kang gave command with loud voice.

Young Master Ji surprised and his face became pale. “City Guard Leader, I am innocent. He is the one who put bounty on me.”

“You should be grateful that He put bounty on you.” Li Kang sneered. “Men, add 100 more lashes for these ungrateful bastards.”

“I am from Sky Sword Sect,” Ji protested

“Men, spread the information to catch everyone from Sky Sword Sect and throw them from the city!”

Young Master Ji and his two servants became pale. They quickly put their power to escape from the scene and soon chased by the soldiers.

Li Kang returned to Jaime. In the entire White Eagle City, General Liu Wen was the number one most important person and the second was Jaime, his son-in-law. Everyone knew this fact. If you put your finger on Jaime, then you just put your hand on General Liu Wen too. “Sir Jaime, I, Li Kang, have taken this problem. These spiritual stones….” His eyes were set on the one million spiritual stones on the ground.

“Those are for you.” Jaime said without looking at him.

Those words surprised Li Kang, his heart was beating fast. He did not know what kind of fortune had fall upon him. “I do not dare. This amount… this amount…”

“If you think that this is too much, divide them among your men.” Jaime stood from the table and left that place, because the crowds kept coming and would not leave him alone.

“Thank You master, thank you master…” Li Kang kept bowing while Jaime walked away.


On the city wall, Jaime sat and staring at the tents and the campfire that were spread outside the city walls. From afar, only darkness could be seen.

It was inevitable; Jaime was imagining millions of half-asura would come besieging the city tomorrow.

“What can I do?” he whispered weakly. At the same time, tomorrow would be his last day. Time was flying, couple of hours passed by while Jaime sitting on the city walls when an old soldiers, a city guard, who was patrolling found him.

“Young man, you cannot be there.” The old soldier said and walking closer to him, but when he saw Jaime he was surprised. “Young Master Jaime!”


“Young Master, forgive my rudeness that had disturbed your peace. Please order this old Lie if Young Master need something.”

Jaime smiled wryly and said nothing.

The old Lie walked closer to Jaime and took out a big bottle of sweet scented wine. “Young master, thanks to Young Master’s money, Squad Leader Li Kang gave out some wine for the soldiers. In this cold day, we are grateful for Young Master’s generosity. Please have this wine.”

Jaime stared at the wine bottle; he did not touch it, because he knew that he could never be intoxicated. The old Lie took out another bottle and drunk it while letting out satisfied sound. “Delicious wine, delicious wine, even King asura would be drunk by this wine.”

Seeing Jaime who kept silent, the old Lie talked about his past. When he was first became soldier and left his hometown. One hour later, the old Lie suddenly asked, “I see that Young Master has a lot of thoughts, perhaps this old Lie could lend a hand. Even though I am like this, I have seen and heard a lot of things. If I am telling you my age, Young Master Jaime will be surprised.” Seeing Jaime did not react to his words, he added. “What is Young Master waiting for?”

This question burdened Jaime for a moment. He wanted to answer, for his life, he always was waiting for Ye Xiu, but thinking about what would happen tomorrow, he answered weakly. “Destiny.”

“Destiny… destiny… hmmm… a good word.” The old Lie answered. “Under the sky, everyone is bound by destiny, bound by karma. These old eyes had seen from the top of this city walls the soldiers who went to battle and never returned. Decades ago, General Kang took hundred thousand soldiers to conquer the city and changed its name into White Eagle City. Thousands of soldiers marched outside the city walls. The same thousands soldiers perhaps had died because it was their destiny.”

“Thousands years ago, the soldier from White Kingdom made this place as their capital and million people filled this place, now everyone of them died.”

“Hundred thousand years ago, before the time of White Kingdom, there was a Kingdom of Dragon and Phoenix that was the only empire on the continent. They had hundred million tough soldiers. Now they too all are dead because of their destiny.”

“Hundred million years ago, there was a giant continent in this dimension and a mighty creature destroyed the giant continent to pieces and one of pieces became Dragon and Phoenix Continent. The mighty creature also died because of his destiny.”

“Billion years ago….” The old Lie suddenly sighed and said. “Tomorrow million soldiers of half-asura will come marching here, the week after that tens of million and say hundred million in the following month. In the end hundred years later, thousand years later, million years later, they too all will die because of the destiny that had been set.”

Jaime stared surprised at the old Lie. “Who are you?”

Old Lie eyes blinked and inside his eyes there was only darkness. “Men live and bound by destiny. But what is it outside live and destiny?”

Book of Karma!” Jaime whispered weakly and learned about the creature in front of his eyes. But the Book of Karma only gave information about the old Lie who came from a small village who went to the White Eagle City to become soldier. There was no special information.

“Your Book of Karma,” the old Lie added with dangerous face. “Only noted those who are living and bound by destiny. The book will have nothing about those outside destiny, live and karma. The Book of Karma will not take a not what is outside the 365 dimension of life; Because outside those dimensions, there is only realm of spirit, where the living being came before live.”

Jaime stared at the old Lie with disbelief. An old man in front of him knew about his Book of Karma and the invasion of the half-asura. Thinking about it, Jaime suddenly laughed. He took the wine bottle beside him and drank it. The thick liquid that entered his body made him warm that spread throughout his body and clouded his mind. “Good wine, good wine.”

He did not think that this wine could make him intoxicated.

Jaime laughed because he did not care, the old Lie did not want to answer his question, Book of Karma did not give him information, beside his destiny would be over. What would happened, happened, he did not care anymore.

“Is it not better for you to forget about Ye Xiu and started to find something outside life? Bound to Ye Xiu is not good for you.” The old Lie added.

“Shut up!” Jaime was angry. “What do you know about Ye Xiu, what do you know about mylife! You know nothing!” Jaime’s eyes suddenly became red.

“I can make you to meet Ye Xiu.” The old Lie said.

Jaime staggered staring at old Lie, he could not believe what he just heard. “Is it true?”

Everything that he had done in his life was for Ye Xiu, if he could not find Ye Xiu, he did not care anymore. He did not care about the Double Moon Sect, Huo Clan, or White Eagle City. He did not care to be the King of three realms and he did not even care about the novel of Conquer God, Asura, and 1000 Beauties. He would end the novel in this chapter, right here, right now. (TN: That’s all folks… :*)

The old Lie laughed and his eyes were shining dangerously. “You made a deal with God to meet Ye Xiu, why don’t you make a deal with devil?”

“De… Devil…”

“You don’t dare to?” The old Lie was laughing happily.

“let me meet Ye Xue, I will give everything to you.”

The old Lie was shaking his head and stared to the horizon. “Young man, your dependent on Ye Xiu is too big. Not good…. Not good at all.”

“Tell me what do you want?” Jaime asked

“I want you to conquer the three realms and give it to me, can you do that?”

Jaime laughed. “God had promised Ye Xiu to me if I can conquer the three realms, why should I make another deal with you?”

“Because destiny will make sure you will die tomorrow and I have a way to fight the destiny. I too can make sure Ye Xiu will be beside you in 100 years of your struggling to conquer the next three realms, aren’t I more generous than God?”

The old Lie smiled. “Just say that I do nothing then you will die. The novel of Conquer God, Asura, and 1000 beauties will end without you. This will not be good for me that should make my appearance in the end of the story.”

“I do not believe you.” Jaime sighed. “CGA is not a good novel; the writer should end it and make Ye Xiu and me together ASAP. With it, the writer does not have to torment himself anymore to continue this trash story. Also he does not need to torment the editor anymore.”

“Hush! Shut up! You cannot cursing your own series.” The old Lie looked around in fear. “Beside, reader are kings, you cannot offend them. Don’t you fear the wrath of the readers!?”

Jaime looked around him with fear and bowed to every direction to apologize. And after that, he sat down. “Fine! I do not believe that you will help me just to give the three realms to you. Tell me your true motive!”

“Why don’t you believe me?” the old Lie stared with dangerous eyes towards Jaime.

“Devil will never make a deal that will not give him anything. If I’m about to make a deal with devil, I will your slave to fulfill your wish.” Jaime hardened his jaws. “Tell me your plan, and I might accept it for Ye Xiu.”

“Good, good, very good.” The old Lie laughed happily. “I don’t have to hide anything from you, your obsession with Ye Xiu is too big.” The old Lie threw a black crystal to Jaime.

“What is it?”

“I want you to inherit every memory, the way to use Book of Karma and your right to become the king of three realms inside the ball.”

“Doesn’t it mean that I will die?” Jaime was stunned, because the use of the Book of Karma was bound to his soul.

“You have to die,” the old Lie said. “But I have a way to bring you back to life. I have a way to let you be reborn to where Ye Xiu is.”

“If I am about to be rebor, I will lose all my memory. I will forget Ye Xiu. I even will not recognize Ye Xiu even if she is with me!” Jaime protested.

“If you can reach that ball, then you can remember about everything again!” the old Lie laughed. “You can even get your right of being the candidate to be the King of the three realms and continue your life.”

“Where will I be born?” Jaime asked.

The old Lie smiled. “In the third dimension, in a planet called Earth.”

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