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Ummmm~ sorry, I could not keep my promise. But now that everything is over, I can resume the translation to normal. Also, the blog of CGA was removed (again), but I already have the RAW for the remaining chapters (chapter 96, like I previously said). Also, I will resume to translate Wiro this weekend, then after I arrived in my hometown, I will resume the translation for Naga Bumi… truly sorry for everything… X.X

Chapter 93

The Downfall of White City Eagle

Pretty girl in front of you, sexy girl behind you, cute girl on your left, dream girl on your right; nonetheless you wife has already in your heart.

Not that there is no intention (to get those girls) in the heart, however, wife is more ferocious than any daemonic beast.


A black hole that was right in front of Jaime slowly getting bigger until it was 5 meters wide open.

“Now!” Jaime shouted an order.

Five fighting dolls behind him ran into the interspatial portal, while the five dolls in front of him moved into the back of the portal.

Suddenly a big brawny hand came out from the black hole and swiped lightly. The five dolls that were trying to enter the black hole were turned into dust in an instant.

When the arm fully came out from the portal, the whole White Eagle City felt ominous and pressuring aura. Common folks instantly fell on their knees with their body shaking in fears without a cause and many of them even fell unconscious. People with cultivation felt the energy inside their body went crazy, like a chicken that was bound and faced ten butchers at once.

Jaime himself fell on his knees and from the hole on his chest blood flown.

Angi It’s head slowly came out from the interspatial portal and he was looking down on Jaime who fell on his knees. “You..!”

The moment that head came out, more people fell unconscious and even some people that had cultivation vomited blood. Pople who were on the tournament ring fell with their face paled and they were too scared to move their body.

Jaime lifted his head and smiled. “You, go die!”

Angi it was surprised for a second for Jaime’s courage and suddenly he had this bad feeling. The interspatial portal around him, that he opened, suddenly force closed.

“Impossible!” Angi It’s face suddenly turned pale, but before he could do anything, half of his body that had went through the portal was pinched by the portal that was getting smaller. “NOOOOO!!!!”

When the interspatial portal finally gone from Jaime’s sight. A head, an arm and shoulder, and a leg fell in front of Jaime.

“Never underestimate me!” Jaime was staring at the five fighting dolls that previously moved behind the portal, they were holding some piece of paper with teleportation formation drawn it.

Few weeks ago, when making teleportation formation to rob the Yellow Palace, Jaime was trying to make a mini teleportation formation on a scroll. His purpose that when he was facing a danger, he could escaped by using the scroll of teleportation.

Jaime’s planning to seal Thousand Dragons Spear also included the estimation that Angi It soon would open interspatial portal to take the precious spear back and Jaime decided to do things based on that betting.

When Angi It’s interspatial portal was about to open, Jaime had handled five teleportation scroll to five fighting dolls in front of him. The purpose was to use the teleportation scroll on the interspatial portal.

With it, a distortion in the interspatial portal would occur, because the overlapping law of space. In the end, the portal would most probably be forcibly closed.

And Jaime decided to force close the portal when half of Angi It’s body went through the portal. By doing so the interspatial space portal would be like a butcher’s knife to his body.

The truth was that Jaime was not really sure when he execute that. He was not sure if Angi It could be harmed by the interspatial phole, because Angi It had very high level and could open interspatial portal.

The truth was, Angi It would never be harmed by the interspatial knife if he was cautious, only this time, he was harmed due to his carelessness. Angi It was over confident when he faced Jaime and did not activate barrier because he knew that Jaime level was too low. When the interspatial portal was closing fast, Angi It was startled for a moment and he was too late to activate protection spell. Millisecond was enough to cut off his arm and head.

Like an adult that wanted to kill a three months old baby that has neither parent nor guardian. The killer missed to see that the baby was throwing a toy ball right under his feet. That mistake made the adult fell with his head hitting a rock behind him.


Prime Minister Ang saw Angi It went through interspatial portal, he did not think that the interspatial portal would suddenly force closed and Angi It’s body fell on the floor without its head. Angi It’s arm and shoulder and also a leg from the knee below were gone. Four servants of Angi It quickly approached Angi It’s body.

Prime Minister Ang who became pale also quickly approached Angi It’s body that had a lot of blood flowing from it. From the severed Angi It’s neck, a small head slowly grew.

Giant Ravana had ten heads and each head that was cut could grow for ten times. The ancestor of Angi It was a giant, even though he did not possess ten heads like Ravana, Angi It had three heads.

His first head was severed when he was trying to fight Indra, his second head was severd by the interspatial dimension hole. Prime Minister Ang could see Angi It’s head that was starting to grow. He was sure that this is Angi It’s last head.

Now or never!” Prime Minister Ang spoke in his heart strengthened his reseolve. Without any hesistation he took out a small knife that let out a dark and cold aura. With that small knife, he attacked four Angi It’s servants.

Those people were high level, however due to their own carelessness, Prime Minister Ang could quickly decapitated the heads of those four servants, then he quickly stabbed Angi It’s heart.

Angi It with his small head stared at Prime Minister Ang with surpirse expression. “What are you doing little brother!” Said Angi It with his small voice.

“Never call me little brother!” Prime Minister Ang said while taking out then stabbing his little knife again into Angi It’s right heart. Every Asura has two hearts in the left and right. Only after both Asura Heart’s destroyed, then they would die. “Father chased out mother, even the family from father’s side tried to kill mother secretly. Before mother died, she gave this knife to me along with his vengeance. I am sworn to kill that animal and his entire clan with this knife!”

Angi It could feel that he was losing his power when his two hearts were broken; he moved whatever left of his left arm and hit Prime Minister Ang as hard as he could. Prime Minister Ang’s body flew and hit the wall with loud voice and made a big crack on the wall.

“I am Angi It, King of all half Asura! I will not die like this!” his small mouth shouted.

For Angi It, death like this truly broke his heart. He trained harder than anyone for over hundreds of years; he fought harder than anyone ever. He did all of those to gain power. However, before he even could fight with everything he had and used all of his power, his life was almost ending.

He would never accept a loser death like this.

Prime Minister Ang wiped the blood on his lips and got out from the crack on the wall. “That is right, you will die like a loser and I will absorb the power from your body and soul.” Prime Minister Ang’s reddened and his body became as big as Angi It. Prime Minister Ang fearlessly directly attack Angi it with a huge iron mace in his other hand.

The true power of Prime Minister Ang did not ever reach 20% of Angi It’s power. However, Angi It was in a critical condition and heavily injured and he also could not bring out his full power.

They were both colliding and hitting each other as hard as they could. The iron mace that was used by Prime Minister Ang was broken after few hits by Angi It.

Angi It himself fought hard with one arm and leg. He looked so pitiful. Even though Angi It could destroy Prime Minister Ang’s weapons and some of his ribs, Angi It’s power was weakened over time due to his two hearts were previously destroyed. The heart that was injured should have regenerated in no time, but he did not expect that Prime Minister Ang’s small knife was coated with deadly poison that moved fast inside Angi It’s blood vessel.

This disadvantageous fight was over when the small knife that was held by Prime Minister Ang cut Angi It’s head.

Angi It’s eyes were opened wide and could not accept the reality. He who was worshipped by everyone and one of the mightiest among half Asura, King of half Asura, wounded by an ordinary man whom could be killed with his breath alone.

And then he died in his little brother’s hand that he could kill with his one hand. His death this time could hardly accepted by him.

“Seal!” Prime Minister Ang shouted and quickly created a symbol with his hand to seal Angi It’s body and soul inside a formation. “Soul enter into the bottle!” he shouted while took out an open bottle made of glass Angi It. In that moment, Angi It’s soul was sucked into the bottle.

Angi It’s soul inside the bottle roared with anger.

Prime Minister Ang looked at Angi It’s body and licked his lips. “I will eat your body and blood. Absorb your power and all your ability.”


In the White Eagle City, before Jaime lost his consciousness, he decided to order his sisxteen battle dolls that were left to surround him and protect him from enemy’s attack. He did not forget to save Thousand Dragons Spear and Angi It’s arms that had complicated tattoo.

The sixteen battle dolls could guard and protect him for couple of minutes, he was sure at that time General Liu Wen would be arrived before the battle dolls lost their energy.

Jaime soon fell unconscious. Even he had lost his heart; inside the right chest could be heart another heart beating to replace the lost heart; The heart that was recently formed when he learn the second step of Giant Cultivation Technique.


General Liu Wen came back to the city in rush followed by Judge Bao. After he heard the explanation from Bao, General Liu Wen that previously planned to fake his death, quickly moved towards the city. He soon found Jaime who was lying with a hole in his chest.

General Liu Wen’s face reddened due to anger. “Who dare to harm him!” it seemed that those words did not any answer because he was more worried about Jaime’s condition and jumped off towards where Jaime was lying.

The sixteen fighting dolls that were standing suddenly moved to attack General Liu Wen, but after few steps, one by one fell because they ran out spiritual energy.

General Liu Wen exerted his spiritual energy to check Jaime’s condition. “There is still pulse!” General Liu Wen shouted and was heard by everyone who was there. “Bao! Call Physician Ling right now!”

Li Wen quickly brought Jaime, leaving the crowds who were still gathered.

“He said Jaime’s heart was still beating even after a big hole was opened on his chest!”

“He is not a man!”

“He is THE Prophet!” said the follower of Jaime’s witness. (TN: I always laugh hard when I read this Jaime’s witness… XD)

“He also brought General Liu Wen to life!”

“He really is able to resurrect dead people!”

“He cannot die!”

Among the crowds, one of the city guardians seemed to receive long distance transmission. The man nodded and whispered, “Yes, Prime Minister Ang…”

That man walked towards Angi It’s head and shouted in front of the crowds. “This monster has dared to injured Jaime, we must put it on display on the city gate as a lesson for anyone who dare trying to hurt Jaime again!”



Many people giving their agreement in unison.


That night, Prime Minister Ang sent transmission to his brothers who were also important people in the half Asura clan.

“Angi It, King of Half Asura had died killed by Jaime, one of the candidates to become King of three realms. The head of Angi it now was put on display in front of the White Eagle City to be ashamed!”

In that moment, in the entire clan of half Asura in all over the world was shaken.

“Our King has been ashamed, move our troops to the Dragon and Phoenix continent! We will raze White Eagle City to the ground and conquer the continent owned by human!” the chief of half Asura clan was giving order to his troops.

“Raze the city to the ground!” said the other chief.

“Move now! Every human must die, let no one alive!”

That night, a big movement happened from others continent and dimensions towards the continent of Dragon and Phoenix. All for one purpose, to kill Jaime and raze the entire city to the ground.

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