CGA – Ch 92

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Surprise…. It seems that I have another chance to present you another chapter of CGA, so you better say “I Love You, Eli-sama” in the comment…. Hahahaha…..

Alright, now onto the bad news: currently, the latest chapter of CGA in the author’s blog is 96. I have not seen any update from the author blog nor do I receive news of the next chapter from both the author and the editor…. Enjoy while it last ^^

Chapter 92 – Thousand Dragons Spear


When love filled one’s heart, their lover became everything; even goat’s excrement would taste like chocolate.

Alas, it is possible that the lover did not feel the same, even for them, death would be far better than to answer the secret love from someone.

Love sometime is beautiful for one side, and curse for the other.


The spear that was flew from the sky dove with high speed aiming at Jaime’s heart. For common people who saw that happening, the spear flew with the speed of a bullet. But for Jaime, who had high cultivation level, the spear might be fast, but not with the speed that he could not dodge.

When the spear flew towards him from the sky, Jaime jumped upwards quickly, letting the spear flew under him. The spear made a loud noise and kept flying, breaking some unlucky heads that stood behind Jaime before it mad a sharp turn to aim at Jaime who was still in the air.

Dimensional storage formation that was hidden behind Jaime’s palm was shining; twenty one men in black with grand elder cultivation level soon flew from the dimensional storage to block the spear that was flying fast in the air.

“Seven Star Formation!” Jaime shouted in the mid-air. But before the formation could be formed by the twenty one men, the flying spear had pierced one of them.

The big man who was pierced by the spear fell from the sky with a hole on his chest and fell on some people who were trying to escape. However, no blood was flown from the hole on the chest.

“A doll!” some people screamed when they saw the body of the man in black that fell from the sky. Behind the clothes that covered it, it was clearly seen that the body was a doll shaped like a big bodied man.

Jaime saw one of the hundreds fighting doll that he took from the second test from the academy and saw that spear destroyed his fighting doll that he had disguised with black clothes one by one.

The twenty doll in black clothes looked like big men in black clothes who accompanied him when he fought Huo Klan, now only twelve of them left, it was clear that their power was not able to held the spear.

Tightening his jaws, Jaime took out the remaining seventy nine dolls in black clothes to confine the spear. The ninety one dolls that looked like men in black were starting to form a formation to confine the spear simultaneously in the air.

“Each of those fighting doll cost 10.000 to 50.000 spiritual stones to function for one hour! The more movements they made, the more spiritual stones they consume.” Jaime’s eyes reddened thinking about ninety one dolls that kept moving to confine and hold the attack from that spear. He prepared those dolls for emergency case, but seeing them exhausting his spiritual stones, it broke his heart.

“Whoever behind that weapon must pay a heavy price!” Jaime’s eyes locked on the spear that was confined and use the Book of Karma to analyze it.

[Thousand Dragons Spear

Made by 302nd of the God of Weapons, is one of the weapon that ever killed Indra, the king of all Gods. It was made by sacrificing hearts of 10.000 Asuras, 10.000 Gods, 10.000 men and 1.000 dragons. The spear is currently in the sealed state and can only show 1% of its true power. It can be controlled from afar and attacked the heart of the locked target…]

Jaime did not continue to read the long information and history of the weapon, but to find the owner of the weapon.

[Owned by Angi It]

“Who the hell is Angi It?” Jaime asked the Book of Karma.

[Angi It Mahaputra1, 540 years old. Level 999.

Is one of the son of an Asura name Raharja with a mortal. When he was ten years old, he killed his own sibling to prove his might. When he was twelve years old, he led an army to destroy a city…]

Jaime skipped many various information just to get the important parts that he needed.

[Angi It is the king of the half-Asura, rule over some realms between mortal and Asura; One of five candidates to become the King of three realms. He got the position after he learned the Thread of Karma technique that connected every living being to kill his enemies who are in hiding and also tried to learn to open the spatial portal to reach his enemies.

The enemies in the three realms that had been locked by Angi It’s Thread of Karma cannot escape. His ability to open the portal between realms could be done through the tattoo on his arms.]

Jaime did not continue to read the information. Seeing the enemy that was after him was on the whole different level, made him felt like what a little ant felt when facing a full grown man.


Inside an underground palace, Angi It could see everything clearly through his clairvoyance that was locked on the Jaime’s Thread of Karma. A smile bloomed on his face.

“Trash, want to go against me?” Angi it moved his big fingers and the Thousand Dragons Spear that was confined inside the formation from the ninety one fighting dolls suddenly emitting a blue light and moved even faster. Some of the fighting dolls that tried to block the attack from the spear exploded when they came in contact with the Thousand Dragons Spear.


In the precarious state and seeing the increasing power from the spear, Jaime used the Book of Karma again to find the weakness from the spear that already had spiritual bond with Angi It. He believed that f the spiritual bond between the spear and Angi It was broken, there would be impossible for the spear to keep posing a threat.

“I do not believe that I cannot break the bond between Angi It and that spear.”

One by one, the fighting dolls was broken and fell from the height. Jaime’s eyes reddened and finally he decided to reactivate the Book of Karma and said. “Book of Karma, activate giant2 cultivation phase two!”

[Cultivation of the King of the Giant. Brahma granted a blessing unto a giant named Ravana for his hermitage to Brahma for 10.000 years. The blessing was in a form of cultivation of King of Giant that was used by Maharaja Vali in conquering three realms. Maharaja Vali was famous as the conqueror of Indra. He was a king of the realm of Asura, God, and mortal for 1.000 years before Wisnu took him away.

Ravana, the king of asura used this cultivation to destroy the realm of the Gods, and deposed Indra from his throne and became the next king of three realms. He could only be defeated by Wisnu who was reincarnated into Rama.

The requirement for exchange: 10.000 levels and 100.000 spiritual energy.

There are 100 phase of this cultivation. The second phase from this cultivation could be exchange with 75 levels.

Second phase = heart of Asura.

Do you agree to exchange?]

“Take all my power!” in an instant, Jaime could feel his power continuously decreased. Slowly, he descended from the sky, because his power was longer able to hold his body.

[the exchange has finished. Your level is now 5]

“Judge Bao!” Jaime shouted to Judge Bao who was stunned by the spear that kept destroying the fighting dolls. “I have brought father-in-law to live!”

The people who were listening to it were stunned.

“General Liu now is where he was killed, in the jungle. He might be confused. Quickly meet him and tell him that I forbid him to die and inherit the responsibility of this city to me that I brought him to live. And tell him that I will die soon if he does not return to the city to help me to block the attack from the Prime Minister Ang.”

Jugde Bao was stupefied.

“Quickly tell him!” Jaime shouted.

“Right away!” Judge Bao quickly turned his daemonic beast around and exited from the city gate as quickly as possible. He had witnessed how the fighting dolls that have cultivation level of general were destroyed one by one helpessly. He probably could not be any help for Jaime at all, and possibly, Jaime would be killed. “But how did he know that General Liu Wen is still alive and still in the jungle!”

The morning before they attacked the hiding place of Lian Tian and his men, General Liu gave an order to him. “Bao, the title of City Lord should belong to General Jiang. The time has come for this title to be inherited to his son. I will give this title to Jaime, but he will refuse it. So, in this attack, I will fake my death so Jaime will accept the title of City Lord.”

“General, please reconsider.” Judge Bao said.

“Don’t you see that Jaime is far better than i? Bao, I have decided to fake my death so I can go to the capital to protect the king from the shadow. I will continue the work of the late General Jiang!”


Seeing the departure of Judge Bao, Jaime snorted.

faking death, do you think that the Book of Karma will not know? I have given you a way to return, you better return quickly!

“Return!” Jaime shouted and the twenty one fighting doll in the sky separated from the rest to surround Jaime. In his mind, Jaime controlled the twenty one dolls to surround him in the three layer formation.

The rest of the dolls that were holding the Thousand Dragons Spear destroyed one by one. When none of the doll was left in the sky, the spear quickly flew towards Jaime with a buzzing sound.


Angi It smiled. “Take his heart!”


The one arm with the carving of thousand dragons flew towards Jaime and aimed at his heart.

“Lock!” Jaime shouted and moved his fingers along with the fighting dolls. A circle formation suddenly lightened up, but the flying spear could not be stopped and pierced jaime’s heart through his back.

“Seal!” Jaime said with blood came from his mouth. In the left side his chest a hole with the size of a fist of an adult could be seen. What was inside it was gone replaced by a big open hole. The spear that had pierced Jaime’s heart flew behind Jaime’s back shook greatly as if it was bound by something.


At the same time, Angi It felt his connection with the Thousand Dragons Spear slowly cut.

“Even before death, he tried to make things difficult for me!” Angi It roared in anger surprised the kowtowing Prime Minister Ang. “Look! I will raze the entire White Eagle City along with your body!”

Angi It stood and stuck his hands out; on both hands there were complicated symbols tattoos that were emitting light one by one. “Open the portal in front of Jaime!”


Jaime grasped some spiritual stones and tried to channel the power from inside the stone to close the hole on his chest when he suddenly saw a small black thunder ball floating in front of him.

The ball opened slowly and getting bigger each time.

“Inter-spatial Portal” Jaime whispered seeing the ill omen. He knew a dangerous creature with level of 999 would soon come out from the hole in anger after he tried to seal his Thousand Dragons Spear.

“There is no way Angi It come only to take the Thousand Dragons Spear back.”



  1. I don’t know if it is his name or a title like Maharaja, but I will use it anyway.
  2. I told you, I don’t know much about cultivation and dao. But after I read about it, I think it is something like special cultivation technique or even level, which was bestowed to the king of giant by Brahma to Ravana.
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