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TN: It’s me… I’m back… I thought mid semester was the worst, until the club activities mixed in… it was the worst…. Final is approaching, so, I apologize in advance that I still cannot do the regular update.

Chapter 91 – Life and Death

Catching dream, hope that there will be time when everything turn into reality. All of them are processes that require time.

Like someone who is dreaming about a brave new world, with his feet, walking through the jungle, river, and many new places and sailing through the seas. He ventures to a whole new place, facing danger and beasts, soaked in the rained and wounded, and facing many obstacles in his journey to reach his dream.

But not everything was about suffering and pain. He also found new friends in his journey, exquisite cuisines that he never seen, and unexpected good things too.

The journey to reach a dream is like and adventure in live. Began from the heart and ended in the edge of dream.


General Liu We stood on the top of city wall and watching from afar. Blood of millions of daemonic beast that was spilled made the blackened most of the ground outside the walls. Outside the city walls, the slaughter of the daemonic beast had ended and only some people left gathering the body of daemonic beast along with the vulture.

“Bao, what do you think?” General Liu Wen asked the man beside him.

Haim Bao saw the jungle in the horizon and said, “If Master have deciced, I will follow.”

General Liu Wen nodded, “It is time. We should return this city to him.”

Judge Bao did not say a word.

“Prepare the army; White Lion Academy has gone too far by trying to destroy my city. It is time to show them who the owner of this city is!” General Liu Wen quickly gave order to his men.

From Jaime, he had been informed the mastermind behind the demonic beast attack and he already knew the location where Lian Tian, the headmaster of the academy, was hiding. “They have been hiding inside the jungle, why don’t we pay a visit?”


Liu Tan was inside an tent in the jungle. He was sitting with a pale face and lost his spirit. He had made a plan to conquer the White Eagle City for years and spent a lot of energy and resources. Gathered the daemonic beast little by little until they number reached million was not an easy feat.

His plan was after the attack of the daemonic beast on the White Eagle City, he and his army will conquer the city. Now, around 3000 army that he had for the big plan was hiding inside the jungle, idling for days. They had lost the chance to attack the city and just stay in the jungle without any purpose.

“How dare them killing our daemonic beasts!” Lian Tan shouted with rage and smashed a rock table in front of him to pieces. “Jaime bastard! He was worshipped by the whole city and referred as a holy man because they think that he can call millions of daemonic beast!”

Due to the anger and emotion, the spiritual energy inside his body was rampaging, and unconsciously blood came out from Lian Tian’s mouth.

“Headmaster!” said a man rushing to enter the tent and came with panic expression on his face. “General Liu Wen sent 20.000 of his soldiers to our place! They are already within 10 km from this place.”

Liu Tan shook greatly. “We are finished… we are finished…. We are already finished….”

“What should we do?”

Lian Tian’s eyes that were scared suddenly turned sharp and showed a glimpse of madness. He had been cornered and he guessed that General Liu Wen had already known that it was him who sent daemonic beast and decided to attack him. “We will fight him to death. Prepare our troops!”


In another place, Prime Minister Ang kneeled with his body shivering. He was inside a hall of a palace under the ground with the lightning from the torch on the wall.

A man with 4 meters body was sitting on the throne. His hand was supporting his chin and staring sharply to the Prime Minister Ang. “Angi Nam. You really have disappointing me!”

“Your Majesty.” Prime Minister Ang quickly answered. “Someone had been ruining our plan to conquer the Dragon and Phoenix continent.”

The man who was called Your Majesty closed his eyes and said, “Sixth brother, you better have a good reason or you will pay with your head.”

“Your Majesty!” Prime Minister Ang bowed even lower. “I have done the best I could to conquer the continent which is my duty. I wholeheartedly bear this mission from our clan, so that brother could become the King of the three realms; So that our half-Asura clan can become the only clan that rivals the Gods and Asura. It just that….”

Prime Minister Ang’s hand clenched tightly, “Someone named Jaime, who also claimed himself as the King of the three realms has ruined my entire plans to conquer the continent to be presented to Your Majesty. He deliberately made me as his target.”

In the past few days, Prime Minister Ang used every possible method to find the robber of the Yellow Palace. The whole treasures inside the Yellow Palace had spiritual energy trace from his acestor. The spiritual energy trace was functioning as tracker if the treasures were lost. The robber usually erased the spiritual energy trace when they took the treasure with their own spiritual energy.

By doing it, would eliminate the risk the stolen treasure to be tracked by the owner. But from the six hundred people who robbed the place, a small number of them forgot to erase the spiritual energy trace as quickly as possible. It made Prime Minister Ang that had been consumed by rage found those people, interrogated them and killed them.

“Your Majesty, Jaime had gathered almost all people of Dragon and Phoenix continent to robbed clean the Yellow Palace and ran before the trap formation and the head of the guardian were activated. He also ruined the plan to conquer the White City Eagle, Huo Clan and….”

“Who is this Jaime!” asked the man on the throne with his eyes opened interested.

“He… He…” Prime Minister Ang added. “He is the ruler of the Garden of Eden. He proclaimed himself as the messenger of God, and previously from the Huo Clan I heard that he claimed himself as the King of the three realms. From his action ruining my plan for sometimes, I am sure that he is one of the five candidates to become the King of three realms. He is probably a candidate of the King of the three realms from the realm of mortal and his ability, according to the witches, is to read the formation of Karma.”

“Angi Nam, are you sure about that?” asked the man on the throne with his eyes now opened.

“First brother Angi It, I am very sure about that, and some witches have confirmed it. I bet on my life.” Prime Minister Ang quickly answered. “If it is not because of him, I would not be difficult for me to conquer the Dragon and Phoenix Continent. Brother, we have to kill him, and lessen the candidate of the King of three realms.”

Angi It was silence for a moment.

“Brother” Angi Nam added, took out a long box and opened it in front of Angi It. “These are some strainds of hair of Jaime. I received it from his bed through my spies in the Garden of Eden. With first brother power and weapon, I am sure that his power that only on the level of King would not be able to fight even one move.”

“Interesting. Truly interesting!” Angi It laughed. “I did not expect to find the competitor for the King of three realms this quickly. Angi Nam, you have done a splendid job. I will replace your stolen treasure tenfold.”

Angi it was the King of the half-Asura, which meant that they were born from the marriage between Asura and human. Prime Minister Ang was his sixth brother from different mother. The half-Asura lived in hiding in the mortal realm and the realm of Asura, because the usually were not accepted in both realms. Most of them disguised themselves as human or Asura, depending in which realm they were hiding.

Yellow Palace was only a small branch from the Big Clan Angi which was hidden in the mortal realm. Although Yellow palace had long history and priceless treasures, for Angi It, that wealth was insignificant; it held no value for him.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Prime Minister Ang said in full spirit, he just realized that he barely escaped death.

The box in the Prime Minister Ang’s Hand suddenly floated to the hand of Ang It. His big finger held some strainds of hair from inside the box and said. “The thread of Karma, connect me with your master!”

From Jaime’s hair was seen a thin thread that lead to the sky.

Angi It eyes were shining sharply and found the thin thread connected to a human. With one move, a spear with one arm long flew from the weapon shelf that was floating in the air. With another one move, a dimensional hole was opened. “Go and took his heart!”

The spear flew through the dimensional hole and came out from another dimensional hole in the Yellow Palace.

Prime Minister who saw it suddenly smiled. “First Brother, Angi it, has ability to search through the thread of Karma and open the dimensional hole. When he found the two techniques, he provoked the sky and heaven. It made him candidate to become the King of three realms. With his ability, he could kill anyone he wants.”

“In these one hundred years, he will win the throne of the King of three realms.”


“NOOOOOO!!!!!” Nie Sa who was in another place suddenly screamed so loud. “Noooooo…… Noooooo…. Nooooooo…..”


In the White Eagle City the tournament still continued with the match between paricipants. The spectator filled the arena and cheering the participants. The action of General Liu Wen who went out from the city with 20.000 of his troops was not as interesting as the ongoing tournament, but the return of the General Liu Wen shook the entire city.

General Liu Wen died after Lian Tian decided to blow himself together. Even the loyal followers of Lian Tian who also blew themselves took hundres of the soldiers of White City Eagle to the afterlife.

“Impossible!” Jaime who received the news in panic channeled his energy so he can arrived at the city gate as fast as possible, where the return soldiers came in grieving.

“What happened with Father-in-law? Asked Jaime who fiund Judge Bao was riding a daemonic beast entered the city gate with his troops. He seemed holding a big black box with his hands.

Judge Bao’s tears were flowing. “General Liu Wen… General Liu Wen is no more. Even his body was destroyed to pieces because the suicide bombing from Lian Tian.” Judge Bao opened the black box from his hands and inside of it, there were white bone shards and lumps of meats that were blown to pieces.

“Impossible!” Said Jaime surprised. “This is just impossible!”

“This is the reality, child,” Judge Bao said and added. “General Liu Wen fought fiercely against Lian Tian. He died as soldiers. Died in the battlefield, there is no room for regret. Before this, he had left a will, when he died, you will inherit everything that he had. You will be the leader of this city.”

Jaime was silenced for a moment; he looked at the black box again. For a second his gaze became sharp and replied, “NO! I do not want to be a city ruler.”

Judge Bao stared at Jaime. “If General Liu Wen, your father-in-law, still alive in your heart, then please fulfill his last wish. Be a good lord and protect this city. Only by doing that, you can repay his kindness.”

People who gathered around the place could listen to what Judge Bao said. When they looked at Jaim and bent their body they said, “City Lord!”

“Long live the City Lord!”

“City Lord!”

Jaime who listened to it snorted and said out loud in front of the pople, “I am the messenger of God, when I said General Liu Wen has to become the city lord, then he still have to be a city lord. Although he already died, you think the King of hell dare to accept his soul when I told him to still living!”

“I will bring back General Lie wen to live!” Jaime said loudly and made people stared him with their eyes wide opened. Even people who were still mourning the dead of their brothers and lovers were silently stared at Jaime.

Suddenly a one long arm spear flew quickly from the sky towards Jaime with a high pitch sound.


TN: Yup, I change City Leader to city lord. I have decided. Not open further discussion :p

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