CGA – Ch 90

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TN: sorry for long update, I got internet problem and kinda busy IRL with Mid-term tests approaching. I mean, my card is the only one that could not connect, while others who use same ISP could. But now it has been fixed, so I can resume the update… Enjoy ^^

Chapter 90 – Robbery


Life is like a long story; perhaps life is even stranger than fiction. People live in a story about themselves, grow up to find the meaning about their own lives, to find the meaning of their own existence and happiness.

So, like in a story, they should find the meaning of their lives and happiness.


Jaime looked up to the sky and found the sun exactly above his head. “The time has come. Let us activate the teleportation formation.”

Twenty men in black circled the teleportation formation and channeled their spiritual energy to the symbols in the formation. The symbols of teleportation formation lit up one by one and when they were all lit up they made buzzing sound.

The six hundred people became impatient when they were watching the ongoing process. The formation that was lit brighter suddenly became dim and the twenty people who channeled their spiritual energy suddenly became unconscious. No spiritual energy could be detected within their bodies anymore.

“Are they die?” some of them asked seeing what had just happened.

“This is bad” Jaime panicked and touched the symbol of teleportation formation to channeled his spiritual energy. In a second he could feel almost all of his energy drained sucked by the working formation. “The teleportation formation needs more energy than before. Ladies and Gentlemen, I beg you to channeled a little bit of you spiritual energy. If the formation is broken, we no longer have any chance to open it. I have made the extension of the symbol of the formation beneath your feet.”

The six hundred people just realized that there were some shadows of the formation beneath their feet. Before they channeled their spiritual formation, suddenly the extension line of the formation lit up and sucked their spiritual energy.

“What the hell is this!”

“My spiritual energy was sucked by force!”

“What the hell are you doing?”

The six hundred people protested when the teleportation formation suddenly lit up brightly then a hole with diameter of 5 meters was opened wide and revealing the scenery from the other side.

“This smell!” someone said astoundingly because he smelled the aroma from thousand years old herbs.

“Let’s enter!” a General shouted and soon followed by five people to enter the teleportation hole. The other who still wanted to protest because their spiritual energy drained by force suddenly felt that it did not matter anymore and soon went inside the hole. Their energy could be replenished as the time went by but the treasures in front of their eyes had to be taken before someone else took them.

Jaime fell on his knee in front of the teleportation hole; he seemed exhausted and could only saw the six hundred people enter the teleportation hole in a jumble.

The people who entered inside the teleportation hole found themselves landed on a yard of a palace that had yellow round roof and its walls made from white marble, exactly like the picture of the palace inside the jade stones that were given by Jaime.

Some people went through a vast garden filled with more than ten thousand years old herbs. “That is really Nine Suns Flower and it seems to be more than five thousand years old!”

Some people quickly spread among the garden to take those herbs. Some of them did not care about those herbs and kept going into the palace.

Two creatures with long horns and has body that resembles human with bright red skin and with the height of 4 meters ran towards them while swinging their long spears. “WHO ARE YOU? YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER…”

But dozen of men had quickly leapt forward and took out their own weapons and quickly attack those creatures at once. The two guardians died with their body destroyed could not hold the attack from hundreds of people.

After that, six of those horned guardian also appeared but every one of them were killed in an instant.

Those hundreds people stopped in front of an eight meters black door.

“This door is sealed with certain formation, for those who familiar with formation open them quickly! You already had the key of the formation!”

Four people dashed forward from among the crowds. They touched the door and channeled their spiritual energy to open the magic formation that sealed the door.

Only within second the magic formation that blocked them was shattered to pieces and the door was opened.

“The key formation was not wrong; Jaime really did give the right key.”

From the six hundred people that went through the teleportation hole, around one hundred of them stayed in the garden of herbs to harvest the rare herbs, the other five hundreds entered the palace and in the middle of the hall, after they passed through the big door, they were separated into four groups by themselves. Each moved to different direction to the Armory, pills storage room, treasure room and the Library of Knowledge.

Around fifty people went to the Library of knowledge. The moved together and when dozens of guardians appeared, the killed all of them effectively and efficiently.

“Thirty steps ahead, there will be trap formations. Do not step on them!” said the man from the front. They already had read the information from the jade stone and understood every traps in that place.

“Nine Continents Technique!” someone said in shock

“Stick Hitting Dog Technique!”

“The Universe cultivation technique!”

Quickly, they put those jade stones into their own storage. When they met at one same point to take the treasure, each of them took few steps back and shifted their gazes to another place. No fighting happened during the treasure hunt. Because inside their heart, they had decided to kill the other after they got out from this place.

The same thing happened in the other treasure storage room. They easily enter the room that they wanted, killed all guardians and disarmed every trap and the concealing formation. They quickly cleaned up the treasures inside the room.

They were working efficiently.


Jaime who saw all of them entered suddenly smiled. He quickly entered the teleportation hole, stopped at the garden and harvested some of the needed herbs. Instead entering the palace, he quickly went back through the teleportation hole.

“Close the teleportation hole after you ring the bell three times!” he ordered the two guards.

“Yes!” said the two men who soon rang the bell three times and starting to destroy the symbol of teleportation formation around the place.


In the capital city of the White Lion Kingdom, inside a big palace, suddenly the bell was rang loudly, made the situation inside the palace became chaotic.

“What happened?” Prime Minister Ang, the owner of the palace, asked.

An old man who was the guardian of the treasure ran quickly towards the Prime Minister Ang with his body shaking and covered in sweat. “Master… Master… Our Yellow Palace had been intruded.”

“What?” Prime Minister Ang asked in disbelief. Yellow Palace is where he kept all of his wealth and treasures. Aside of that, there are lots of his ancestor treasure that had history of hundreds thousands years were also kept in the Yellow Palace too. That place was a secret place that was protected by his family’s secret magic formation and also guarded by the Asuras slaves.

Prime Minister Ang took out a medallion with Asura head carving from his pocket. “I don’t see the sign of damage from the outer barrier that protects the palace!” the medallion functioned as the reminder if anyone tried to breach the outer barrier of Yellow Palace.

“Master, the intruders made teleportation circle that directly connected inside the Yellow Palace!”

“Who has that kind of ability?” Prime Minister Ang looked angry. He did not believe that there was anyone who could do that. However, the most important thing right now is to prevent the intruders from leaving that place. His ancestors’ treasures were also kept in that place. “Activate the big trap formation and wake up the head of Asura. We must not let even one of those intruders leave from this place alive.”

The old servant nodded and quickly took out half of black medallion and gave it to Prime Minister Ang.

“Whoever they are, don’t dream to leave from there alive.” Prime Minister Ang took out the other half and put them together. The medallion became complete and suddenly let out a buzzing sound and emitted red green light.

Under the ground of the Yellow Palace, a huge Asura with three horns suddenly opened its green eyes.

At the same time, the bell rang three times in the whole Yellow Palace.

The six hundreds, who were still inside the palace, listened to the sound of the bell and quickly ran towards the teleportation hole that suddenly closed.

“We are too late!” someone said

“They closed it too fast!”

“Spread out!” said the other and they quickly spread to every direction. Jaime told them if they did not come back to the teleportation hole in fifteen minutes, they will be trapped and became prey of the Asura that had power level way above them. Their only choice is to escape from that Palace as soon as possible.

At the same time, they heard a loud roar from beneath the ground and they face went pale, some of them even vomiting blood because they were pressured by the horrendous roar from underground.

They quickly added their speed, breaching a wall of magic formation that had dome shape that covered the entire palace. The green formation preventing any creature that wanted to enter but not prevent them from exiting the palace.

After the last man went out from the protective formation, they quickly found out the green formation turned into black and trapped anyone who wanted to enter or exit.

Outside the formation, they found themselves on a high ground surrounded by mountains.

“We are not in the sky.” Someone said astoundingly. Almost all of them thought that they were really in the Sky Palace, but they were instead in a palace hidden among the mountains.

At the same time, a loud roar was heard; the six hundred people quickly ran to every direction, they even forgot their plan to rob the other.

At this very moment each and every one of them were filled with fear from the loud roar from beneath the ground. The Aura of the roaring creature was clearly way higher than them. The most important thing for them now is to save themselves with the treasures that they have.


After the formation is closed, General Liu Wen who was hiding from the beginning encourage himself to walk towards Jaime with his anxious face.

Jaime quickly calmed him down. “Father-in-law, do not worry, they will not blame us, The Garden of Eden does not have Sky Palace or treasure, but in return, I sent them to the place that has real treasure.”

“Where did you send them all?”

“To the Yellow Palace, where Prime Minister Ang kept his treasures and his ancestors’”

“is that possible?”

“It should not be!” Jaime smiled, to build the teleportation formation was easy, furthermore with the help from the Book of Karma, the difficult part for him was to decide where the teleportation hole would be ended up, that thing needed a complicated calculation about space and dimension. But for Jaime who had opened a scar in the dimension of Karma, to determine the teleportation hole on the known territory from the Book of Karma was easy. “To open the teleportation that could breach the protective formation was quite difficult, because it required a lot of energy. So, that is why I created formation that could absorb spiritual energy from six hundred people to open the hole.”

“So, they robbed Prime Minister Ang?”

Jaime smiled broadly. “in one side, we took the treasure of Prime Minister Ang, in the other side, even later on, Prime Minister Ang knew the people who had robbed him, could he fight against the entire city leaders of the White Lion Kingdom?”

“Even the city leaders who had sworn allegiance to him joined the robbery.” Jaime laughed. “With this, Prime Minister Ang had to swallow this lost in a whole and could not do a single thing.”

“Will they be alright?” General Liu Wen asked.

“Don’t worry. I had made sure every one of the escaped before Prime Minister Ang could trap or kill them. They probably are smiling to see the treasure that they have now.”


Prime Minister ANg and an old servant of his appeared inside a garden that had teleportation symbol. The teleportation symbol connected directly to the teleportation symbol in the Palace of Prime Minister Ang.

When Prime Minister Ang entered the Yellow Palace and found his entire treasure rooms were empty even not one soul was seen to be held responsible, he fell on his knees.

“First brother will kill me,” he whispered in fear.

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