CGA – Ch 89

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Chapter 89 – One Way Ticket


Mankind cannot predict everything that will happen in their future world. Therefore, a wise man only counts what he can do today, giving his best and let that best effort to open the doors to his future.

Good deeds will bring to good in the end. Bad deeds will bring you misfortune in the end.


Nie sa on her small boat stared at the beach and her eyes opened wide, smile was blooming on her face. “Dragon and Phoenix Continent! I am coming!”

“Two months was our journey from our island to the Dragon and Phoenix Continent.” Some people who were on the big boats behind Nie Sa sighed. “If not because she was lost and we circling our island for dozens of times, the direct route from our island to the Dragon and Phoenix continent should have been reached just within a day.”

“I could reach it just within half a day with my speedboat.” The other added.

“So, who was a person that our princess has been looking for?” The other asked.

“I heard that she is looking for Jaime, The King of Three Realms.”

“King of Three Realms?”

“It was our princess said.”

“That is better.” A man who was really old said. He saw at Nie Sa and remembered his past. His wrinkled hand lifted a pipe and started to smoke. “When I was still young, I remember my father took me to follow the group that left Water Kingdom that was on the Dragon and Phoenix Continent. At that time, we followed Young Miss Nie Sa’s Great Grandmother who was after her beloved, a merchant who was moving from city to city. At that time, the Water Kingdom became the biggest Nomad Kingdom and lived from one place to the other. I also remember owning a horse name Merah1.”

He blew out a long smoke. “When I grew up, Young Miss Nie Sa’s Grandmother, the next heir of the Water Kingdom decided to pursued her beloved, an admiral. I, with my wife, also followed her and at that time, the Water Kingdom built the biggest floating city in the middle of the ocean. I owned a home boat and this two months made me remember about the home that I used to own.”

“True, true…” another old man who felt nostalgic of their younger days added.

“Young Miss Nie Sa’s mother who replaced her grandmother, fell in love with the owner of the island. Because of that, we all built the Water Kingdom on that Island. Now, Young Miss Nie Sa has become the heir of the Water Kingdom. At least every generation of them picked better men for the future of the Water Kingdom. Hmmm… King of Three Realms.” That old man suddenly fell silent as if he was in deep thought about something. “Where will we build the next our Water kingdom?”

“We will live in the White Eagle City. My husband owns a place called the Garden of Eden.” Nie Sa who seemed to listen to the conversation from afar answered with high spirit. “That place is very beautiful; you guys will definitely like it.”

“Princess.” A man from the big boat said. “Have you ever met with your husband? What if he does not want to receive us?”

Nie Sa hit her chest and stood with dignity on her small boat. “I am here, you don’t have to worry. He will welcome you. He really likes me and will definitely listen to my wish.”

Nie Sa was smiling wide. “Because he is a lolicon, if he sees the me now, he will definitely fall in love with me. On the contrary, if he sees me when I have become an adult, he might not see me at all. So, before I become adult, I have to find him.”

Everyone who listened fell silent, their mouths and their eyes were opened wide for quite a time. After that, killing intends were emitted from them.


Inside the Garden of Eden, there was a big hall; around four hundred people had been waiting impatiently.

“Where is General Liu Wen?” A man asked to his best friend.

“He is watching the preliminary round. Some of the daemonic beast seemed to have breached the defense and attack inside the city.”

“Talking about daemonic beast, I did not expect that Jaime has power to call them, numbered in millions!” someone said with impressed expression.

“True, I heard a rumor that he could do many miracles!”

In a few second, four hundred people who were there kept talking about Jaime, and his extraordinary ability.

When Jaime suddenly walked to enter, he made everyone there fell silent.

“I apologize for my lateness.” Jaime sighed and showed his tired face. “I was a bit overwhelmed after calling out a million daemonic beasts yesterday for the preliminary round of the tournament.”

Some of them made expression as if they understood it. “It really took a great power to do that kind of thing.”

“Please, do not get me wrong,” Jaime smiled. “To call a million or even ten million of them is a small feat for me. I was tired because I have to hold dozen millions of daemonic beast who heard my calling. If I did not use my power to hold them, White City Eagle would definitely be attacked by fifty daemonic beasts” (TN: the raw said lima puluh (fifty). I think the author wanted to write lima puluh juta deamonic beasts (fifty million daemonic beasts) instead, but forgot to type juta (million))

Everyone who was there was silently stared at Jaime, it seemed that the young man in front of them is even bigger than they imagined before.

“Some people could not join us because they have to defend the city and watch the ongoing selection for tournament.”

Many who gathered there were the people who joined to slaughter daemonic beast to collect their crystals to ensure their young generation would succeed to enter the tournament. After quite number of daemonic beast had been reduced, they started to let their young generations to hunt the daemonic beast to increase their battle experience.

“Follow me.” Jaime who was standing was soon followed by four hundred people into the yards where the teleportation formation was drawn. In front of the gates into the yards, two men with the cultivation level of Grand Elder paid respect to Jaime. In their hands there were dimensional bag. “For those who wished to go to the Sky Palace, please pay two million spiritual stones.”

The four hundred people were staring at each other with sad expressions; they started to pay their entry tickets. Jaime’s face was shining proudly as they were starting to pay. “Do not worry. You will get some of the rare items that are even more valuable. I can guarantee that. You will not be disappointed.”

Around the teleportation formation, the four hundred people were surprised when they found around one hundred people had gathered inside it. Some of them were staring at each other and the hatred can be seen sparkling from their eyes.

“What are those people from another kingdoms doing in this place!” A General said while emitting his spiritual power.

“This is not a place from the northern and southern continent to enter as they please!” The other said.

Jaime suddenly appeared in the middle of them and said, “Inside the Garden of Eden, everyone can enter as long as they pay. If there is any of you who objects my guests, you are welcome to leave, I will return your money.”

Even though people from the White Lion Kingdom were angry to see people from Wu Empire from the southern part of the continent and The Ice and Wind Kingdom from the northern part of the continent, none of them decided to back out.

“Did you invite them too?” A general asked Jaime with hatred. He was a General who guard the borders and fight them on daily basis.

Jaime put a serious expression, “Listen! I don’t like people from outside the White Lion Kingdom at all. I am one of the citizens from the White Lion Kingdom who serves my Kingdom sincerely. Every year, I pay my tax and make charity for the glory of the Kingdom that I love. About how the Sky Palace could reach their ears, honestly, I was not the one who spilled it; of course it must be one of us who spill it, because I only told about the Sky Palace to you, my brothers from the Kingdom.”

“Then, why did you let them in?” the other asked.

Jaime frowned. “it is Because they brought money to buy the entry ticket. You know, money does not know boundaries, money also has no citizenship. That is why, even though I hate them, I also feel reluctant to refuse their money to come to my pocket.”

They all fell silent/

“By seeing my face, I hope you will not prolong this problem; there is a more pressing matter that we have to face together.” Jaime took out hundreds of Jade stone with the size of thumb and made them floated in the air. Each of the stone fell on everyone’s hands. “Inside the jade stone, there is a map of the Sky Palace that we have drawn. You can also learn about it too.”

Some of them channeled their energy and read the information inside the jade stone. Some of them were still staring at each other with hatred before they finally decided to read the content of the jade stone.

Inside the jade stone, they found the drawing complete with the location where the treasures were kept, traps, the guardians of the treasures and even the things that were inside the vault.

They read the list of the treasure and they eyes were wide opened and their breath became heavy. “Impossible, all of these things in the list have high vale and very rare.”

“Listen!” Jaime said to them again. “I will open this teleportation formation exactly when the sun above our heads. Use that time to discuss your plan. Inside the Sky Palace, there are five important places, the armory, Pill Storage, Garden of Herbs, Treasure room and the Library of Knowledge. I don’t want us to fight with each other. Remember, we only have a very limited time, not to mention that we have to face with the immortal guardian of the Sky Palace. So please, do not fight with each other. You better use your time to take another treasure. There are around sixty thousand treasures inside for you to take without fighting among us.”

“Who long do we have?” A city leader asked.

“Fifteen minutes!” Jaime said. “After that, the teleportation hole will be closed. If you are trapped in the Sky Palace, you have to find your own way back yourself. You better have prepared tools to run away. Before the teleportation door closed, I will order my bodyguard to ring the bell three times.”

The time for the sun to reach its peak is still around three hours. Around six hundred people were gathering among their friends and made plans.

In the beginning, Jaime only told one hundred sixty city leaders and their envoys. Nonetheless, as the time went by, the information about the Sky Palace was spreading by itself. Some sects even sent their elders or even grand elders along with the envoys from the city leaders to work together in the Sky Palace.

Jaime stared at the six hundred people inside the yards and realized that some of them were starting to discuss how to take those treasures, some even planned to kill their enemies after they finished with the Sky Palace.

I don’t care whatever you will do” Jaime smiled wickedly. “You all will do a one way trip, none of you will return here.


At the same time, Nie Sa who had just landed on the beach suddenly received a sight of the future. Her eyes were shining blue and her mouths frowned.

“No! No! Don’t do that! Don’t do that! You will die!”


  1. Merah is red in English. I don’t know why he named his horse Merah, maybe because its color was red? Anyway, I will not change the name into English. In the future also, if there will be name similar to it, I will use the original name from the author.
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