CGA – Ch 88

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Chapter 88 – Fake Tournament


Life is a long journey. A quest to find one’s self; to find the meaning of becoming a human and to find the why people can be lost in this life.



White Eagle City slowly became more crowded. Every day at the city gates, groups from various territories were coming. From cultivators, martial arts experts, warriors, merchants and even con artists and pickpockets don’t want to miss this crowd.

Because the city guards were overwhelmed to check each person who wanted to enter the city gates, General Liu Wen decided to open the city gates day and night.

Meanwhile, those who wished to get out from the city became even less. The inns and restaurants were never lack of customers and even empty houses were bought by any price. People from the rich schools or sects without giving a second thought used their power and money to get a little bit of comfort in the White Eagle City.

The gates of the Garden of Eden were also opened wide and filled with very long lines. There were twenty tables that were opened twenty four hours every day to take notes of those who wanted to register as tournament participants. People kept coming to make the lines even longer.

People from the rural village and even big cities kept coming. The price of rare items that could raise cultivation level to the level of King tempted everyone to try their luck. Moreover, the main price is ten million spiritual stones. That sum of money could ensure one live happily for seven generations.

Beside people from the White Lion Kingdom, people from the neighboring countries also came with intention to take part in the tournament. Because the requirement of the Garden of Eden Tournament was really easy, they just needed to write down their names.

In the sunny morning the sound of Bell was heard from the Garden of Eden that filled the entire White Eagle City.

The eyes of every warrior were shining brightly.

“We have to win this tournament, at least we enter the big one hundreds!” A teacher said to some of his students.

The eyes of every participant were shining filled with ambition.

People started to gather at the Garden of Eden, even filled the surrounding streets because the gates to the arena had not been opened yet.

In the middle of the Garden of Eden, a figure of body was seen shining and floating in the middle of the air.

“That Aura!” some of them said in surprised. “The level of King!”

Jaime was floating above the crowds. “Welcome to the Garden of Eden Tournament. As the host, I am pleased to welcome all of you.”

Every participant saw Jaime with admiration.

Jaime even detected hundreds of Labyrinth of Heart from the women who stared at him with desires.

Ahhh… It is really hard to be a handsome, rich, and powerful man.

“It was out of my expectation that 23.678 participants were registered to join this tournament. Of course this number must be reduce to hasten the process of the tournament.” Jaime put an expression like a saint and made his body shining. “Therefore, with the power given by God to me, as His prophet, as His son, and as His chosen, I will order all daemonic beasts in this territory to come to White Eagle City.”

“Daemonic Beasts??!!” the Participants were asking in confusion.

“This will be the first selection test for the participants of the tournament. Each of you who manage to collect one hundred daemonic beast crystals will have the right to join the tournament.” Jaime quickly added, “You can use any means necessary to kill the daemonic beasts that I summoned. You can use your brothers or your sects, hire people or even ask your teachers to kill daemonic beasts and collect the crystals. Whatever the method is, you are allowed to use it and there is only one exception, for those who deliberately harm, kill other participants or rob the crystal that belongs to other participants will be disqualified!”

The face of the participants became pale just to think that if there were only thousands of daemonic beasts to grab, this, of course, would ensure the victory for those who were fast. Many were whispering about that possibility.

Jaime who was listening laughed. “You don’t have to worry about the lack of daemonic beast. All I need to do is to snap my fingers and more than one million daemonic beasts will come pouring the four side of the city gates.”

Everyone who listened was astounded.

“What kind of bull crap that he is talking about?”

“One million demonic beast?”

“He could even destroy big cities with the snap of his fingers! Who does he think he is?”

“A holy person?”

“The power of bullshit!!!”

When many people doubting him, suddenly the soldiers rang the bell on the top of the city walls. “Demonic beast! Daemonic beasts in a large numbers are heading towards the city from every direction!”

In an instant everyone became silent.

Jaime was smiling and said. “I have called them to come, now, for those who wanted to join the tournament, please gather one hundred of their crystals. The sooner you move, the better, before you are running out daemonic beast to kill.”

As soon as he finished talking, the participants were starting to move to the outside of the city gates. For those who were supported by the sects or schools, decided to contact their brothers to help them to collect the daemonic beast crystals, for some who were backed with financial power starting to shout at the crowds.

“I will buy demonic beast crystal with two spiritual stones!”

“3 spiritual stones!”

“5 spiritual stones!”

Everyone there knew that the price of one daemonic beast crystal was one spiritual stones. With the price that kept raising, made them who was just to watch from the crowds shifted their gazes to the horizon to find the group of daemonic beasts that moving fast towards the city.

“Kill two or three daemonic beast to buy drinks and dating girls from this city does not seem to be a bad idea.” One man said.

“We can grill the daemonic beast meat tonight.” Said the other

“Good idea.”

“I have arrow head that I want to test.”

“My dear husband, you are always boasting your great power, now, prove it and return with one or two daemonic beasts, we can keep the meat and sell the crystals!” said a wife to her husband.

“Good. Finally it is time to use my ancestor technique!”

This time, not only the participants who were moving, even the spectators and the citizens also began to move.

Jaime saw any people started to run outside the gates to welcome the coming of the daemonic beasts. In another corner he saw a glimpse of General Liu Wen who was standing on the top of the watchtower. Slowly, Jaime flew towards him.

“Father-in-law” Jaime paid respect to General Liu Wen

General Liu Wen stared at the crowds of daemonic beasts that are getting closer. “Did you really call them?”

“Of course not,” Jaime answered lightly. “I just calculated the timing of their arrival.”

“How many are those daemonic beast you think?”

“One million two hundred thousand sixty eight thousand nine hundred and seventy one to be exact.”

“More than one million!” General Liu Wen’s face became pale

“Don’t worry.” Jaime stared at the people who went out from the gates and laughed. “The number of people who wanted to hunt the daemonic beasts was more than two millions to be exact. The daemonic beasts who were coming here were the ones who should be worry.”

General Liu Wen saw some with high spiritual power with the level of General or Grand Elder moving first to kill the group of daemonic beasts. They were moving with high speed colliding with the plague of daemonic beasts. In an instant, many of daemonic beasts were thrown to the air with their body shattered to pieces.

Since Jaime decided to invite them to enter the Sky Palace tomorrow, they had gathered inside the White Eagle City in these last few days. There were more thatn two hundred people with the level of Grand Elder or General who was moving to collect the daemonic beast crystals to ensure their younger generation could enter the Garden of Eden Tournament.

“Two months ago, when you said that one million daemonic beasts would come, I have decided that this city would not be able to survive anymore. I even have decided to die in this place.” General Liu Wen stared at Jaime. “But you created a miracle just within these two months! You really have saved this city.”

Jaime looked at the attack from the people who kept running to hunt daemonic beasts. Some of them did that in group while laughing. They seemed enjoying the easy hunting.


Lian Tian, the headmaster of the academy was looking with disbelief with what he saw from the top of the hills. He saw clearly the coming of the daemonic beasts towards White Eagle City. He thought that he had succeeded destroying White Eagle City.

Then he saw million people coming out from the gates of White Eagle City ferociously hunting daemonic beasts that he had gathered for years with great effort.

“What the hell is happening?” he asked in disbelief.

Concentrating his power to his sight, he could saw some of the teachers and the students from the academy also joined the crowds to slaughter his daemonic beasts.

“What the hell is happening?” he asked again


General Liu wen was staring at the slaughter of the demonic beast that was happening.

“Jaime, this time you have made a great service to this city.”

“I did not do anything.” Jaime answered short.

“You even sacrificed these rare items to invite them to come here.”

“Is this that what father-in-law meant?” Jaime easily took out a Moon Yin Flower and threw it at General Liu Wen.

“This!” General Liu Wen was surprised when he touched that flower. “This is just an ordinary flower… you colored it. This flower is a fake!”

“Of course all of those items are fakes; o colored those items like the originals and created a formation around the glass case that could emit the energy like the originals. Of course to activate those formations, I had to sacrifice many spiritual stones, just to emit that energy for a few minutes.”

“So? The Sky Palace?” General Liu Wen asked

“There never was a Sky Palace. What we saw from inside the Garden of Eden was just an illusion made by certain formation.”

“This tournament and the prizes for the winners?” General Liu Wen’s body was shaking in fear when he thought about hundreds of city leaders realized that they were being deceived by a brat. He might be targeted by the attack from the city leaders too.

“This tournament was just to invite them to this place to wipe those daemonic beasts. And for the prize for them….” Jaime’s eyes were shining wickedly. “We will get them from another place. Tomorrow!”

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