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TN: I’m sorry for the late release of Wiro Sableng, but I will try to release it this weekend. Many things happened, and I just lost one of my very best friends in accident. He was just like a brother to me… I ask you to pray for him too… fare thee well brother… I will always miss you…

In memorial of Aan Nurdiansyah

16/07/1990 – 16/03/2017

Chapter 87 – The visible tail

The best way to deceive someone is to make friend with his greed. A chance to get a bigger result by spending a small amount of money will certainly rouse one’s greed.

When greed has taken the lead and spoken. One will like a buffalo lead by nose. Show them an easy way to get bigger result will make everything easier.

Let them lead by their own greed.


“What is Stone of Maharaja of Universe?1” a city leader asked..

Jaime hesitated for a second and with an expression as if he was forced he said, “The stone has no meaning for you. It is just a stone that has a lot of sentimental value for me.”

Some of the guests were whispering through hidden communication technique.

An old man was laughing out loud and his eyes were shining. “I once read from the book from my ancestor about the Stone of Maharaja of Universe. I am not sure the writing is correct or not, but it is said that the stone could help someone to absorb the energy from the universe with a high speed. According to a rumor, The Stone of Maharaja of Universe can make 10 people with the level of King to be the level of Maharaja, 100 people with level of General can become King, and 1000 Elder can become General or Grand Elder2.”

Jaime’s and the guests’ were surprised.

Jaime quickly waved his hand. “Perhaps that stone can help me from the level of King to be Maharaja. When you reach the level of King, I will certainly return the Stone of Maharaja of Universe to you.”

Seeing Jaime did not deny the previous statement, the face of every guest became hot. If they could get their hands on that Maharaja Stone, they could even be a king of the White Lion Kingdom.

“There is no way that kind of stone exists.” Some of the guests said to lower the tension among them.

“Right… Right…” said the other. But everyone had decided in their hearts to find that stone. For themselves.

“The beginning of the next month is the time to enter the Sky Palace. I hope none of you spread this information to anyone.” Jaime took out invitations from his dimensional storage ring and let out his power to make every invitation letter flew to every guests.

“This!!!” a city leader shouted when reading the invitation letter. “Tournament of Martial Arts!”

“Correct.” Jaime said in high spirit. “On the beginning of the month, the Garden of Eden will also hold various big tournaments. The first tournament Is for the children under fifteen years old. The second tournament is for those under twenty years old. The third tournament is for every age but it will be limited to those with cultivation level of General or Grand Elder.”

“For the first place will receive 10 million spiritual stones, the second place will receive 5 million spiritual stones and the third place will receive 2 million spiritual stones. Meanwhile, for those who are within the big ten, each of them will receive five hundred thousand spiritual stones. Also for the first to the third place can choose two of rare items that I own. 10.000 years old Blue Moon Yin Flower, Sky Dragon Fruit that can only be picked from 20.000 years old Nine Dragon Trees… they can choose any of them and take them home.”

Every guest who listened to him was surprised. 10 million spiritual stones is a big amount; it was the total wealth of the small city leaders.

Every city leaders usually were Generals if not an influential person from certain sect or group. Of course they had many talented young generations with bright future. To make them exchange blow with each other, learn from the experience to be the winner, receive money and rare item for the Elder of the sect, all of those would only bring advantage for them.

Liu Jie suddenly walked towards the side of Jaime and bowing. “I am Liu Jie, Daughter of General Liu Wen, the leader of White Eagle City. My father once said, whoever marry me will inherit White Eagle City and the surrounding area. In the future, my husband will become the leader of White Eagle City.”

Many of the guest stared at General Liu Wen.

“What my daughter said was true.” General Liu Wen said quickly. “As you have already known, I only have one daughter. So, whoever marries my daughter will inherit my territory.” General Liu Wen stared proudly at Jaime. To get a son-in-law seemed not bad at all.

Everyone who came knew that Jaime would marry Liu Jie, but what Liu Jie said next made them surprised.

“But, I refuse to be married with Jaime because he was my father’s choice. For the prosperity of White Eagle City, I will pick my future husband from the winner of the tournament.”

Liu Jie looked at Jaime. “If you are going marry me, you have to face the winners of the tournament. You also have to lock your power and adjust your cultivation level to the level winners.”

“Liu Jie!!!” General Liu Wen was surprised and a little bit angry.

“Father, please understand.” Liu Jie was bowing.

“General Liu Wen.” Jaime said while paying his respect. “I have discussed this with Liu Jie. I too don’t want to be married with Liu Jie just because I was chose. If I have to defeat the winners of the tournament, so that I can take Liu Jie’s heart, let it be. In the future, Liu Jie can really fall in love with me.”

“General Liu Wen.” A city leader quickly added. “This is between these two youngsters, we don’t deserve to be involved it. If it is their choice, just give them your blessing.”

“Right… Right…” the others added

Many of them quickly agree to it, because with this, the chance for their young generations to be the leader of White Eagle City was opened. Some of the city leader even had decided to force their sons to join the tournament.

The eyes of the guests turned red.

“Fine!” General Liu Wen said with his face saddened. “I will follow your wish.”

Jaime gave his respect one more time to General Liu Wen and announced. “An ancient stadium belongs to the White Kingdom had been rebuild by our workers in the eastern side of the Garden of Eden. That place can hold millions of audience and there are one hundreds arena that can be used. This big tournament will be started next month and whole invitation had been sent to every corner of White Lion Kingdom. May the fortune be with the victors!”

Every guest there soon filled with high enthusiasm. The biggest tournament ever in the Winner Lion Kingdom is the Kingdom Tournament which is held once a year for those under twenty years old. The first place only got 500.000 spiritual stones and that had become the most crowded event.

With the first place would receive 10 million spiritual stone, even the students from the hermits who hid themselves on the peak of the mountains would certainly come.

Most of the people there, they already had forgotten the words from Prime Minister Ang.


Within the last one month, the whole city even in the remote places of the White Lion Kingdom never stopped talking about the Garden of Eden Tournament.

With the big amount of prize offered, even for the big 10, many sects, martial arts group from the big ones to the small ones, even the loner cultivators started to shift their gaze and moved towards the White Eagle City.

“Soon, give order to our students who are still outside to stop their activities and move towards the White Eagle City! We must not miss this chance.” An Elder of a small sect was giving his order. He had heard that the victors of the tournament would receive rare items that can raise his cultivation level. That was clearly useful for the Elder of the sects.

With full of spirit, the elder of the sect used their power to move their entire students with hope that they would get rare items.

Along with the movements of the warriors, the merchants were also starting to move towards the White Eagle City, where there were crowded, there they would find a chance to sell their merchandise.

From all sects that went, only Huo Clan and the Double Moon sect who seemed to be not interested to the tournament. They shut themselves from the crowd.


The headmaster of the White Lion Academy of White Eagle City branch hit his stone table until it broke.

Some of the teacher who saw that only sighed. Nobody knew exactly how many stone tables had been broken by their headmaster.

“What are you doing?” his eyes were red, staring at the teachers.

Teacher Kok quickly gave his respect. “We had given mission to our students to get out from the city, but this tournament that will be held by the Garden of Eden made them come home to this city. We cannot force them to get out from this city anymore. Almost every one of them had joined the Garden of Eden Tournament.”

Headmaster’s body was shaking greatly. His anger had reached its peak when he had to lose two million spiritual stones to Jaime due to the bet he made. Now, after he heard that his students had returned to the White City Eagle, it would make his plan fail.

If they were to follow the first plan, the students of the academy would leave the White Eagle City. Then, when daemonic beast attacked White Eagle City, every students and teachers of the academy would return to White Eagle City, but that only after daemonic beast left nothing standing, so that the academy would finally reign over White Eagle City.

With the return of the students of the academy, when the daemonic beast attacked the city, the whole academy would also be ruined with it.

The headmaster sat and whispered, “Jaime… did he do it on purpose? Did he know the coming of the daemonic beast? Impossible… It’s impossible… it must be just a coincidence.”

He looked at the academy teachers. Only some of them knew cooperation he made between him and Prime Minister Ang. White Lion Academy belonged to the White Lion Kingdom, most of the headmasters and the teachers were supporting the current king.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ang only had his hand on some of them, including Lian Tian, headmaster of White Lion Academy, White Eagle City branch.

“Give out an order that the student of the academy are not allowed to join the Garden of Eden Tournament! For those who disobey this order will be punished! They must get out from this city!”

Some of teacher seemed to be dissatisfied. “On what reason they are not allowed to join the tournament? They can raise the reputation of the academy.”

“I don’t care with the reputation. You too. If you don’t follow this order, just make your letter of resignation!” Lian Tian realized that he had to use his position as the headmaster to stop his student.

Even though he was the headmaster of the academy, he only had power in his branch territory. The first plan was that after the attack of the daemonic beast, he would order his students to return; they would take over White Eagle City and separate themselves from the White Lion Academy in the capital.

If his students were also being killed in the daemonic beast attack, he would lose his power to take over the White Eagle City. Without his students, he would be alone with some of his trusted teachers. No matter what, he had to find a way to stop his students.


Guan Pu Yi frequently gave important reports to Jaime who seemed to be in confusion. “General, I received a report that the White Lion Academy, White Eagle branch gave out an order for their students to not join our tournament.”

“They finally found their tails!” Jaime quickly accessed the Book of Karma. He deliberately made commotion in the entire White Lion Kingdom to fish the culprit who sent daemonic beast to the White Eagle City. He did not believe that the daemonic beast plague would happen coincidentally.

Now, after big commotion about the tournament where aside from Double Moon Sect and Huo Clan under the control of Jaime, everyone moved towards White Eagle City. White Lion Academy, White Eagle branch was the first one who refused to join the tournament.

Of course Jaime would also check whoever refused to join the tournament, because, big chance was, they knew what would happen.

After checking about the White Lion Academy, White Eagle City branch, its headmaster and those who were involved, Jaime’s eyes were shining brightly.

“So, they divided one million daemonic beasts into four pieces!” Jaime smiled satisfyingly. When he already had information about his opponents, of course, he would not let his opponents to get any profit anymore.



  1. I change the previously Universe Maharaja Stone into this one
  2. I don’t know much about the cultivation level of this story, in the raw there are [Tetua] and [Ketua] from now on I will use Elder for [Tetua] and Grand Elder for [Ketua]
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  1. Instead of Stone of Maharaja of Universe I think using Stone of Universe’s Emperor is much better. Maharaja is Emperor in Malay/Indonesia after all.

    1. Ummmm~ according to Merriam-Webster (yup, i use this, not oxford) Maharaja is Hindu term for ranking above a Raja (king). So, Maharaja is not emperor in Indonesia or Malaysia, i think it first came from India, but then English recognized this term, so it is in their vocabulary and it is not strange. There are some movies and books which have the background in India, you can find the term of Maharaja being used.

  2. thanks for the chapter, this novel is excelent, a pity its still starting and theres not many raws, i am not one good in prayers, but i hope the living ones can keep going on and pusrsue happiness in honor of the friend/family that have departed, thanks again for the chapter,

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