CGA – Ch 86

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Chapter 86 – Greed

Life is hard, sometimes people do good deed, but they were scolded, hated, and blamed

Even when one wholeheartedly does a good deed, still, there will be someone who insult them, saying that doing those deeds just to look for sympathy

It seems the life that does not care for others, does not do good, does not communicate with others is the best way of life in this modern time.

So that is why NEET will definitely enter the heaven. (TN: Seriously??!! Thanks God, I am a NEET.)

But if someone has decided to do good deeds, then do it without worrying the result. Keep doing good, because good deeds are just between that man and God, not other human.


One by one, the invited guest started to enter the Rainbow Palace. even the inside still have amazing beauty, but almost none of the guest enjoyed the beauty of their surrounding anymore. Telling them to pay a couple of million spiritual stones was a plain insult. Rather than enjoying the beauty of the Garden of Eden, they now are looking at everything with disdain.

Inside the palace, they could a young man who was sitting on the stone chair that radiated various color. Some beautiful girls were seen standing beside him.

“The truth is that I intended to give a million words welcoming speech, but after seeing all of your face that seemed to be dissatisfied, let us move on to the next event.” Jaime was sitting while looking down at them like a great master looking at his slaves. “Take out those items to satisfy them.”

A man with sturdy build with white hair walked into the Rainbow Palace, followed by around a dozen girls who were looked like angels. The old man still had cultivation level of a General. In each of the women’s hands there are glass boxes. The women who were standing intentionally let everyone to see the content of the glass boxes to everyone.

“Isn’t the Sky Dragon Fruit?” someone pointed at the glass box that was held by a woman on the third line. The fruit had a size of a palm and emitting sharp daemonic beast aura, as if the fruit was alive.

“These items were sealed with lock formation to preserve them. You can see them, but keep three feet distance from the girls or do not blame me if I consider you to have intention to rob my treasure.” Jaime said lazily.

The eyes of the guest were reddened as they saw the exhibited items one by one. None of those items looked ordinary. Just by having one of those items would ensure their cultivation to the level of King.

“Blue Moon Yin Flower!” said an envoy who tried to look at the blue flower closer. “Just by seeing it, I can feel the cold energy from it and it resonates with my Yin cultivation. This Blue Moon Yin Flower is genuine!”

Some people who saw the 10.000 years old sun flower, 15.000 years old Beast King Grass, 1000 season life prolonging pills, and other items added their opinions.

“That is a genuine Beast King Grass!” said an old man with his hands trembling. “It is exactly the same as my family’s notes. Each of its leaf has small light like million stars. The aura it emits has cosmic element.”

Almost everyone there never saw the Beast King Grass; this is their first time seeing it. The grass that was known to easily gave them power as if doing one million years cultivation to absorb the energy from the stars and universe.

“Enough!” Jaime shouted and surprising them. “Save those items, before they decide to take them. I could not stand their lustful gaze on my belongings.”

The girls who held those rare items soon walked in a single line behind Jaime, and that made the guests stared to the front with lustful eyes.

Jaime could see some of the guests secretly used their hidden communication technique to their partners. Of course it was easily guessed, long before they probably had planned to join forces to rob the treasures together and of course after they made sure that those items were genuine.

“No need to take those items by force,” Jaime said while yawning lazily. “My purpose to invite you here is to give each of you a chance to get these items. If you are lucky, you might go home with ten or hundreds of those items. Well, if you are so unlucky, you might only get one or two items. The Sky Palace has thousands rare items, and perhaps their value is even more than these.”

The guest that consisted of envoys, General, and also city leaders were silently stared at Jaime.

“Was your saying true?” asked a General named Huang Lie, with his body shaking. He had been 257 years old and his dream was to reach the level of King. With that, he could prolong his age even more.

Jaime smiled. “The Sky Palace was built by the ancestor of White Kingdom; it has history of hundred thousand years. They even had herbs that now would be hundred thousand years old. A Blue Moon Yin flower was just like any ordinary grass in the Sky Palace herbs garden.”

Almost everyone stopped breathing. Even if a needle fell at that moment would make a very noisy sound.

“Of course you will not let use to reach the Sky Palace easily, won’t you?” asked an old man with his face filled with doubt.

“Of course, each person has to pay two million spiritual stones as the ticket enterance and you are free to take whatever inside it.”

For them, 2 million spiritual stones were not a large number, but clearly was not a small either. And they realized that each items that was exhibited, if they were sold, it would be valued tens of million spiritual stones easily.

Many of them were still hesitant of the chance given.

“Two million spiritual stones, I’ll pay.” A General was laughing hard. “But I am sure that there is something that you haven’t told us. Stop hiding something from us!”

“That’s right! Tell us, what is it that you want?” added the other. They all believed that it would not be that easy to get those items.

“Of course it would not be as easy as you thought.” Jaime stood and stared at the items inside the glass boxes. “Each item that we successfully took from the Sky Palace had taken many my brethren as victims. I, of course, would like to share this information to you. But you know that I am in a difficult time…”

Jaime stopped his words and continued. “This is a very difficult time to do good deeds to the other. Even when I wanted to give these items, you still doubt me. Fine, now we help each other so there is no debt between us. Each of you who give me a recommendation to be a General, will have a right to have information on the Sky Palace and the items that you can have. For those who are not willing, I apologize if this is as far as you can enjoy the event and the servants will show you the exit.”

Some of the guests were quickly busy exchanging opinions with each other. Giving recommendation to a General to-be would not do they harm at all.

“Can you really give a guarantee if the items in the Sky Palace are genuine?” asked an envoy

“Of course,” Jaime said. “Why would I lie to you? If I intended to deceive you, do I have courage to deceive all city leaders in the White Lion Kingdom? Isn’t it just same as seeking an early death?”

“I want you to swear on your soul!” said a city leader. (TN: as if Jaime has one -.-)

“Fine, if that will make you happy.” Jaime stood and lifted his hand and made a complicated symbol in the air. Those symbols created a contract that emitting light and chained one soul. “I, Jaime, swear upon my soul. The place that you will be heading is the place that store many rare items and genuine rare items. Most of the herbs are ten thousand years old and so many other rare items. You can also take them and have them, which of course, everything depends on the power and luck from each of you.”

Seeing Jaime made that contract, the faces of every guest were shining brightly. Having a chance was the most important thing for them, as for luck and power, they were all warrior who were confident with their ability.

“I will also make a recommendation letter for your candidacy to be a General.” Said one of the guest quickly answered.

“Me too”

Every city leader who attend the invitation could soon made it, it was different with the envoy who needed to use a talisman to communicate with their leader first. Seeing most of the city leader agreed to the Jaime’s request to get that information and chance to get rare items, almost every opposing side felt uncomfortable. Of course they did not want to see their enemies to gain more power than them.

Without hesitant they agreed. Besides, they would not lose anything by giving a recommendation and that would be their big lose if they did not do it. In this term, every guest soon gave their recommendation to Jaime.

Jaime quickly stared at a guest whose face turned pale. “Master Kok, I hope you can return to the academy soon to say that I have received every requirement to pass this fourth test. 5000 soldiers, 1000 warhorses, 500 daemonic beast, and 30% support from the city leaders of the White Lion Kingdom. Ah, I even got 100% support. Please send two million spiritual stones for the bet as we agreed.”

Master Kok accepted the recommendation letter from a servant and soon left the Rainbow Palace in hurry. He knew that the White Lion academy this time had lost big time. Not paying the bet would ruin the name of the academy; paying two million spiritual stones of course would be bitter.

“Okay” Jaime added. “As per my promise, I will give important information on the Sky Palace. Now, please, follow me.” Jaime walked out from the Rainbow Palace and followed by every invited guest.

They walked to the middle of the Garden of Eden, passing some gates that were tightly guarded.

When they entered a stone field they saw around twenty men in black clothes guarding that place, almost every one of them held their breath.

Because they could feel the power of those twenty men who were wearing black clothes and mask had power with the level of a General or even Elder. Unconsciously they stared at Jaime.

“How could possibly he get so many General level warrior?”

The power that was shown by Jaime could make any of the city leader in the White Lion Kingdom threatened.

When the guests were busy whispering to each other, Jaime showed a circle formation with twenty meters diameter on the stone floor. That formation had hundreds of ancient symbols that were painted with blood of ancient daemonic beasts. “This is transportation formation that can send people to reach the Sky Palace.”

They stared at the formation and some of the people who had knowledge about formation were amazed. “Truly, what an amazing ancient formation!”

“To activate this formation, cooperation from twenty people who had General level or…” Jaime emitted his King cultivation level and channeled his energy to the transportation formation.

When the King level aura was emitted from Jaime’s body, every one of them was surprised and could not say a word. They just stared at him with their eyes wide open.

“Just as you have suspected, I used some of the rare items to raise my cultivation level.” Jaime answered lightly.

Some people who tried to rob Jaime’s item in the beginning, canceled their plan.

At that time, the symbols inside the formation shone brightly and opened a dimensional hole above the formation.

Everyone who was there could see through the hole that clearly showed the herbs and few golden colored buildings.

“That… That…. That is Hanging Thunder Flower, it seemed to be more than 20.000 years old, “someone said surprised.

“Seven Stars Grass!”

“Isn’t it Nine Sun Flower?”

When everyone was amazed, the gate suddenly closed.

“Enough for seeing,” Jaime said

“I brought 2 million spiritual stones! Let me in!” said a city leader soon took out his dimensional storage ring and soon the other followed him.

“Please, calm yourself down!” Jaime stopped the noise. “This gate could only be entered once every three months. Aside from that time, we can only see it, but not pass it. If you want to enter it, the time will be next month!”

“I will come!” answered the others in high spirit. The other soon said the same.

“Everyone can come, just by paying two million spiritual stones per one person. You can even bring your entire family, if you can pay it.” Jaime’s face turned into serious. “But I remind you, the Sky Palace was built by the ancestor of the White Kingdom and it was their place to store their treasure. Inside the Sky palace, there are guardians, they are all Asuras. Those who do not bring the keys from the White Kingdom will be targeted by the guardians.”

Everyone knew that the White Kingdom had been destroyed and perhaps the mentioned keys had been long gone.

“Inside the Sky Palace, there are a lot of priceless items, high valued pills, and many others,” Jaime said with disappointed face. “I have sacrificed lot of my brothers just to take the treasure from the Sky Palace. This time, I will be honest that this will be our last chance to enter the Sky Palace.”

“Why is that?” asked the other

“The Sky Palace has complicated mechanism to self-destruct and its contents if it was entered by the intruders who don’t have the keys of White Kingdom for three times in a row.” Jaime sighed. “I have entered it twice. So, that is why, this is my last chance to risking it to tell about it to every one of you.”

“Each of you can enter the Sky Palace, and you only have one incense long before the Sky Palace self-destructed. It means that you must return through the gate before it self-destructs.”

“Meanwhile, that once incense time must be used as best as possible to hold the guardian Asuras and also to take the treasures. I will tell you, the treasures that you take will be yours, but if you can find an item call the Universe Maharaja Stone that is located in the middle of the treasure room, I will be willing to pay 100 million spiritual stones for it!.” Jaime eyes were bright red. “I need to get that stone by any means necessary before the Sky Palace destroyed. That is why I told you this big secret!”

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