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Chapter 85 – Sky Palace

Desire is something endless, to follow your desire is a very long journey, exhausting and endless.

But some people thought that desire is their purpose. There is no meaning to be human without desire.

So, when will one know the true meaning of life, if desire is something that blind them all this time.


One month later

General Liu Wen, together with his wife and daughter were sitting inside a big carriage. They were on the journey to the Garden of Eden to attend the invitation from Jaime. A big smile was seen blooming on the General’s face.

Liu Wen secretly looked at his daughter, Liu Jie. “You will soon know. That as soon as the event on the Garden of Eden finished, I will announce it, for now, let’s just attend the event from Jaime.”

“I hope you will not do anything strange,” his wife answered with suspicion. She always could tell when her husband planning something.

“No… No… this is, in fact, a happy thing for all of us. Not something strange.”

Along the journey to the Garden of Eden, the carriages that were pulled by the demonic beast were seen moving towards the same direction. Only the carriages from far territories used demonic beast to pull them. Those carriages looked luxuriously made from wood, gold, even ivory. On every carriage, certain flags and symbol were seen waving.

“It seems that almost every city leader from the White Lion Kingdom attend the invitation from Jaime.” General Liu frowned, especially when he found some of the flag that belonged to the supporter of the Prime Minister Ang.

The carriage of General Liu stopped exactly in front of the Garden of Eden. General Liu Wen’s wife who just descended from the carriage looked at the two big gates made from colorful stones in surprise. The gate seemed standing so might, showing beauty and dignity.

Almost everyone who saw the gate for the first time astonished for a moment.

General Liu Wen and his family walked inside the gate along with some other envoys. Walking through the gate, General Liu Wen and his wife was once again surprise to find women, very beautiful and attractive women with their luxurious clothes, lining up on the right and left side of the gate, smiling and bowing to every guests passed by.

Two twin girls smiling like a sun, walking towards General Liu Wen and his wife. “Welcome General Liu Wen and family. I am Lim Ie and my sister Lim Ji will be your servants for as long as you are inside the Garden of Eden.”

Lim Ie saw at Liu Jie and bowing respectfully. “Young Miss Liu Jie, Master Jaime has been waiting for your arrival. Young Miss, Master said for Young Miss Liu Jie to meet Master as soon as possible.”

“Father, Mother, please enjoy your strolling inside the Garden of Eden, we will meet again in the Rainbow Palace later.” Liu Jie asked permission to both of her parents and soon walked to the opposite direction. It looked like she knew the Garden of Eden as if her own backyard.

“General Liu Wen, please, let us head to the Garden of Thousand Beetles, to see its beauty before the main event began.” Lim Ie and Lim Jie walked in front of them to guide them.

General Liu Wen saw the guest entering the Garden of Eden, each of them got two servants waiting in front of the gate. Some of the envoys even get handsome male servants.

The bastards from Kuon Clan were lucky to get handsome male

Kuo Clan was the leader of the Kuon territory, which was part of the White Lion Kingdom. General Liu personally knew the envoy from the Kuon Clan, Kuon Wo, the third uncle of Kuon Clan Elder, someone who was infamous for his strange behavior towards handsome males.

When General Liu Wen saw the surrounding, trying to find someone he knew, his wife suddenly shouted astonished when they arrived at the Garden of Thousand Beetles and saw colorful flower blooming in there. “Does this place really have one thousand beetles?”

Lim Ji answered politely. “This garden has one thousand main beetles and three thousands mixed breed beetles…”

The eyes of General Liu Wen’s wife were shining. She was a fan of flowers and had her own collection of flower. She passionly followed Lim Ji to walk around while listening to the information from her.

Lim Ie bowed to General Lie while saying, “Inside the Garden of Eden, there are other places that have high concentration of Sky and Earth energy. That place became the practice field for the soldiers and also for experts to do cultivation. There is also a Hall of Weapon, that has ten thousands collection of weapon inside it.”

The eyes of General Liu Wen were shining. For him, the Garden of the Thousand Beetles has no different with another meadow; it did not interest him at all. Meanwhile, weapons and the place to train soldiers lifted up his spirits. “Show me the place!”

“Yes, sir!” Lim Ie took General Liu Wen towards the stone field. The mighty General could feel the higher concentration of Sky and Earth energy in that place as soon as he arrived.

“This is Blue Moon field.” Lim Ie explained. “This place called Blue Moon Field because the consentration of the energy inside the place has more Yin energy compared to other places. While the Yellow Sun Field that is located in the south of the Garden of Eden has more Yang energy concentration. Furthermore, there is alsom Earth Field that that has neutral Sky and Earth energy. Soldiers who do cultivation of Yin or Yang choose their own places that suit them the most to train.”

“Liu Wen, is that you?” a sound was heard from the front

“Senier Pu Bao.” General Liu Wen instantly recognized the man with big body with white hair and beard.

Pu Bao who had friendly face came to Liu Wen along with his two soldiers and a female servant. He was the Leader of Bao City. When Liu wen joined the military, Pu Bao was his senior. “Have you been to the Pavilion of Books?”

“Not yet.” Liu Wen answered him politely. “Is there something interesting in there?”

Pu Bao sighed deeply. “I regretted that I don’t bring my sone here. Inside the Pavilion of Books, there are a lot of books of military strategy, books of martial arts, and books of cultivation technique. We are allowed to read them, but not borrow them. I have been looking for the right cultivation technique for my son with his Yang body. Unfortunate… it was so unfortunate. The Book of the Nine Suns suits my sons perfectly.”

“Really?” General Liu Wen answered. He did not expect that the Garden of Eden had a place like that. “Ah… I wish I could help Senior Pu.” General Liu Wen had a good relation with Pu Bao, and also Pu Bao had often helped him in his dire times.

Lim Ie suddenly bowed in front of General Liu Wen and gave a jaded badge. “General Liu Wen, please forgive this worthless slave who had forgotten the most important message from the Master Jaime. This jaded badge was meant to be given to General Liu Wen.”

“What kind of badge is it?” General Liu Wen asked.

“Seeing this badge is the same as seeing the owner of the Garden of Eden. Every guards, soldiers, and servants in this place will do everything that General command. As ordered by Master Jaime, General Liu Wen can take anything that General like to be kept or even to be given to anyone that General like.” Lim Ie bowed for one more time.

“Is it included the books?” Pu Bao asked with his eyes shining.

Lim Ie asked quickly. “Even the book from the Pavilion of Books, the rare weapons from the Hall of Weapons, thousands years old herbs from the Garden of Herbs, rare daemonic beast from the eastern ranch, rare flower from the Garden of Thousand Beetles, even pills and medicines from the Medicines Storage room, everything can be taken by General Liu Wen. That was what had been ordered by Master Jaime.”

Pu Bao stared at General Liu Wen with eyes full of hope.

Many Generals even envoys from various places that were incidentally at that place and heard the conversation. Their eyes soon redden and stared at General Liu Wen.

“General Liu Wen, my best friend,” said someone with big body who quickly approached General Liu Wen courteously. And slowly, one by one the envoys started to be as close as possible with General Liu Wen. Some of them even launched SKSD Palapa1 attack.

General Liu Wen, because he personally knew most of the invited guests, was forced to follow them to walk around most of area of the Garden of Eden and tried to fulfill their wishes. Unconsciously, he and the envoys were astonished with the beauty of the Garden of Eden.

The servants who were following them tirelessly gave information on the history of the Garden of Eden; in fact, the Garden of Eden was the place where the White Kingdom was built.

White Kingdom was a kingdom with ten thousand years of history before it split in two by two quarreling princes. From the ruin of the White Kingdom, the White Lion Kingdom and White Cloud Kingdom were born; in which, in the prolonged civil war, the White Lion Eagle finally destroyed White Cloud Kingdom.

The Garden of Eden previously owned by General Kuang. It was the place where the White Cloud Kingdom was and where the Palace of the White Kingdoms was built. This place had a very long history and the culture in this place was extraordinarily rich.

“The treasure of the White Kingdom and the White Cloud Kingdom had been gone due to war, robbery, or sold as those Kingdoms. Fortunately, Master Jaime, in the last few months tried to buy every treasure that had been spread across the continent back with the purpose to return the beauty of the Garden of Eden to its former glory as was in the glorious time of the White Kindom.” Lie Ie explained.

Inside the Garden of Eden, a long PING sound was heard hinting. The servants who heard that note soon guided their guest into the Rainbow Palace.

General Liu Wen together with many envoys were walking through a garden with a river flowing beautifully, added with the Sky and Earth Energy at that place, made them feel as if they were in the place of the Gods and Goddesses.

In the end of the garden, they saw a big palace with colorful walls.

“What is this place?” asked one of the hundreds people there who were astonished by the beauty of the Rainbow Palace.

“This place is the Rainbow Palace, one of three small palaces which located inside the Garden of Eden.”

“Three small palaces?!” asked the other surprised. The palace that they thought was huge and beautiful was still said as small, which made them even more surprised.

“Inside the Garden of Eden, there are three small palaces: Rainbow Palace, Aurora Palace, and Earth Palace.”

“Is there any big palace?”

“Are we going to that place?” asked the other curiously

“Forgive Me.” Lim Ie said. “We cannot answer that question. Master will give information about the palace himself. The only thing we know is that the palace was far above the sky of the Garden of Eden and had been taken by evil creature.”

Unconsciously, they stared at the sky and found a small dot on the blue sky. That dot was looked like a floating island.

“Is that place is a palace that is floating in the sky?” asked the other surprised.

General Liu Wen himself had been living in the White Eagle City for a long time, and he just realized that there was a big thing like island above its sky.

“The other name of the Garden of Eden is the Sky Palace,” Lim Ie added. “The Garden of Eden had light reflecting formation that made people outside the Garden of Eden would not be able to see its shadow. Only those who are inside the Garden of Eden can see its shadow from below.”

For a moment, those envoys were staring at the sky above in astonishment.

“This place is really amazing.”

“I never thought that the place like this is existed.”

A soft voice and full of dignity suddenly heard from the inside of the Rainbow Palace. “The honorable guest, please come inside the palace. I will welcome each and every one of you to reach the Sky Palace. And of course to get there, there is a cost to pay…. Only a couple millions of spiritual stones per ticket.”

The face of evey guest suddenly turned 180 degrees. Some of them were hesitant and whispering.

“A couple millions of spiritual stones for one ticket to go to the Sky Palace? Who would like to go?”

“Does he really think that from hundreds of people here will pay a couple millions spiritual stones to reach the Sky palace willingly?”

“He was dreaming to get hundreds millions of spiritual stones from us!”


  1. SKDS Palapa (sok kenal sok dekat padahal gak ada apa-apanya) is a slang from Indonesia, I don’t know how to translate it with literal meaning, but it is something that you are getting close to one person as if you know that person well to get something from that person, but the fact that you don’t know that person or barely know that person.
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