CGA – Ch 84

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Chapter 84 – Lies

Sometimes things moved so slowly so than people didn’t realize that they were enjoying something that was so precious. And only after life suddenly pushed them to run and keep running in haste to catch something that they don’t even understand what is, only then, human understood of losing something that is so precious.

What is the meaning of life if their goal is just to chase something and keep that something to themselves, if in the end, they didn’t have time to sit and enjoy what they already had?

Some people lived in the illusion of ever owning, they spent their life in the endless circle. Some men, life in the bitter reality, and became slave of their own lives, the life that they even don’t understand its meaning.


White lion academy, White Eagle City Branch.

The headmaster of White Lion Academy sat in front of the teachers of the academy. “In two months, I want every student of the academy, especially those who has achievements, to study outside the White Eagle City. No one is allowed inside the White Eagle City.”

Some of the teachers were confused. “Is there any particular reason for doing this?”

“No” the headmaster made a cynical smile. “Just do not blame if something happened later.”


Prime Minister Ang sat with some of the government officials. At that time, as servant was secretly ordered to move towards Prime Minister who seemed to be enjoying lip service from some of the officials who had pledge their loyalty to him. To them, the highest leader in the White Lion Nation is not the King, but Prime Minister Ang.

Prime Minister Ang secretly received a small Jade stone. Inside the jade stone was written a hidden message. A few moments after he channeled his spiritual energy to read the hidden message inside the Jade stone, a smile was seen blooming on Prime Minister Ang’s face.

General Liu Wen, who had been a thorn for him, lately his position became stronger as the White Eagle City grew. This was not something to be allowed for him. Especially, it seemed that General Liu Wen was not as neutral as he seemed to be, that General was looked like he supported the King’s faction.

“I want to give all you an advice.” Prime Minister Ang said suddenly to cut the talking among the officials.

“What kind of advice that Prime Minister want to give to us?”

Prime Minister Ang smiled, “In two months, it’s better if none of you go to the White Eagle City. If you have relatives who live there, you start better pull them out from that place.”

“Will something happen in the territory of General Liu Wen?” An official asked out of curiosity.

Prime Minister Ang laughed. “Maybe”


General Liu Wen scratched his head when a subordinate of him gave a report, “Master, Young Miss Liu Jie has escaped to the Garden of Eden again.”

“That girl.” General Liu Wen sighed. “When I told her to marry Jaime, she seemed to refuse. She secretly went to cancel the wedding, bu now she went to the Garden of Eden every day secretly. Does she think that this father of her has become blind to not see her demeanor?”

“What do Master want me to do?” the subordinate asked

“Send invitation to all of my colleagues, in the next month, we will hold a wedding between Jaime and Lie Jie!” General Liu Wen smiled happily. “But keep this secret from the two of them!”


“Wait!” General Liu suddenly said. “Perhaps, it is better for you to send invitation to every city leader. If they are willing to come, maybe I can introduce Jaime to them, That would be a good things for his test to be a General.”


This should be running smoothly

Jaime stared at the follower of Jaime Witnesses who were immersing themselves studying the holy book in high spirit.

Without even using the Book of Karma, Jaime still had strong memory from his previous life, at that time, with a well-timed performance and the right holy book, people could be brainwashed easily by something called religion. They were even willing to die and cooperate for the sake of the organization. The income from building a religious organization was not that bad.

Jaime laughed.

In this place, I am the King. No, I am His holy messenger! No! I am the Son of God!

Jaime laughed even harder. He stood on the stage. “Now, I will show you the true power of the messenger of God.”

Three people were seen to helping a paralyzed man to bring him to the stage. In front of Jaime, the paralyzed man kneeled with his sad face.

“In the name of God and my power!” Jaime shouted very loud while tapping the shoulder of that paralyzed man. “I order thee to walk!”

The heart of that paralyzed man was shook, with great effort, he forced himself to stand. He cried in surprise and disbelief. “For forty two years, I have been paralyzed. Now I can finally stand!”

The follower of Jaime Witnesses who saw that thing had their faith strengthened and they believed in Jaime and his power even more. Furthermore, the paralyzed man was jumping and then running around fast, so fast.

Not long after a blind man was guided to the top of the stage and in that exact moment, with the power of Jaime his eyes could see again.

“Come with me!” Jaime walked down from the stage towards the exit of the Garden of Eden, followed by thousands of his followers. That event made whole citizens of the White Eagle City surprised, because they saw a crowd of mass split the crowded street, Jaime walked randomly and randomly pick a paralyzed man who was sitting in the middle of the street asking for money.

“Please stand, O’ you who had suffered for long!” Jaime shouted and that man suddenly stood in surprised. Everyone who saw that was also surprised.

The eyes of the Jaime witnesses were shining brightly.

Jaime then entered the dirtiest slump of the White Eagle City. There, he saw someone who was crying for the death of his wife and hugged her in sorrow.

“My child, what is happening?” Jaime asked him.

“My wife died because of the illness that she had for the last twenty years. I feel like I don’t want to live anymore after her death.”

Jaime sighed. “If only she met me before her death, her illness will be cured. But now everything has been too late.”

The man drowned in his sorrow. “My wife! I wish that you could hold for a little bit longer.”

“But because God’s power is so big that it flows through me, and because of His love to you, let me bring her back to live.” Jaime said lightly and walked towards the body.

Everyone who heard those words was surprised. Even more surprised when they saw Jaime touched the forehead of that body and few moment later, the women opened her eyes, she was resurrected.

“I…. I…” said the newly resurrected woman. “I had been called by the God of death; I was going to be punished by the soldiers of hell. But then a holy God came in the middle of hell, and said that I have to come back to live because a messenger of God named Jaime the holy had decided that I have to live again. Gods from above and below must obey his order.”

The newly resurrected women kneeled in and instant and kiss Jaime’s feet while cried happily. “Who are you sir, that you are so holy, even feared by the God of Death below and the Supereme Gods above?”

“ahhh…” Jaime patted her shoulder. “I am just an ordinary human. A meaningless existence, but God holds me high as He holds you dearest. Come to me, I will show you the way to see the truth of life. Become my witnesses.”

“I will follow you sire, because you are the most holy even among Gods.” The woman cried and some of the people also kneeled and cried.

“Listen. You are all my witnesses, you are Jaime witnesses. Look at the miracle that was brought by my hands and spread it out to every corner of the world. I, the messenger of God, will change this chaotic world!” Jaime channeled his power so he was able to float on the wind, and channeled his energy to make his body shining. “Come to me, those who had been troubled and suffered…!”

And bring your charity


In the corner of the White Lion Nation, some of the city leaders and Generals received some information all at once that made them frowned.

The first information came from the alliance of Prime Minister Ang saying that to avoid the White Eagle City in the next two months.

The second information came from General Liu Wen, the leader of the White Eagle City who gave invitation of the wedding of his daughter, Liu Wen, with Jaime. The time of the wedding is next month.

The third information came from the future General Jaime who invited them to attend the opening of the Garden of Eden. And what made their eyes opened wide was that there will be exhibition of rare items along with the grand opening of the Garden of Eden, and it would be held next month.

“Does the future General Jaime really have rare items as had been written on this invitation?” asked a city leader after reading the list of the items that would be exhibited. “1000 years old Yin Moon Flower, 1000 years old Sunflower, 15.000 years old Star King Grass, the one thousand season life prolonging pill, Sky Dragon Fruit that can only be picked from 20.000 years old Nine Dragon Tree….”

Every cultivator from the continent of Dragon and Phoenix had only heard the name of those legendary items from the ancient notes from their ancestor. For every item, each of their existence could shake the entire continent.

One of those items would ensure their power that was on the level of the General or Elder to be leveled up into Kings Level.

In the entire of Dragon and Phoenix continent, never once from a sect, faction or even a city leader who reached the level of the King of Realm. Aside from the lack of the knowledge of cultivation technique to reach the level of the King of realm, it was also die the medicine needed to support the cultivation leveling up.

Meanwhile, almost every city leader who received the invitation from Jaime was hesitant to accept the invitation from the future General or not. Because in the end noted was clearly written something that bothered them.

“For every person who attend my invitation will have a chance to get the exhibit items”

“Send our envoy to attend the opening of the Garden of Eden.” Most of the city gave this order from many different places. They realized entirely that they could not go to the White Eagle City to obey the order from Prime Minister Ang, but it would be fine if they just send their envoy. If the items that would be exhibited in the opening of the Garden of Eden were genuine, they would regret missing the chance.

They also had to make sure that their enemies would not get any of those items. If not, then the balance of power that had been existed this time would be broken.


Inside the office in the Garden of Eden, Guan Pu Yi went to saw Jaime who had restless expression on his face.

“General, I have sent the invitation to the corner of the nation as you have ordered.” Guan Pu Yi seemed hesitate before he encourage himself to ask. “Do we really have those rare items that we will show?”

“Jaime stared at Guan Pu Yi with surprise, “Do you think that I have the Doraemon’s magical bag that have everything inside it?”

“Pardon?” Guan Pu Yi didn’t understand the word of Doraemon

“Forget it!” Jaime said while waving his hand. “Of course I don’t have any of those items.”

“So, how are we going to take the responsibility? The city leaders will kill us if they knew that we have been deceiving them.”

“Haven’t I told you before,” Jamie made an evil grin. “We will make a lie to become truth.”


“And they will swallow it a whole!”1


Jaime smiled cunningly, “They will also have to pay to see those lies!”


  1. The raw is “makan mentah-mentah” it’s and idiom that if translated, it literary means “Eat it raw” but I don’t think it fits, so the closest would be like I wrote above.
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