CGA – Ch 83

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Chapter 83 – Jaime’s Witnesses

Plan is a human’s wish, and life or reality rarely moved as they have planned or wished. Therefore, it is time for men to learn to accept their fate and to accept the existence of God who has control over the fate of mankind.

The sooner for mankind to accept the bitter reality, the sooner they will be happy. Because the reality is very simple, the truth is that human don’t need to make any plan, human don’t need to do anything in this life; everything has been fated and decided.

Just like one has been destined to be a NEET.


Jaime stared at them from the top of the stage. “Therefore, every one of you who still don’t believe in God and me as his holy messenger, you may leave this place. Leave from the Garden of Eden without any punishment.”

“…” some slaves opened their eyes wide. “Really?”

“Listen well, people. Because io the grace of God that is so big for you,” Jaime made his voice shaking. “He even provided one hundred golden tales for each of you who refused to stay in this place.”

Jaime raised his hand and pointed at the exit gate from the Garden of Eden. “Every one of you, who leave from this place, can take the money from the handsome Khu! I pray that you will have a better life after taking a step outside this place.”

Every slave was stupefied. They didn’t understand what happened. Did they really be given freedom and even money? They stared at Jaime with confused look on their face and tried to accept the reality.

Jaime took a deep breath and said, “But, for anyone who would like to stay in this place, you will also become free. You can live to cultivate the land on this place without paying any tax. Yu can bring your brothers and sisters and if they are also being enslaved, I will pay them to free them. But I will say this one thing to those who want to stay, you are belong to God and I am His messenger!”

“For anyone who doesn’t want to stay in this place, I will not put any blame on you. But for those who stay, not only freedom awaits you, but also wealth and glory will become yours.”

“Because you are different, you are the chosen ones. Chose by the God Himself, and destined to be glorious!” Jaime raised his hand. “You are also destined to be warriors of god who will save our other brothers and sisters. Together we will conquer the whole continent and free the slaves. We will erase slavery from this world.”

“Free the slaves!” Jaime shouted loudly.

Suddenly from the line of the slaves everyone shouted in unity, “Free the slaves!” they are people who understand the sadness and suffering of being a slave the most.

“No more slavery!” Jaime shouted

“No more slavery!” They followed

“Free our brothers and sisters!”

“Free our brothers and sisters!” They shouted after Jaime. They passions were burning and their spirits were high.

“We are God’s chosen!” Jaime stood with dignity.

“We are God’s chosen!”

Jaime saw not one of them walked out to the exit gate. “Good. Because none of you decided to leave this place, God will certainly shows His grace His believers. Each of you will be given ten spiritual stones (1000 golden taels). You can use it to buy clothes, build houses or anything. You have been freed. This place is your home!”

Some of the slaves fell on their knees and cried. Some of them cried wailing shamelessly. Many of them made vow to be loyal to Jaime inside their hearts.

“And also, I will teach about God to you.” Jaime took his hand and showed a small book. “This is our holy book. Study it with all your heart, then you will know who God really is. You will know what human really is. Do what was written in this holy book in your daily life, and then you will be happy forever. When you died later, God will take you to the heaven that is far more beautiful. If you do not follow the God’s commandments inside this holy book, you will live a miserable live and when you die; you will be punished in the cruel places called hell!”

Jaime took out thousands holy book which has blue color from his dimensional storage ring. “Take it. One for each of you, this holy book has commandments from God which are directly given to me as His holy messenger. Those who disobey His words will die! And those who obey His words will live forever!”

At that moment, every slave, young and old, they received a book and ten spiritual stones. Some even kneeled when they received that holy book.

In front of a lot of people, Jaime also felt gazes both admiring and worshipping him. Suddenly, lots of transparent windows appeared.

[Labyrinth of heart detected]

[Labyrinth of heart detected]

[Labyrinth of heart detected]

In an instant, there were thousands of labyrinths of hearts that were detected. It seemed that many women slaves admired him; even madly fell in love with him.

NO!!!” Jaime quickly rejected all of them. I am not just an ordinary guy!

“Listen all of you; from this day onwards, I will call you as Jaime’s Witnesses!” Jaime showed his dignity. “in the future, you will be witnesses who spread to the whole corner of the universe about a holy messenger from God, Jaime. You will die to defend your faith. So that God will accept your soul in heaven!”


That night, every corner of the Garden of Eden filled with festivity and joy. Jaime held a big party for them to celebrate their freedom.

All freed slaves seemed filled with happiness; they were dancing, feasting, drinking, and singing to their heart content. Some were diligently read the holy book that was given by Jaime.

There are many interesting verse inside the holy book of Jaime’s witnesses.

In the beginning, God created heaven, earth, and drinks for happiness of many

Because the grace of God was so big, to be given to the slave, He hath sent Jaime, the only son of God, the He loved the most

There is only one God, El, and Jaime was his only messenger, and there is nobody else. If one cometh and plead himself the messenger of God, truly, they are false and deceitful

Truly, no one could reach salvation from God without pleading themselves to the only Holy Messenger of God, Jaime.

Jaime is everything for the mankind

Reading those verses, some of the slaves that now had become freemen unconsciously shed their tears.

“This Book is really filled with lesson of life.”

“Agree!” said the other.


Jaime locked himself inside his office. In the middle of that night, a man was standing in front the door of his office.

“Come in!” the shouting voice surprised the big man who was waiting hesitantly in front of the door. He hesitantly entered and saw Jaime who was facing the wall.

“I…” the man stuttered

“You don’t need to say anything.” Jaime said without turning around to face him. “Did you think that God didn’t know what is inside your heart?”

That man was silently holding his holy book on his hand. He had finished reading it earlier.

“I know that you want to leave from this place. Truly, you are the one that I wanted to be here the most. But I also know that I could not hold you in this place against your will.” Jaime sighed. “If I let you go now, then sooner or later we will meet again as enemy.”

That man was still silent. He came from Wu Empire and the chance that they would be enemy because the White Eagle City belonged to White Lion Kingdom is very big.

“On that table, there is a poisoned pill. If you swallow it, I will give you Golden Lion Hawk beast and a dimensional bag filled with you necessity.” Jaime snorted. “If you don’t want to swallow that pill, just consider that I never agreed with your leaving. And for how long can you survive from that poison before it kills you, it would depend entirely on your ability. If you die, Golden Lion Hawk Beast will bring your body back to this place.”

That big man was shocked. He wanted to see Jaime who had released him from slavery to ask him permission to leave this place, so that he would not be called as ungrateful person in the future. But, after hearing Jaime wanted to take his life with poisoned pill, that man drenched in cold sweat but his wish to leave was even bigger. Even though that pill was poisoned, he confident in his ability that he still could hold the poison for a time being until he reached his goal. The eyes of that man flashed.

Without hesitant, he moved towards the desk and swallowed the poisoned pill and took dimensional storage bag. Without even checking the content, he turned around and walked out from the office and in the yard; the Gold Lion Hawk Beast was waiting.

That man mounted the big bird and spurred it up to the dark sky, forcing that big bird to flew as fast as it could to the east.

“I need to find them” he said weakly

In the middle of the midnight wind, the big man’s body suddenly began to shake. He felt his blood boiling and its flow became wild.

“This poison is too great!” That man soon vomiting blood in quite amount. “He had no intention to release me from the beginning!”

I have to survive! I have to!

Suddenly, that man lost his consciousness and fell from the height into the jungle below.

From afar, Jaime let out a big sigh. Sometime, someone who would be an enemy must be eliminated as soon as possible before he became a big trouble later.


Nisa was sitting on the small boat. She stared at the vast blue sky and the sea that extend to the horizon. She did not know where she was heading because everything looked the same in the middle if this vast ocean.

Behind her, many of fishermen boats following her.

“What are you doing!” Nisa shouted at them with unhappy tone.

“We are following young Miss Nisa.” A fisherman answered while kneeling on the boat. “It has been the rule since ancient time in the Water Kingdom that the highest leader in the water kingdom is the water sorceress. Young Miss Nisa is a water sorceress ever since your mother had resigned from her position.”

“I already know that! But why do you keep following me?” Nisa shouted

“Please Young Miss Nisa, don’t be angry. We are the member of the Water Kingdom will go wherever water sorceress go. If water sorceress moves, the whole member of the kingdom will also move to follow.” Chief of village from the Water Kingdom who was standing in a big boat with hundreds of people said that.

“Yes, that is correct” added the other man

“We cannot lose the Water Sorceress, nor can we prohibit our leader from leaving!”

“If then!” Nisa shouted, “Tell me the direction to the continent of Dragon and Phoenix! We have been floating for five days in the middle of the ocean.”

A few of them lowered their heads and did not want to answer. They don’t want to leave the island of Water Kingdom that was located north from the continent of Dragon and Phoenix.

From behind the crowd, a mane suddenly raised his head. “I will come back to the land to take some fish that I dried earlier. I will be back this night to have dinner together.”

“Are you not afraid losing the Water Sorceress?”

That man swung his arms mockingly, “She uses a small boat that can only floating around on the waves. She has been circling the island of Water Kingdom in this past five days without going anywhere near the continent of Dragon and Phoenix. On a day and half, you will only be heading towards the north side of the island of the Water Kingdom.”

“Then, why are we here all along?” asked a man after seeing hundreds of big and small boats that filled with almost entire population of the Water Kingdom.

An old man was laughing. “Aren’t we holding some sort of festival celebration on the boats in this past few days?”

That night, like every other previous night, the boats were connected with wooden bridge, and people who are on the boats were seen holding a feast while laughing happily.

Nisa sat alone on her small boat seeing the lights and laughter from the other boats. Her tears began to flow. “Why does this life is so cruel, to place so many obstacles between me and my beloved! What are my sins so that I was so unlucky!”

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