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Chapter 82 – Messenger of God

It wasn’t my intention to be cruel or to do whatever I want to others

But life is hard, win then you become king, lose then you become slave. Stepping on or be stepped on, those are the only choices.

Therefore to become NEET is the most beautiful thing, you don’t have to step on or be stepped on. They are holy people who meditated inside their room to reach enlightenment.

Whey they were young, they were happy; when they grew old, they were drifted inside their dream world; when they died, heaven awaits them. (TN: what religion is that? Where do I sign up?)


Jaime was fully aware that no matter how well his plan was made, there was no way that the plan would go smoothly. Life isn’t a laboratory where everything could be predicted and arranged to get the desirable result.

A scheme that was made after thousands of hours planning could be ended up in failure just because one small thing didn’t go as planned. Therefore, geniuses understood, to always make another plan if the first plan failed. As for Jaime, he always made several plans for one problem and every plan could solve that problem individually and each of those back up plans also has their own back up plans to ensure that the plans still running smoothly in every condition

When life went towards different way, people made the best plan for themselves in accordance with the life that they were living, and the struggle kept go on even though it was God who determined the result.

“I am not a martial arts expert nor am I a sage with a lot of powerful ability.” Jaime tried to check himself out as preparation to face the big disaster in the future. “I don’t like learning martial arts, punching people or hurting people. What I learn well was escaping technique. What I like was locking myself inside my room!” Jaime laughed proudly.

“Therefore, it is given that I made all the preparation so that I don’t have to face those beasts.” Jaime stared at Guan Pu Yi who was spacing out. “Hei, it is time for you to send the invitations for those city leaders and generals. Stop spacing out!”

“Yes General!” Guan Pu Yi answered quickly. In the last few days, he always had good dreams. “General, will those city leaders come to our invitation? The Academy has sent message to them in secret to not come to our party, furthermore with the influence from the Prime Minister…”

“The will certainly come.” Jaime said confidently. Guan Pu Yi did not understand what made Jaime so sure of that. “Also, give this message to fatty Khu to come back to this place as soon as possible.”


Jaime suddenly smiled slyly and sent Guan Pu Yi to do some other things.

“Is that true?” Guan Pu Yi asked in surprised after he heard Jaime’s plan. “If everything is true, let alone one million demonic beasts, even ten million demonic beasts will…”

“If you need the truth, couldn’t we just make lies become truths?”

Guan Pu Yi suddenly grinned and glanced at Jaime. “We will be rich!”

Both of them were laughing with evil face


One week later.

“General. The fatty Khu has returned and is waiting in the western yard,” said one servant whom had been told to report when the fatty Khu returned.

Jaime opened the door and walked towards the western yard which was a very large yard and the closest to the entrance. Jaime saw the fatty Khu who was short and fat and has red face. When he saw what was behind the fatty Khu, Jaime was shocked.

Hundreds of young girls were lining up in order with the older girls.

“You dare to bring loli1?” Jaime asked angrily.

The fatty Khu quickly knelt. “I apologize, I already bought them then the merchants refused to accept them back.”

“Hmmm…” Jaime snorted. “You must replace them all with your female slaves.”

“I have sold all my female slaves three days ago. For now I don’t have any slave left.” The fatty Khu had already prepared everything before he dared to bring these lolis back to the Garden of Eden.

Jaime looked at those young girls whose eyes were staring at him innocently. “Dammit. Do you think this Garden of Eden is an orphanage to accommodate them!”


Three days later.

The bell was ringing inside the whole area of Garden of Eden. Every slaves in that place stopped whatever they were doing and stood in silence.

“Everyone without exception, quickly gather in the western yard!” the shouting from the supervisors was heard in the Garden of Eden. “General wanted you to gather, without any exception.”

An old man among the slaves dropped the hoe from his hand. His knees became week and finally he fell on his knee. “Finally, the time has come for us to be buried alive.”

Several slaves stopped and looked at the old man. “Your Majesty, what should we do now?”

That old man stared at several of his followers and sighed. “I am not your King anymore. I have become slave, just like all of you. Stop calling me Your Majesty.”

“My King!” someone insisted. “No matter what happened, you are still our King.”

“That’s right!” someone else added

“This General gathered every member of our tribe here. He must have a hidden agenda.” Another person added.

“Can’t you see your surrounding?” The old man who was called King sighed. Many years ago, he was once a king of a small tribe. His whole tribesmen were enslaved after losing a war. Now someone secretly gather almost all member of his tribe.

In another corner, some people also can be seen gathered and stared at a man in his fifty.

“General!” They called. “What are we going to do?”

The man in his fifty slowly gazed at his ex-soldiers and kept silence. Someone clearly had gathered his ex-soldiers in secret. It was just that the man had not found out the intention behind it. “We will see the circumstances first.”

Many of the slaves kept their own secrets and chose to follow the order. Regardless, each of them have been bound by contract. Not following order is just same as suicide.

In the large western yard, there is a big tall stage. Jaime had sat on that stage and saw the slaves that keep coming to gather there. One hour had passed; all slaves now had filled the yard. The total number of the slaves is 7.200 men.

“Who is the brat on that stage? A slave asked to the other.

“Is he our master?”

“No way that he is the master of the Garden of Eden!”

“From what I heard, the master of the Garden of Eden is an old fat man, his face covered with pimple and a lolicon.”

“I heard that he is very ugly!”

Jaime ‘s brows frowned hearing the whispers from the slaves and soon stood up before their talks strayed much farther. “I am Jaime, the master of the Garden of Eden! If you dare to talk something bad about me again, don’t blame me if I destroy your soul essences one by one!”

The face of the slaves became pale and no one dared to make any more sound.

“Okay, since this is the first time I meet with all of you guys, I will not blame you if you do not know my handsomeness and my kindness yet.” Jaime nodded in satisfaction. “The truth is I am a holy man who came down to this mortal world to save you. I am the messenger of God to bring salvation to you.”

Everyone stared at Jaime in silent. Nobody knew if he was serious with his words or not.

“The truth is, I once was a shepherd in a small meadow.” Jaime continued his story. “Then from the feet of the mountain where I herded my sheep suddenly a bush was set on fire. Then I was surprised when I heard sound from the bush. O’ Jaime…” (TN: what are you? Moses?)

Jaime face squeezed and he moved his hands in front of a lot of people. “At that time I was afraid, but that sound told me not to be afraid.”

“Who are you! I asked.”

“I am thy Lord, Your Allah! The One who created heaven and earth!”

“At that time, I knelt in fear.” Jaime made his voice shaking in fear. “The voice then continued. Thou art my child! Thou shalt be my messenger upon mankind! You shalt become savior upon them and bring them to glory. Thou wilt wipe their tears and suffering!”

“But then, I asked Him, who are those that you called as them?”

“Then the mysterious voice answered. ‘They are mine beloved children, my dearest children who are now crying and suffering in their slavery. Go now and free them from their cruel enslavement! Bring happiness and glory upon them! For their prayers hath been answered, and tell them that I, Their Lord, hath heard their prayers and tears!” (TN: spare me if there are mistakes in using the words, this is my first time using them)

The slaves stared with their eyes widened. They did not know a thing. Jaime had busy playing an act of a drama.

“In my lonely heavy journey. I did all that I could with both my small hands and feet. Crossing over the vast jungle; pierced by the harsh world that stabbed my chest. My skins were injured and my bones were cracking. But I never gave up, not even once, in my holy quest that has been beseeched upon me by God to find you!” Jaime tears were flowing so beautifully. His body was glowing. “But now, after I have found all of you, I will give God’s message to you.”

Jaime took out heavenly contract stone and released 7.200 soul essences that are now flying in front of the slaves. “This is God’s message to you whom had been enslaved for too long. Accept the blessing from god, and remember, you Lord will hear your prayers and your tears!”

“God really exist?” A slave asked while his was body shaking.

Jaime stood as if he was a holy man, “God exist and He has sent me to save you!”

“Does He hear my sadness?” Asked the other

“Yes, He heard you and sent me to save you from slavery. He even sent me to build this Garden of Eden as a place for you! This is the Promised Land that He has promised you!”

More people surprised and shed their tears.

“Really? Does this mean I have been freed?” Another man asked.

“Listen everyone! Now you are freemen. Allah always fulfills His promised!” Jaime knelt and cried. “But I am only just a sinner. God has sent me to save you, you brothers, your tribes. I have tried everything that I could, even my hands were bleeding and my bones were broken. Saving the persecuted little girls, suffered man. But there are still many of you that I could save. I am just a lowly man who is full of weakness; I apologize to you for my powerlessness. I have wronged you.”

More people cried. Even some men shed their tears filled with emotions.

“This place is your Promised Land. I have tried to build it as best as I could, but I tell you, that there are more of His promises. He promised to lead you to happiness and glory!” Jaime stood so might. “God has promised me to made me The Mighty King on this continent. God even promised me to be King of the Three Realms.”

Jaime showed his King level aura to add to his dignity and said to all of them. “When the entire world and realms bow before me, you will all be with me. That is God’s beautiful promise in time. Those who believe me, say AMEN!”

“AMEN!!!!” many people shouted at once. Some of them even repeated it many times while crying.

Jaime smiled slyly.

The first step in brainwashing has been successful! The will become fearless warrior, the crusaders and now, it is time for the second step…

“But!” Jaime shouted loudly again. “There are still among you who do not believe in god even after all of this. After what He did to you, and so….”


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