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Ummmm~ good news guys… I’ve just received a message from the editor and he said the author’s blog has back online, so here, the next chapter of Conquer God, Asura and 1000 Beauties… Enjoy Jaime’s savagery… :p

Chapter 81 – Selling Liu Jie

If Heaven would not open its door to bless fortune upon you then just move your hands and legs, climb the sky so you can shake the Heaven’s door and forced it open its door of fortune.

Because a man could change his destiny! He turned a misfortune into a fortune and fortune into even a bigger one.

And hope that sweet dream would accompany you in your difficult journey, because in reality, man just a speck of sand within the desert. What one grain of sand could do but to accept its fate?


Liu Jie was frightened when she saw Jaime ferociously pushed her into the bed. She regretted herself who went and attack bandit camp1 and ended up in the hand of the savage bandit king.

“don’t… please don’t violate me!” Liu Jie shouted in fear.

Jaime made a terrifying smile. “I have brought you Yin Pulse Pills from far away and gave you Yin Heart Cultivation technique, but you treated me like that? Don’t blame me if the confused and miserable me direct my lust on you.”

“No… Don’t… I will tell my father if you do it.” Tears were hanging on the corner of Lui Jie’s eyes.

“You can tell my doing to your father. I think your father will gladly grant my wish to hasten our wedding!”

Jaime quickly caught Liu Jie’s hand. Jaime was on the much higher level compared to Liu Jie. When Jaime caught her hand, Liu Jie’s whole body became languid.

Jaime’s index finger filled with energy and pointed on Liu Jie’s pulse near her chest. An unbearable pain soon attacked Liu Jie and her cry shrilling high. Without even pausing, Jaime kept pushing some pulse point while complaining.

“You learned Yin pulse, but still there are a lot of blockages in your pulse points. Were you serious in learning Yin Heart Technique or just playing around? You really made me mad.” Jaime kept pressing another blocked pulse points. Every pressure gave unimaginable pain to Liu Jie.

But Liu Jie’s cries decreased when the now-opened pulse channeled soft and calming energy within her body. Liu Jie was screaming in pleasure unconsciously when her pulse was opened one by one.

Jaime watched Liu Jie that lying weakly on the bed with satisfaction. Her clothes were messy and her skin reddened. Sweat made her hair wet and her eyes filled with happiness. Her pink lips looked so beautiful. That beautiful girl looked weak but she also looked satisfied.

“Good, I have given you a pleasure, now it’s your time to pay me.” Jaime pulled out a piece of paper and wrote some sentences on it and left it beside Liu Jie. “You have to do what it is written on it if you still want more pleasure from me!”

With victorious smile, Jaime left the room, leaving Liu Jie who stared at that paper weakly and with tears flowing from her eyes.

She realize one thing that Jaime has just opened a forbidden door for her, and she definitely would not be able to resist her lust to walk through the door which has just been broken.


On the next day, Guan Pu Yi house in the Garden of Eden was knocked.

Guan Pu Yi who was still mad refused to open the door. His face and neck became blue and no matter how many times he tried to wash it, the blue color would not disappear. The blue color had seeped into his skin and released unpleasant smell.

“Brother Guan Pu Yi,” said a beautiful voice from behind the door. “It’s me Liu Jie, I apologize for what I did yesterday.”


“Brother Guan Pu Yi, I bring someone who can heal demonic beast ink. Her family is medicines experts. With her treatment every day, you can clean that blue color in just two weeks.”

Guan Pu Yi still did not want to answer.

“Brother Guan Pu Yi, Jaime said that if you opened the door and see the treatment I offered, you would not regret it. But if you refused to open the door and we’re gone. Jaime was certain that you will take your own life do to heavy regret.”

Those words tickled Guan Pu Yi’s curiosity. His eyes stared at the door with calculation.

“Brother Guan Pu Yi, Jaime said that if you opened the door, he would fulfill his promised on this very day.”

Without hesitant, Guan Pu Yi walked to the door and opened it. He has been waiting for far too long for Jaime to fulfill his promise, to unite him with the women of his dream. He has been enslaved by so many tasks, but when the door was opened, Guan Pu Yi knew, his life would never be the same.

“Brother Guan Pu Yi.,” Liu Jie said while bowing giving her respect. “This is my best friend Dong Xiang.” Beside Liu Jie was a plump woman. “Dong Xiang is the one who helped me to make the demonic beast ink. Because of that mistake, I force her to treat you.”

Guan Pu yi stared at Don Xiang with his weak and seemed to has lost its passion.

“Dong Xiang,” Liu Jie said to her best friend. “You see that his face and neck are covered with ink, are you sure that you can return to them to normal in two weeks?”

Dong Xiang stared at Guan Pu Yi’s face and smiled widely. “I am here now, you don’t need to worry. Every morning, day, and night, I will put my family’s secret medicine on you. In two or three weeks, not only the ink will disappear, but you face will be more handsome than before.”

Guan Pu Yi nodded without saying a word.

Dong Xiang patted Guan Pu Yi’s shoulder. “You seemed to be a quiet type, let me speak for you too. Let us begin the treatment process; I will visit this place every day to meet you. Don’t worry, I don’t mind it, this place is really beautiful, do you mind to give me a tour around this place?”

Guan Pu Yi nodded again.

“I leave him in your hand,” Liu Jie said to Dong Xiang.

“Don’t you worry!” Dong Xiang pulled Guan Pu Yi into his room and took out some her family’s secret ointment bottles. “I will wash your face first before out this ointment.”

Guan Pu Yi stared at Dong Xiang and smiled slowly blooming on his face. He felt as if it was a dream. The girl that he has longed for now stands in front of him, and she even touches his face softly. Even one million demonic beasts attacked and destroy the Garden of Eden; he still would not come out. Because he was sure when he was alone with Dong Xiang who was always happy and never close her mouth, this place had become perpetual. No one could destroy their love.

You have brought heaven and happiness that calmed my heart.


Liu Jie with her face reddened knock on the Jaime’s office. Her face reddened because she decided to do something against the moral code.

“Come in!” Jaime shouted from inside the room.

Liu Jie entered slowly and shut the door, even lock the door of the office.

“Have you done your task?” Jaime asked a short question.

Liu Jie just nodded and kept silent, her face reddened and her body was shaking, made Jaime difficult to control himself, he stood and jumped towards Liu Jie.

Liu Jie saw Jaime’s savage face suddenly bit her lower lops and her eyes shone. Jaime’s hands roughly pressed some of the blocked pulse points, thus made Liu Jie screamed in pain. Jaime kept pressing other parts ferociously and made Liu Jie hard to breathe and kept screaming.

An Lie and Kuang Li who watched from outside the office were surprised.

“What does our husband do inside the room?” it seems that he is torturing a woman!”

“That scream, it sounds like she is in a lot of pain.”

Kuang li saw a gardener and called him. “Hei, do you recognize the woman who just entered General’s office?”

That gardener was just a slave he kneeled and added. “I don’t know who that woman is, ma’am, but she also came yesterday and General also tortured her at that time. Made her screaming in pain like that… and then…”

“And then, what?”

That gardener was silent for a moment and saw An Tie and Kuang Li with his reddened face. “After that, then the scream change into another one…”

What kind of screaming?” An Tie asked out of curiousity.

“That kind…”

From inside the Jaime’s office soon heard screaming full of pleasure and lust.

An Tie and Kuang Li who were still shocked then asked again. “what is General doing to make that woman let out a lustful voice?”

That garderner saw them both, his lips seemed to want to say something, but he chose to keep his head down. “I am sorry Madams. I don’t know what General does to that woman.” And soon he chose to run away from that place, away from the source of trouble.


Jaime watched Liu Jie’s body that fell weakly on the floor, drenched in sweat, her skin reddened and her breathing was heavy. Some of her clothes scattered around and showed her curve that is white and beautiful.

Liu Jie’s face was shining filled with satisfaction.

Jaime took out a piece of paper and wrote something, then threw it towards Liu Jie.

“Do that, then I will give you another pleasure that you want.”

With quite an effort Liu Jie read the writing on the paper and her tears flowing unconsciously.

“You, You! My father loves you very much, but you dare to sell me to another man.” Liu Jie’s body was shaking. “Not one, but many! Why do you want to sell my body? I am your future wife!”

“Hmmm!” Jaime snorted angrily and pressed another part of Liu Jie’s body and made her screaming again. “Tell me if you don’t like it! Don’t you feel pleasure when people see you with savage eyes as if they want to tear you apart?”

“No!” Liu Jie answered quickly. “Have you gone mad! I don’t like any of it, I just… I just.. like you.”

“Hmmm… if you love me, then you have to follow my word.”

“I… I…” Liu Jie stuttered, she tried to hold her breath. After she went through moral fight inside her heart, she said, “Fine… I will do it for you.”


“Will you still do this to me?” Liu Jie’s eyes stared at Jaime lustfully.

“If you follow my order and let me sell you to many people.” Jaime made an evil smile. “I will give you pleasure every day. No, every time we meet.”

Liu Jie’s body was shaking greatly when she was thinking about that. Even another part of her body became wet and she licked her lips unconsciously. “Okay, I will let you sell my body.”

Jaime was smiling full of satisfaction and pressed Liu Ji’s abdomen, made her cower in pain. Then he went out from his office satisfied and laughing. His whole big plan will soon be started, and Liu Jie, his last pawn in his big plan, has become obedient.

With the Book of Karma, Jaime could see that Liu Jie had mental disorder. She got pleasure from pain and even addicted to it.

“One million demonic beast! Even ten million of them, I am not afraid!” Jaime did akimbo and watched as the sun set. “I will make it the biggest attraction in the universe. I will take Golden Tael from every people as a ticket to watch the big massacre of the daemonic beast and become rich! Even in the most difficult time I will double my wealth!”

“You want to destroy King of the Three Realm! You will regret it!” Jaime laughed again. “You will regret and have no a single penny left in your pocket!”



  1. It’s an idiom in Indonesia, the closest in English, I think, is “to enter a lion’s den”
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