CGA – Ch 80

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Ummm~ as promised, this is your weekly chapter, I made a double release because I was behind the schedule anyway… :p

Please enjoy… and be gentle….

Chapter 80

Liu Jie

Living this life is just like sailing alone in the middle of the vast ocean. Sometime the oncoming wave is so huge that made our body shudder in fear. Another time, the ocean was so calm and the fish were swimming around the boats, we could catch them even with our bare hands. Sometimes stormy waves were like toying with our boats and our fragile bodies, throwing us here and there, hoping for the faint light of life among the surrounding certain death.

Only by surviving, we would know whether happiness was still waiting for us or not. The key is to be patient to face everything.

With great patience, we can happily raiding the waves with our small boats in the middle of the storm with smile on our face.


The city lord, General Liu Wen stared at two Generals in front of him, General Guan and General Song. Both of them staring back at General Liu Wen with doubtful gaze. The three of them were inside the office of General Liu.

“General Liu, this information is coming from a little brat. We cannot just trust this information without any evidence.” General Guan spoke his opinion.

“True, one million demonic beasts is a huge number, in the history of this continent there was no mentioning about a city was ever attacked by that number of demonic beasts.” General Song said in agreement.

General Liu was seemed offended and giving the cold gaze, “So, do you think my son-in-law lied to me?”

The two generals who received the cold gaze covered in cold sweat. They have received news that General Liu was spoiling his son-in-law, but never expected that it was to this extend.

“It was never our intention to doubt it.” The two generals quickly apologized.

General Liu sighed, “You have known me for long enough, but you never understood me. My eyes were never wrong to judge someone, especially my son-in-law. He has something extraordinary and his future is far greater that our wildest dream. This continent is too small for him.”

Both generalz didn’t say a single word, only doubt was shown on their faces.

“I wouldn’t blame you.” General Liu threw two dimensional storages bags to his generals. “Inside those bags, each is filled with one million spiritual stones. My son-in-law gave them to you so you can arm your troops and recruit new soldiers as preparation against the invasion of demonic beast in two months.”

General Song and General Guan stared at each other, two million spiritual stones wasn’t a small amount, even for them. By giving that money to them easily has shown someone’s financial strength. Both Generals seemed to never expect that General Liu’s son-in-law has that kind of financial strength, and perhaps they even didn’t fully understand General Liu’s son-in-law.

“If you didn’t believe it, that’s your rights not to. But, as your commander, I order you to increase the number of soldiers and weapons. Tighten the security on the city walls as the preparation against the demonic beast invasion in the next two months.” General Wen decisively used his power to press his generals. “if within two months we received no invasion then, take that money as compensation for having a military drill.”

“Yes, Commander.” The two of them said simultaneously, did not dare to refuse the order given. Furthermore, it is not a bad thing for them to receive two million spiritual stones to strengthen their military force.

Soon after the two generals left the place, General Liu Wen decided to see his wife and daughter. “If this city is destroyed in the next two months, Jiang Family and Liu Family must be united. I need to hold my daughter’s marriage as soon as possible.”


Jaime sat down inside his office and frowned. His wish to escape the city was great and even more as the day passed by. As a scientist, for him, life is an important thing, not glory nor everything else.

The only reason that made him stay is General Liu Wen, the city lord. That old man seemed so sure to stay inside the city no matter what happens.

“I cannot just let things be!” Jaime stared at his big desk. He was thinking since yesterday to find a solution to this problem. “White Eagle City has around one million and five hundred thousand people living inside it, but those who has cultivation and ability to fight the big invasion of the demonic beasts only numbered around 70.000 people, and perhaps only 50.000 of them who are really ready to fight.”


Two days ago

“Father-in-law, in the last long journey, your son has made a little fortune.” Jaime took out a dimensional storage ring. “Due to father-in-law’s kindness that has lend me four million spiritual stones, allow me to return eight million spiritual stones as the interest.”

General Wu was surprised and looked at Jaime.

“And because father-in-law has decided to stay and defend this city, I will give four million spiritual stones to the two generals, General Guan and General Song, so they have funds to increase the security of the city walls.”

“My son-in-law.” General Liu quickly refused. “I gave them to you with sincerity, please, don’t do this to me.”

“Father-in-law, please accept this money to defend this city.” Jaime bowed to give respect, “My Father was also wanted to defend this city, so I, as his son cannot stand idle and see this city become ruins. In critical times like this, we must think about people’s lives.”

The City Lord knew that if he wanted to strengthen the city defense, he needed a lot of money. In his silence, he took everything and stared at Jaime. “You have made your father proud. And you also made me proud, very proud.”

You damn senile old man, it is useless to defend this city. We should’ve ran away. The further we ran the better.


Jaime’s fingers were tapping the table. General Guan and General Song reported that they each have 5.000 soldiers. But in reality their soldiers are more than what they reported. General Guan had 8.000 soldiers and General Song had 7.900 soldiers.

With the additional funds they received from Jaime, both General can at least provide 10.000-15.000 soldiers to defend the city. Meanwhile the city lords had 10.000 for now and with the additional funds, he could increase the number into 20.000 soldiers.

With the 40.000-50.000 soldiers, to fight against one million demonic beasts is suicidal. The gap within the number is too big around 1:20.

“I need to increase my own soldiers.” Jaime was tapping his fingers again. Right now, his slaves in the Garden of Eden are numbered 5.430. From that number, those who can fight are around 3.500 people. The rest are common people who were bought cheap to bind another slaves or to do small various menial jobs like cleaning the garden and others.

“I need to increase the number of slaves and…” suddenly Jaime’s head fell on the desk, “It’s no use… everything is useless… I don’t want to waste my money.”

With Jaime’s great financial strength, he probably would able to buy hundreds of thousands slaves, but his money would be wasted to buy them, feed them, etc. above everything else; there is no assurance that those slaves would be able to fight one million demonic beasts.

Jaime fell deep in his thoughts for hours when suddenly a voice heard beside him.

“I’m sorry, are you Jaime?”

A soft and interesting voice made Jaime awake from his deep thoughts. Jaime looked at where the voice was coming from and found a very lovely girl. Her beauty made Jaime’s heart beating so fast.

The white girl is even whiter than the snow. Her skin was pale and glowing. Her big round eyes paired with beautiful long brows. Her long hair was simply tied without any ornaments but it looked so beautiful. Her small pink lips made anyone who saw it would want to kiss it. And her nose was like a beautiful ivory among her beauty.

Jaime used the Book of Karma unconsciously to read the information of that girl and suddenly his face turned pale. Quickly he stood from his chair and bowed so low and said in apologize.

“I am only a servant of General Jaime. He asked me to clean up his office, but instead I fell asleep on his desk.” Jaime cried, “Please, don’t tell my master. He will cut my head. I fell asleep because my master forced me to clean his entire garden all night long just because I dropped his chop stick.”

That girl saw her surrounding and sighed, “It’s okay. I will not tell anything about you to him. Can you tell me where can I find Jaime?”

“Sure… Sure…” Jaime said in high spirit as if he has just received a jail free card. “I will take Young Miss to him. He should be in the reading room by now. Let me take Young Miss there.” Jaime quickly stood and opened the door to let the girl to follow him.

That beautiful girl seemed hesitant for a moment, and tightened her grip; she nodded and decided to follow Jaime. The two of them walked towards the reading room. Without hesitation Jaime knocked on the door politely.

“Master, there is an important guest who wants to meet you!”

Guan Pu Yi who was inside the room thinking for a moment. He recognized the voice was Jaime’s and there was no way that he would call him master. And then the important guest… Guan Pu Yi decided to look at the circumstance first, because there must be another meaning behind Jaime’s actions.

When the door was opened, Guan Pu Yi was astounded by the beauty of the girl before his eyes. Jaime quickly added, “Master Jaime, This Young Miss is looking for you.”

“Are you Jaime?” the girl asked with her eyes shining with hope.

Guan Pu Yi took a glance at Jaime for a second, and because a sharp gaze that he received, he hopelessly answered, “That’s right, I’m Jaime, and do you have something with me?”

The girl’s eyes shining even brighter. Jaime quickly took two steps back and suddenly the girl lifted her hand and threw a small thin bag filled with liquid towards Guan Pu Yi’s face.

Because everything happened in an instant and since that the girl was quite highly skilled, Guan Pu Yi couldn’t avoid the attack and got hit right away. The bag was filled with stinky dark blue liquid was opened when it landed on his face and covered his entire face.

Guan Pu Yi was surprised when he saw Jaime laughing very hard, he realized that the liquid wasn’t poisonous and it probably just a prank.

The girl in front of him lowered her head, “I apologize because I have to do this.” The girl looked at Guan Pu Yi and said, “My name Is Liu Jie, the only daughter of the city lord. My father, Liu Wen, suddenly decided to marry me to you. As a good daughter, I don’t have any intention to refuse my father. It is not that I don’t like you, but I am still 15 years old, and I don’t have any plan to marry so soon.”

That girl started to stutter. “I… I was afraid that you will accept our marriage. And because of that, I decided to sneak to this place alone and threw that blue liquid to you. It was not a dangerous substance. It was made from rare demonic ink. That liquid will stick to your skin for three months and release a very unpleasant smell. I hope with this we will not marry anytime soon…”

Guan Pu Yi realized that Jaime knew about this made him a decoy. He looked at Jaime angrily.

“Just relax, believe me, you will receive a great gift from this event.” Jaime was laughing and then he stared at Liu Jie. “Young Miss, do you know that General Liu Wen really loves Jaime? Are you not afraid that Jaime will report this to your father?”

Liu Jie was surprised. Her sole intention was to cancel the wedding by any means necessary. She didn’t think about what would happen after. Her fear to the wedding was bigger than anything else.

“Don’t you, Young Miss, know that Jaime is currently undergoing a test to become a general? He needs to meet a lot of city lords to find support. How could he meet with those important people if his face became blue? Won’t General Liu be furious if he find out?”

Liu Jie’s beautiful face was turning pale in fright and it awakened Jaime’s wild instinct to prey upon the little girl. Her face was frightened helplessly.

A delicious meal….

“How can Young Miss pay for everything?” Jaime was smiling like a predator towards Liu Jie.

“Who… Who are you?” Liu Jie asked

“He is the real Jaime.” Added Guan Pu Yi with annoyed. “I am Guan Pu Yi, his advisor.”

Liu Jie’s face turned paler, suddenly her body has made 180 degree turn to run away, but Jaime has grabbed her body before she could run.

“What… What are you doing?” Liu Jie was really scared because Jaime grabbed her tightly and made her not able to escape from there.

“Of course to force you to pay for what you did. Jaime was grinning and dragged her into a room while slamming the door to close it. “The wedding that you wanted to delayed now it has to be quicken, this time, I will taste your body!”

Inside the locked room was heard a screaming of fear, changed into the screaming of pain and cries, and then it finally turned into screaming of pleasure with a heavy breath accompanying it.

When Jaime got out from the room, his face showed great pleasure and seemed to be filled with energy. While Liu Jie was lying on the bed with her body exhausted. Her tears flowing, “He touched me so wildly. Hiks… hiks… this… this was my first time.”

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  1. Jaime was like a 100+ year old man before he was turned back to a young body. Smh people freaking out about this. Anyways, what I’m more shocked about is the rape, jeez. Talk about shocker. Didn’t think Jaime rolled like that.

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