CGA – Ch 79

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Conquer God, Asura, and 1000 Beauties – Chapter 79


Garden of Eden

When you became rich or poor, you must remain calm, so that you wouldn’t make a heavy expectation and be disappointed. So, you would not be deceived by the world.

When your lovers come and go one after another, you must remain on you principle and keep moving on, only by then you could make descendants.

The art to survive was to never give up and be patient in any kind of situation. Because happiness and wealth, they surely would come…

Later in the Garden of Eden…


Garden of Eden, it’s a place that its beauty would not lose compared to any other palaces. The people of White Eagle City would not stop talking about that place every day.

“It was a cursed placed owned by General Kuang, now it has become a palace.” Someone was talking to his friend.

“Didn’t you know that before White Lion Kingdom conquered this place, this whole territory belonged to White Cloud Kingdom? And General Kuang’s place was the center of the White Cloud Kingdom.”

“I saw hundreds even thousands of slaves sent to build the place. How could that place accommodate all of them?”

“You didn’t know?” A big man said to his partner inside a restaurant. “That place belonged to General Kuang, at the rear, place was connected to Marching Cloud Mountains, and when the General was still in charge, he had 50.000 armies stationed there without any trouble.”

Suddenly a hunter joined the conversation and added, “I once tried to hunt on that mountain. There was a thick jungle there, but now there’s only flat land for farming and breeding livestock.”

“According to the rumors, the owner of that place is a general in training.”

“That’s right!” someone added. “Wasn’t he the City’s Lord Son-in-law?”

“I heard that the owner of Garden of Eden is a lolicon, he bought under-age girls slaves.”

“I heard the same too.”

“A lolicon?” suddenly a 17-years old girl got angry. “So, the reason why he rejected me was because he really is a lolicon.”


A little girl stared at the vast sea from the edge of the beach, writing a letter while crying.

Father, I left this letter because you didn’t approve our relationship. Do not look for me. I will not be young forever, I was afraid that by the time you meet my husband, I will be too old for him.”

“Time will not wait for anyone; I need to meet him now that I am still a loli. Please, do not let our love sunk.”

Your unlucky daughter, Nie Sa.”

Nie sa, the water Witch, who was still 9 years old was pushing a boat into the water and hopped into it. Her eyes shone and her resolve was firm.

“My dear husband, I will be coming soon.” She decided to go out from the small island to the Dragon and Phoenix Continent, crossing the vast ocean with her small boat.


In the Garden of Eden, slaves were still working hard to either dig up and repair building that was buried by the landslide or to build new buildings. Everyday new slaves were sent here.

It was common that the slaves here found their brothers or sisters among the newly sent slaves.

“Brother Loux!” a slaves shouted and left the thing that he was doing and ran towards newly sent slaves.

“Elder Brother Biox!” a man among the newly sent slaves shouted in surprised when he found his elder brother.

“How could you come here?” Biox asked in surprised.

“I don’t know… after our tribe was destroyed I was made slave, I was brought to the south, but it seems that someone bought me specifically. I found some of our tribesmen in my journey here. Elder Brother, what is going on?”

Biox’s eyes were shining and he whispered, “It seems that someone was secretly gathering all members of our tribe here.”

“No!!! No!!!” a loud crying was heard from an old man. His crying made everyone turned their gaze to him. “I knew it. Since they feed me with meat and delicious meals, I knew this will happen. Now they send my brothers, wife, and children too. They will soon bury our family alive to be the foundation for the buildings.”

That man crying hysterically while hugging his wife and children. In that moment, all slaves felt great anxious within their heart.


Guan Pu Yi received the word of Jaime’s arrival and soon greeted him enthusiastically. He saw Jaime descending from the sky riding a golden lion eagle.

“I’m sorry; It took me longer than I expected to conquer Huo Clan.” Jaime said when he met Guan Pu Yi in front of his residence. An Tie and Kuang Li Yin were descending from the sky together. “I’ve seen it from the sky; it seems that Garden of Eden is 90 percent finished.”

“It’s true and thanks God that you have returned, our treasury is empty and I was forced to borrow from my siblings to cover our finance.” Guan Pu Yi said tiredly.

“We will pay the debts.” Jaime was smiling and threw a dimensional storage ring.

Guan Pu Yi caught that ring and channeled his spiritual energy to see inside the ring. He was surprised and couldn’t say anything. Inside the ring, he found 20 million spiritual rings. It was an extraordinary large quantity even from him who hailed from a rich family.

“Master!” a guard dressed in blue was running in hurry towards Guan Pu Yi.

“What happen?” asked Guan Pu Yi who just came back to reality.

“Reporting. There’s a young woman standing in front of the gate asking permission to meet General Jaime. She said that she has a very important business and refused to leave before she meet with General Jaime.” That guard said giving his report.

Guan Pu Yi frowned.

“Did she mention her name?” Jaime asked.

“She said her name is An Li the Wooden Witch.”

“Is she an old grandma who look like that she is going to die anytime soon?”

“No, she is a beautiful woman.”

“Hmmm…” Jaime was thinking for a moment. “Bring her in.”

The guard quickly left and came back with a woman.

“Respect to the King of the Three Realms, I am An Li the Wooden Witch from the Earth Kingdom.” The woman named An Li knelt down and didn’t dare to lift her head.

Jaime saw An Li and he was enchanted by her beauty. She had a long wavy hair with brownish color just like the wood. Her golden brown eyes, her sharp chin, and her small nose, also her long beautiful eyelash made her face looked fascinating, beautiful and childish. Her healthy light brown complexion, her perfectly curved chest and hip would make anyone drooled if they saw her.

“Are you the same Wooden Witch? Where is your wrinkled old face?”

An Li quickly answered, “Thanks to Your Majesty who has revived three great formation of earth, wood, and water. The whole Wooden Clan now can easily connect to the energy from the nature so that the wrinkled old face that caused by the lack of energy that we endured before was healed.”

“Hmmm… So, what is your intention to come here from far away?” Jaime saw the enchanting beauty and he was really tempted to tease her. “Did you come here because you miss this handsome and kind hearted young man?”

An Li suddenly looked at Jaime in the eyes.

[Labyrinth of heart detected, would you like to enter it?]

“No!” Jaime refused in an instant. He would not dare to think what is inside that heart. He could be trapped forever in it.

“What do you want to say?” Jaime said to switch the topic.

“Your Majes…”

“Just call me Jaime”

“Ja… Jai…” An Li’s face was redden and she cannot call that name. “Master!”

“Well, suit yourself…”

“Master, I received guidance from the Tree of Life…”

“The big tree that is growing rapidly? Wasn’t it a sacred tree of Wooden Clan that is rumored to be million or billion years old?”

“Yes, Master.”

“What is this guidance that you received from it?”

“Two months from now, this White Eagle city will be attacked by hundred thousands of demonic beasts (beasts that that had been mutated from the evil aura of demons or asuras). The whole city will be razed to the ground and master will die defending the city.” An Li stared at Jaime firmly.

“I… I didn’t know that.” Jaime was surprised. Even with the Book of Karma that he owned, he didn’t know that plan.

“Master, you couldn’t know what you just don’t know.” An Li quickly added, “We, witches, can see that others cannot.”

Jaime stood in silence, the reason he won battle with Huo Clan was because he knew the existence of Ifrit. It was because he saw the anomaly inside the blood of the Huo Clan traitors and investigated it.

Now, after he received news about the invasion of demonic beast, Jaime still could not find where the horde of those demonic beasts was located. Unless he knew the puppeteer behind this or a name to investigated, the Book of Karma couldn’t show its power. In short, the Book of Karma needed a string of fate to be activated, at least a name. Jaime tried to find where the horde was located once again in vain.

“If what you just said is true, we need to prepare from now.”

“Yes, Master.” An Li said, “We need to escape from here.”

“Exactly!” Jaime said.



“What is the current situation with the demonic beasts?” the principal of White Lion Academy asked his men.

“There are four groups of demonic beasts that had been successfully baited to attack the White Eagle City, each of them were numbered of three hundred thousand demonic beasts. When they are gathered together, there will be around one million demonic beasts that are ready to lay the city to waste.”

“Good… Very good.”



The lord of the city, General Liu, stared at Jaime’s pale face and said, “My son-in-law, I believe your words, alas, I am the lord of this city, and I will not abandon this place. I will risk my live and die together with this city to face the invasion of the demonic beasts.”

“But, father-in-law!” Jaime told General Liu about the invasion due to the kindness the city lord had shown to him.

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