CGA – Ch 77

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Ummm.. sorry, it’s kinda late, various things happened IRL, but here is first weekly chapter… enjoy ^ ^

Conquer God, Asura, and 1000 Beauties – Chapter 77

Big Heist

To live in this world, we need arts. Arts make a miserable life turn happy, arts make a poor life became rich, even make living in the hell look a like heaven.

It was not always about money and a vast amount of wealth, but it was always about they way you’re thinking and wisdom. To deceive one’s self…


“Well, the continuation is…” suddenly a voice from nowhere said. “Let me tell you about it.”

“Elder Huo!” the teacher who was teaching the children suddenly rose up and gave respect to Huo Bo Xiang.

“Please, sit down…” Hui Bo Xiang said and started to stare at the blue sky.


The third day at the refuge camp outside Huo territory.

Huo Bo Xiang together with the remaining Elders of Huo Clan made small groups who were guarding the border of the Huo Clan territory. The purpose is to keep people in and prevent them from stealing and doing other bad deeds.

“Elder Huo!” one of the Elders saw him in hurry and he was worried. “We have people of Double Moon Sect coming; they’re about five thousands in number!”

Huo Bo Xiang frowned. The relation between Huo Clan and Double Moon Sect couldn’t be called warm. Few months ago, Huo Clan ordered out their disciples to kill everyone from Double Moon Sect and they found out. Now, if Double Moon Sect chooses to attack them, there is a big chance that Huo Clan will be gone forever into the pages of history.

“Calm down, I will see them.” Huo Bo Xiang decided to find out what they were coming for. If their purpose was to take Huo Clan’s territory… He didn’t even dare to think about it.

Walking trough the crowd of refugees who were held for three days, Huo Bo Xiang found people from Double Moon Sect already lined up in order on the vast grassland.

“Elder Meng” Huo Bo Xiang walked towards Elder Meng who was standing in front of the line. “What can I do for you? What is your reason for bringing so many people?”

Elder Meng’s face was full of worry. “Elder Huo, please let us enter to the Huo Clan’s territory, our purpose is just to make sure the safety of our Great Leader. We don’t have any bad intention.”

An Elder who was standing beside Huo Bo Xiang suddenly shouted. “Do you think Huo Clan’s territory is your playground, Huh? That you can enter whenever you wish? Dogs like you are not allowed to be here!”

“I beg you not to make things difficult.” Elder Meng stared at him in anger.

“Not a Chance!” said that elder.

“Double Moon Sect!” Elder Meng released his elder level of soul essence and shouted in the thunderous voce. “Draw your weapons! Today we will open a path to help our Great Leader! Anyone who stands in our way will be KILLED!!!”

The entire disciples of Double Moon Sect drew out their weapon together and released their killing intents. “KILL! KILL! KILL!” they shouted in unison.

People of Huo Clan went to panic; some of them even ran away and left the place in fear.

“Move out!” Elder Meng shouted in a voice filled with anger.

The line of five thousand marched step by step in orderly fashion. The elder who was trying to block their way shook in fear.

“Elder Meng!” Huo Bo Xiang called while uniting his hand to give respect. “we can talk about this nicely.”

“I tried to talk nicely from the beginning. I have been patiently waiting for you to come. But what did I get in return!” Elder Meng was cursing. “Your elder was mocking us! Do you think that we fear you! A man may be killed but not be mocked! Double Moon Sect, kill everyone from Huo Clan! Old, young, children, Kill last one of them! Show them who the cursed dogs are!”

Angry shouts and killing intents filled the whole place in an instant.

“Elder Meng!” Huo Bo Xiang begged. “Please, just a few words. We have the same leader.”

Elder Meng pointed his fingers towards the elder who mocked him earlier. “Give me his head, and I will hear you out!”

Elder Huo Bo Xiang stared at that elder.

“Elder!” that elder who mocked Elder Meng earlier shouted. “we cannot show weakness in front of these dogs…”

Suddenly Huo Bo Xiang’s hand moved and hit that elder’s face and destroyed it into pieces. The headless body stood for a second before it finally fell. “Anyone who mocked Double Moon Sect will be killed by my own hand!”

“Elder Meng, your leader, who is also my master, have made contract with Huo Clan to fend off a creature named Ifrit. He ordered us to not let anyone enter Huo Clan territory before Ifrit is gone.” Huo Bo Xiang added. “In these last couple of days, we heard fighting and explosion from the top of Huo Mountain. Even I am too worried about Master’s safety, but I cannot go against his order. Please wait until that creature…”

Huo Bo Xiang suddenly became quiet and stared towards the peak of Huo Mountain, and so Elder Meng.

“the life force of that creature cannot be felt any more!”

Huo Bo Xiang said quickly, “Elder Meng, I will allow you and your troops to enter Huo Clan territory, but some of my men will escort you and only you and few elders can climb to the Peak of Huo Mountain.”

“We move!” Elder Meng agreed in an instant.

Together with the people of Huo Clan, people of Double Moon Sect moved to enter Huo City. They were standing on the wide field in front of city hall, while Elder Meng, Elder Huo and some of the Elders walked towards the Peak of Huo Mountain. Even though many of the Double Moon Clan didn’t agree with it, none of them dared to go against order from Elder Meng.

On the top of Huo Mountain, Elder Meng and Elder Huo were the first to arrive on the location and found Jaime’s body lying on the stone floor on the pool of blood with so many wounds on it. Flesh and white bones can even be seen from some of the wounds.


Jaime opened his eyes as he heard someone’s call, his eyes and looking towards them. “That creature, Ifrit, was even stronger than I thought.”

Elder Meng came towards Jaime without hesitation and took out ointment to treat the wounds. He poured it down on all over Jaime.

Elder Huo came towards Jaime and took out a porcelain bottle. “Master, inside this bottle there is a famous ‘flesh regenerating and bone bonding pills’ from Huo Clan. Please drink this medicine.”

Jaime took three green colored pills with piercing scent and quickly swallowed them. In that moment he took position to meditate and let his Dantian energy to flow inside his body, in order to quicken the healing process.

Huo Bo Xiang knew that Huo Mountain Peak had strong and wide stone floors because of yearly meeting of Huo Clan. Now everything is in ruins and there are holes everywhere. Stone walls shattered in pieces and there’s even blood and flesh scattered all over the place. In the hidden corner near the main stone chair, Huo Bo Xiang directed his energy to examine a small hole near it.

“It’s still there!” Huo Bo Xiang said in high spirit. A jaded plate with the size of a palm was made floating by his energy. When he directed his energy towards the plate, he can see a recording of the fight between Jaime and Ifrit.

“Elder Huo! Elder Meng! Danger! Danger” a shout was heard from some elders towards the mountain in panic.

“What happened?” Elder Huo asked

“Our men are starting to encircle people from Double Moon Sect. If we don’t stop them soon, they will start to kill each other!”

“What did happen?” Elder Meng ask in confusion.

“People of Huo Clan who returned to their home found out that their wealth has been robbed.”

“Robbed?” Elder Huo asked in surprised

“Yes elder, their family treasures have also been robbed. Even money of the widows and saving of the beggars, all of them has been gone.” An elder said. “Everyone is now filled with rage and started to accuse people of Double Moon Sect who did it. Elder, you need to stop them before they kill each other.”

“Elder Meng, let us go over there,” Jaime said with his pale face

“Yes Master.” Elder Meng quickly took Jaime towards the field near the city hall, followed by Elder Huo and the others.

“How this could possibly happen?” Elder Huo seemed confused. Troubles came one after another without giving them time to rest.

When Elder Meng, Elder Huo, and Jaime arrived at the city hall and stood on the stage made of stone, two groups had drawn their weapons and they killed each other. Few people even threw stones and shoot arrows from afar.

“STOP!” Elder Meng shouted and made all people there to cease their fighting and retreat into their own groups. Their eyes stared to each other in hatred. “What the Hell is happening?”

“Elder, they accused us of stealing their money.”

“Elder, people from Double Moon Sect have stolen our money.”

One accusation after another filled the place and incited more hatred among them.

One elder came towards Elder Huo with pale face. ”Elder Huo, our treasures warehouse and our secret vault where we keep our ancestors treasures robbed!”

Suddenly Elder Huo Bo Xiang lost his energy to stand and two elders quickly caught his body. “Huo Clan is finished, Huo Clan is finished.”

“It seemed someone has reaped profit from all of this,” Jaime frowned. He really didn’t like this situation. It was supposed to be him who robbed Huo Clan, now someone else has done it. “Someone… no to rob the whole city and Huo Clan treasures in less than three days at least will need hundreds or thousands people.”

Hearing what Jaime said, Elder Meng reported. “Elder, when we received your call, I came here directly from Double Moon Sect place so we could arrive as soon as possible, while the other disciples just arrived this morning. In their travel to Huo Clan territory, last night, they found some suspicious people and caught them. Is it possible that they who did it?”

“Bring them here!”

“At once.”

“And bring a chair for me.” Jaime said

“Yes Master.”

Few minutes later, around twenty tied people were brought to the middle of the field. Those people were forced to kneel before Jaime, Elder Huo and Elder Meng.

“What did you get from them?” Jaime asked an elder.

“Reporting, they did say nothing except keep saying that they are local farmers. But, every one of them has dimensional storage bag. I am certain that they are not farmers.”

“Hmmm…” Jaime looked at them. “Take out everything from their dimensional storage bag. If they refuse to talk, it will talk for them.”

One by one, their dimensional storage bag were poured in front of them. Spiritual stones, gold and silver, jewelries, weapons, clothes and other things.

“That is my family’s heirloom” a woman from Huo Clan shouted when she saw a yellow necklace.

“That is my sword!” a man from Huo Clan ran and took that sword.

Few people started to recognize their belongings.

“You damned thief!” One man from Huo Clan punched one of twenty guys.

Jaime pointed fifteen of the twenty guys and told Elder Meng to throw them into the crowds of Huo Clan’s people. In an instant the fifteen guys became targets of their anger. Shouts of anger mixed with painful moaning echoed out.

The five people who were still kneeling had their faces turned pale when they heard their friends scream in agony, beaten by the angry mobs.

“I saw an interesting thing among your stolen things.” Jaime pointed at one of a small metal plate with golden color that has hyena drawing on it. “if I’m not mistaken, this is symbol of Hyena Troops which belongs to Prime Minister Ang.”

The five people turned even paler.

“Hyena Troops? Prime Minister Ang?” Elder Huo Bo Xiang asked.

“According to my knowledge, Hyena Troops order is to recover treasures, weapons, armor, and other precious things from the battlefield. They are troops of scavengers.” Jaime tried to guess further. “It means that Prime Minister Ang has prepared Hyena Troops to rob all of your treasures when Ifrit has slaughtered all of you. What a clever move.”

Hearing those words, people of Huo Clan were calming down.

“Elder Meng, throw two people into the crowds, they need something to vent their anger.”

Two of the five people were quickly thrown into the angry mobs. In a moment painful screaming and anger were mixed in the air.

“Hmmm…” Jaime stared at the things in front of the thieves. “At least it takes a big army of Hyena to steal from Huo Clan territory. At least consist of a thousand men. These twenty men must be a small group from the main army, so there are at least fifty groups. And number must big enough to enter Huo Clan in one go, so they have entered in small numbers.”

“Master.” Elder Huo added, :”We were guarding the border so there is no way they can enter our territory without being noticed by us.”

“Simple. It means that there are traitors among you who lead them in.”

That statement surprised everyone there. And once again, anger filled the people of Huo Clan.

“Elder Meng, throw the other two into the crowds.”

Screaming of pain was heard gain, and the last one of them quickly begged Jaime. “Please save me, I promise to tell you everything, please spare my life.”

“Fine! Talk! As long as I’m here, no one will hurt you.”

“I… my name is Lie Bang, I’ve joined Prime Minister Ang’s Hyena Troops for five years. Three days ago, we have received order to clean up treasures from all over Huo Clan territory. There are fifty two groups that consisted of 20-25 people that moved towards this place.” Lie Bang looked at Jaime in fear. “We just follow orders. We know nothing. We received info that Huo Clan was gone and were ordered to clean up everything. If we knew that Huo Clan is still alive, we will not do that.”

Jaime laughed hard and anger can be seen from his face. Today, he was outdone by Prime Minister Ang. When he was busy, another people have harvested wealth of the people of Huo Clan and left trash for him.

“Don’t try to deceive me! You knew people of Huo Clan are still alive and guarding the borders. But you decided to do it anyway because the Huo Clan territory was empty.” Jaime stared at him with a sharp killing intent. “If you tell me the traitor who let you in when they’re guarding the borders, I will let you free.”

Lie Bang was silence for a moment, his hand was shaking when lifting a piece of paper.

Suddenly an arrow quickly flew towards Lie Bang’s neck.

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  1. Thank you for another Great Chapter!!! First btw!!!!! I love how he just manipulates everything 😀

    1. I haven’t read the next chapter too 😝 so bear with me.. Kinda busy, but i think i will deliver next chapter tonight..

  2. Shouldn’t Elder Meng and Elder Huo be Patriarch Meng and Patriarch Huo since they’re both in the Patriarch Realm and were proclaimed as Patriarch of their respective sects?

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