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Ummm… Hello, it’s me again. Actually I planned to release it twice a week on the weekends. But there is another option, which is one will be released on Monday night and the second one on Friday/Saturday night. This is an extra chapter from me, next scheduled between Thursday and Saturday. Enjoy and please let me know your choice in the comment session.

Chapter 76

A Bloody Fight

A child who was lining up in the school yard for ceremony1 seemed to be confused when he saw his friends were rowdy and in panic.

“Ma’am.” The child called the teacher who was standing beside her. “What did Mrs. Principal said?”

“You should’ve listened carefully! Mrs. Principal said that we will have final exams on next Monday.”

“Ohhh…“ The child sighed in relief and his expression calmed down. “I thought that it will be coming on Monday.”

To trust something is an extraordinary thing


Three weeks after the fight between Jaime and Ifrit.

An adult man seemed to be talking with hundreds of children on the Huo Peak. “Here is where our great leader defeated a ferocious beast named Ifrit and saved Huo Clan from extinction. He fought for three days and nights and sacrificed his twenty loyal followers for the survival of Huo Clan.”

“Master.” A child called. “How did the Great Leader defeat Ifrit? I heard that that creature was really strong and it could even destroy the whole continent of Dragon and Phoenix.”

The adult man who dressed in Huo Clan uniform took out a small jade stone that was shaped like a plate. He channeled his spiritual power into the jade stone which made a series of formations glow on that jaded plate.

From that small plate an image shone towards a big stone wall.

“This is one of the hidden recordings that is located on the Peak of Huo Mountain, placed to record sermons from the leader of Huo Clan every year. But we are lucky because this recording also recorded the fight between our Great Leader and Ifrit on the Peak of Huo Mountain.” That man took a long sigh. “You are so fortunate to be able to see it directly.”


Jaime imprisoned Ifrit inside the red formation.

“Do you think this tiny formation can hold me?” Ifrit roared, took out all of his power to use one of his most powerful attack. “Volcanic Outburst!”

Ifrit’s body suddenly glowed red and smoke came out from it. A few seconds later a big explosion happened. Jaime and few men in black were thrown to the sky.

“Protect the young master!” one of the men in black shouted from the sky. “Use the Golden Bell Formation!” twenty men dress in black quickly attacked Ifrit. They formed four circles that encircled Ifrit in the middle of it.

Their movement was well organized, even when Ifrit attacked them, some of them who were on the front line made defense simultaneously while the other lines quickly attacked him from behind and from sides.

Ifrit found that that formation was quite perturbing, his skin was scratched by the swords and it was difficult to make counter attack. Even so, it was really hard for the twenty men to win the fight.

Ifrit has skin that is as hard as steel so it is difficult to launch a deadly attack and his claws can easily break their swords. They can hold this on because Jaime swiftly changed their broken swords with the new ones.

“We can beat him, but everyone, be careful!”

Golden Bell Formation imprisoned Ifrit for five hours under the hard rain. And during that time Jaime kept joining the formation to launch attacks towards Ifrit.

“We cannot hold on for much longer.” One of them suddenly said. Even Ifrit’s body was covered in blood and really messy. The energy of the men in black was weakening as the time went by. Their stamina wouldn’t hold for much longer.

Ifrit who was always in defense suddenly threw out a deadly attack when he saw a weakness in the formation. His big claws swiftly attacked one of the men in black.

The man lifted his swords in surprise to block the attack, but Ifrit’s claws shattered the swords into pieces and it kept moving to pierce the men through his back. A smile of victory soon was seen on Ifrit’s face.

“Sixth Brother!”

“Older Brother!”


The man who was stabbed suddenly smiled wide and his body quickly turned blue and his blood turn into smoke.

“Everyone run!” men in black moved far away from Ifrit in that instant. And in a few seconds, that man’s body made a great explosion.

The men in black stared at the smoke and the big hole on the stone floor. But they were surprised when they saw Ifrit still standing unaffected by the suicide bomb from their brother. Ifrit’s hand was injured and there were small cracks on his claws.

“I will kill all of you!” Ifrit roared in anger. His big body jumped towards one of the men in black to put his claws into him.

The man in black who was stabbed stared back at Ifrit and whispered. “Die with me. . .” suddenly his body exploded and threw Ifrit’s big body to hit the stone floor.

“Arggghhh!” Ifrit screamed, he became more angry and wild.

“Young Master.” A man in black who wore a big cloth knelt in front of Jaime. “Please, leave this place soon. We will hold this creature.”

“No, they haven’t finished evacuating yet, we must protect Huo Clan.” Jaime said firmly.

“Young master!” that man would not want to back down. “Since General Jiang’s, your father’s death, we the twenty brothers who promised to stay loyal to your father and protect you without asking anything in return. But this time, let me ask you to leave this place as far as possible. At least when we died, we still have faces to meet General Jiang. Master, please consider.”

“I will not retreat!” Jaime stood firm with his decision and stared at Ifrit who was ready to kill men in black one by one. Every time one of them injured, they will chose to blow themselves up to give damage to Ifrit. “That creature was sent by Prime Minister Ang who killed my father. I will not let him kill people of Huo Clan and made orphans out of the children, like me. I understand the most the feeling of being alive without parents. I must kill this creature.”

“Young master, please forgive this short sighted man!” the man in black quickly apologized. “What will we do now?”

“We will kill this creature together, to ruin Prime Minister Ang’s plan and save Huo Clan. If we cannot kill this creature, how can we fulfill our vow to kill Prime Minister Ang?” Jaime raised his sword and attacked towards Ifrit. “I will hold him; you guys go back and rest! Recover your energy.”

Jaime’s attack met with Ifrit’s claws and soon a fierce battle between them was seen, they exchanged blows, kicks and slashes. But it was clearly seen that Jaime was overwhelmed. Even so, Jaime still tried hard to hold on to give time for the men in black to recover their energy. From twenty men, now there were eleven of them left.

Ifrit’s claws that were twelve in the beginning, now only seven left and have been cracked. He got quite amount of injuries from the suicide explosions.

After fighting for half a day, Ifrit’s Claws managed to pierce Jaime’s shoulder


“Protect the Young Master!” The leader of the men in black ordered his brothers to soon attacked Ifrit. He caught Jaime’s body and put wound closing powder on the big wound that was located on Jaime’s shoulder. “Young Master, please, have a rest, let us hold him.”

Jaime who was covered in cold sweat quickly meditated to recover his stamina and wound. While the twelve men in black tried hard to make wounds on Ifrit.

Suddenly a big explosion happened.

“Fifth uncle!” Jaime shouted when he saw one of the men in black desperately do a suicide bomb.

“Young Master.” Another young man in black stared at him. “Become a big man who can make your father proud. Forgive me who cannot accompany you any longer.”

“Seventh uncle!”

The man who was called seventh uncle without any hesitation flew towards Ifrit’s face. He held Ifrit’s face tightly and blew himself up. Ifrit’s face was burned and one of his horns was broken. It was clear that Ifrit took a heavy damage.

“Young Master, I’ve always been dreaming to drink liquor on your wedding and teach your children martial arts. But I must say farewell now.” Another man in black once again quickly flew towards Ifrit’s face and blew himself up.

“Second Uncle!” Jaime shouted in surprised

“Young Master. . .”

“No! I don’t want to hear anything. Don’t kill yourself.”

“Please live. . .” another one of man in black blew himself up from close distance.

“General we will soon be with you…!!”

“Jaime, take care of yourself.”

One by one, men on black blew themselves and injured Ifrit.

“Young Master. . .” a man in black who was still alive said

“First Uncle, please don’t leave me!” Jaime was begged in tears full of sorrow. “Since I was a child, you have replaced my late father’s position. You are my fathers. Please don’t leave me alone in this cruel world.”

“Do not cry!” the man who was called first uncle said. “When General Jiang showed your newborn self to us, we have considered you as our own son. Live and avenge you fathers to Prime Minister Ang.”

Without any hesitation and fear the man drew his two swords and ferociously attacked Ifrit. That wild beast has lost his claws and one of his arms was torn. Using his teeth, he bite the man in black and fearlessly, the man stabbed his sword into Ifrit’s eye and blow himself up.

“NOOO!!!!!” Jaime shouted as loud as he could.

Ifrit in front of him has been heavily injured, his teeth were broken, none of its claws were left, his two horns were gone, one of his arms was torn and his body was full of wounds. Even then he still let out a fearsome aura.

“You!” Jaime tried to stand. “Return my fathers!”

Jaime quickly drew Jiang Family’s sword and made a swing towards Ifrit. Even in the blind condition Ifrit could still hear where the attack was coming from and he directed his punch towards Jaime.

“DIE!” Jaime roared, put all of his strength and Jiang Family’s swords to swing towards Ifrit’s punch, cut half of his arm and threw punch on Ifrit’s face and suddenly his sword was broken in two.

“You even destroyed the only sword left by my father!”

Jaime landed hits ferociously on Ifrit who was roaring in pain. “Return my Fathers! Return them.” Jaime said while shedding tears.

“URRGGARHHH!” Ifrit suddenly roared in anger and land a critical hit on Jaime. Jaime’s body flew like a starfall towards the stone wall and was buried within the ruins. In just a few seconds Jaime was trying to rise from the ruins and stared at Ifrit. He vomited black blood, half of his bone arms that he used to defend from the last strike was broken and so few of his ribs.

“Now, there are only two choices, it’s either me or you who will die!” Jaime took out a forbidden pill and swallowed it in without hesitation. That pill is able to multiply someone’s power level at the cost of all of his cultivation. That pill would burn out all of his cultivation, multiplied and turned it into temporary power.

Only those who were ready to die and losing everything, dared to swallowed that pill. In that instant, Jaime felt the power within him boiling and his eyes were shining as he sharply gazed at Ifrit. “You will taste the greatest attack from Jiang Family that is famous in the whole universe.”

“KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!” Jaime screamed and suddenly a thousand of shadow clones come out from his body and another one thousand came out from the clones. The whole army of shadow clones attacked Ifrit simultaneously. Kicked him up into the sky, hit him with combination of attack in the middle of the air and in the end, the thousands shadow clones shouted in unison.

“RASENGAN!” from Jaime’s hand appear a ball of energy spinning so hard towards Ifrit. Thousands of Rasengan exploded on Ifrit’s body, created a gigantic explosion.

That explosion was so big that people of Huo Clan who were outside the Huo Clan’s territory could see it from afar and feel the vibration in the air attacking their faces.


“And after that, what did happen?” the children asked to their teacher.

“And after that. . .” the teacher continued



    #1. From the author’s country, there is a ceremony held at school every Monday. Return


How’s the chapter? I think some ninjas were cutting onions while I was reading T.T anyway, please let me know on the schedule of release that you want. ^ ^

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