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Greetings everyone, ummm.. My name is Elhessan, the current translator of CGA… and ummm… sorry for the late introduction…

This is my very first time translating Wuxia (is it? Or is it XianXia? (*・∧・*)? I don’t know the difference, sorry) novel, so if I made any mistakes when translating the unique Wuxia’s (or Xianxia’s) term, please let me know… and ummm… I will be in your care… ヾ(。・ω・)シ

Conquer God, Asura, and 1000 Beauties

Chapter 75

Life and Wealth

In this world, there are people who don’t want family, and their number isn’t few, but there is nobody in this world that doesn’t want money.

Because money is an international language to understand and to be understood.


Huo Bo Xiang was startled at Ifrit who is starting to get wild and beating up his unlucky Clan members with his sharp claws. Even they who had the highest level of cultivation could do anything in front of that beast. Like a sharp blade cutting through tofu, the bodies of those people from Huo Clan were split into pieces when they met the sharp claws of Ifrit.

Hua Bo Xiang soon turned his eyes to find his savior, but Jaime has been running away, abandoned him far behind.

“Master!” shouted Huo Bo Xiang who tried to catch up to him with difficulty. Even though he had swallowed some recovery pills and received healing from his colleagues, his body still hasn’t been fully recovered yet. With great difficulty he ran after Jaime. Because according to his instinct, if there is someone out there who can save them, then that man was the only one who could do it. “Master, master wait! You have to help us.”

Jaime was slowing down his pace and let Huo Bo Xiang to keep up with him. “Huo Bo Xiang, that creature is four levels higher than me. Sorry but I cannot fight against him!”

“Master!” Huo Bo Xiang pulled Jaime’s sleeve slowing down his running and forced Jaime to stop running. “Master, I’m begging you. You must help us!”

“Why?” asked Jaime quickly

“Because, they are my family!”

Jaime looked from afar at the place where Ifrit was running rampant. Ifrit’s claws quickly slashed anyone who was unlucky enough to stand in front of him. “I thought you just lost your family, so now, there nothing to worry about, anymore.”

“Master.” Huo Bo Xiang was vomiting blood when realized that Ifrit just killed some of his cousins and started to move to destroy the houses. “I’m begging you.”

“Bo Xiang. Ifrit was made from the body and soul essence of those 19 traitors of Huo Family. His power level is high but it won’t last for long. If he doesn’t kill your clan members and absorb the victim’s power, in two days he will vanish. But if you let him to kill every last one of you, after his contract that is to kill all of you has fulfilled, I assure you he will be gone tomorrow.”

“Master…” cried Huo Bo Xiang miserably

“Hmm… actually this is very expensive information.” Jaime frowned. “But, since you are my good student. Fine, I will tell you for free.”

Huo Bo Xiang didn’t know what to say, because he is in his fifties and a young man who is just in his teen called him student.

“Ifrit seems to be bound by contract to kill whole member of Huo Clan inside Huo Clan’s territory. It means that if you guys escape to the outside of Ho Clan’s territory even just for one step, he cannot pursue you.”

It sounds easy but not for Huo Bo Xiang. “Master, before we can get out from Huo Clan’s Territory, we all will be slaughtered in his hands.” He looked at Ifrit that looked like a killing machine and in just a few moments, he had killed hundreds of people.

Jaime was smiling. “Not if you can hold off Ifrit and let people of Huo Clan escape.”

Huo Bo Xiang quickly kneeled before Jaime. “Master, you know that I was severely injured and will not be able to hold that creature, even not for one second. Master, please save Huo Clan.”

“No!” answered Jaime firmly. “Ifrit is way too dangerous, unless….” Jaime’s expression became serious.

“Master, I will do anything for Huo Clan. Even giving my soul…”

“Bo Xiang it is not about you, but it is about…” Jaime moved his thumb and forefinger towards Bo Xiang and rubbed them.

“What?” asked Huo Bo Xiang in confusion.

“Animal die for food, people die for wealth. If you want me to sacrifice myself to hold Ifrit and save your clan,” Jaime nodded in satisfaction. “It depends on amount of wealth that you offer. I will gladly die for Huo Clan.”

Huo Bo Xiang was silent for a moment. “Master, it is not time to make a joke. My brothers are slaughtered over there.”

“If you think that I’m joking. Then, Fare thee well!” Jaime ran swiftly.

Huo Bo Xiang quickly pursued him. “Fine, no matter how much money Master ask, I will pay it. Please, quickly save our clan.”

Jaime stopped his running and turned around towards Huo Bo Xiang. He pulled out a piece of paper. “Sign this debt certificate.”


“What? Do you thing I am stupid to just believe in words without a letter to prove?”

“I didn’t mean that.” Hu Bo Xian was looking at that piece of paper and vomiting blood again, “50 million soul stones?”

“Is there anything wrong with the price?” I’ve already gave you ninety percent discount for teachers and students prices.”

“But, this kind of amount…” Bo Huo Xiang was coughing. “Even with the entire wealth of Huo Clan, there is no way we can pay it. We have at most 10 million spiritual stones, and it is including our ancestor’s wealth.”

“You can pay the advance money first and pay the installment in some years. Of course the interest rates will be 10% per month.”

“It’s just like killing us slowly.” Said Huo Bo Xiang in protest

“Correct.” Jaime said while nodding his head. “I can see that Ifrit is killing you guys quickly. Hmm… in very short amount of time.”

Huo Bo Xiang saw that slaughter, with heavy heart; he was biting his fingers and gave a thumb print with blood on that letter.

Jaime took that paper and soon moved quickly towards Ifrit to attack. Left Hu Bo Xiang who was kneeling with his face paled in shock.

“To save of Huo Clan from the slaughter, I signed a contract with the devil just to let him killing us slowly. Almost all soul essence of Huo Clan is owned by him, and now we also have debts that we will never be able pay even in seven generations. Devil. He is truly a Devil…” Huo Bo Xiang shed tears in blood. “Prime Minister Ang. I swear I will not sleep in peace before I kill you.”

“Huo Bo Xiang, what are you doing there, quickly, tell everyone to evacuate outside the Huo Clan Territory! If not, Ifrit will keep alive from every member he killed.” Jaime quickly ran into Ifrit and found the big creature covered in blood. Houses were burned and it looked so terrifying.

“Ifrit!” Jaime moved towards him lifted the Heaven Contract Stone. From the rainbow colored stone came out thousands of soul essence glowing in blue like fireflies. “Aren’t you bored catching up those tiny souls? How about trying to snatch these soul essences from my hand?”

Ifrit assessed Jaime’s level. Jaime’s tier is far below him, and without saying any word he ran after him. Ifrit’s big claws split Jaime’s shadow in two.

“Stupid beast!” shouted Jaime who has been running back towards the Huo Mountain peak, in order to keep Ifrit away from the city.

Losing his prey, Ifrit looked at Jaime and soul essences surrounding him. For a moment, he looked at some Huo Clan members who couldn’t escape due to fear. He then turned around towards Jaime. Ifrit let out a loud roar and decided to run after Jaime back to the Huo Mountain peak.

Huo Clan member who saw that big creature gone, breathed in relieved.

“I keep thinking that I was going to die.”

“It was too terrifying.”

“Don’t you just stand there!” Huo Bo Xiang walked towards them

“Elder Huo!”

“I order you to evacuate every member of Huo Clan from Huo territory. Quickly! No one is allowed to be inside Huo territory.” Huo Bo Xiang saw Ifrit’s humongous body was chasing after Jaime. “We don’t know how long we have before Ifrit kills that brat. We need to move fast.”

Huo Bo Xiang gazed his shadow deeply.

“Master, I pray you for your death but don’t be so quick. I hope that debt is settled along with your death.”


“Brother!” Jaime ran back towards the mountain while shouting so loud. “First mission is a success. Huo Clan is willing to pay us with a huge amount of wealth. Don’t be afraid that I will not pay your debt. Proceed with second mission right now.”

Ifrit who was chasing after Jaime moved closer by the seconds. Suddenly two big hunks of trees flew towards Ifrit from the right side. From the other side two big boulders were also thrown to block Ifrit. Those things were easily destroyed by Ifrit with one swoop of hand.

Those things couldn’t even make scratch on Ifrit, but it was enough to obstruct his sight. Because of the obstructions along his pursue of Jaime, Ifrit pace was slowed down by milliseconds and that amount of time was enough for Jaime to increase distance in this pursue.

Few men dressed in black kept disturbing Ifrit in his pursue from afar. When they saw Ifrit making sign to attack them, without any doubt, they ran away in a flash. They realized that Ifrit can easily end their lives.

Above the sky on the peak of Huo, black clouds gather quickly as if they were commanded by some power. Those dark clouds were spinning into wide area followed by roaring thunder. Strong wind blew and suddenly heavy rain poured down around the peak of Huo.

Ifrit is a creature with fire element. Rain that poured down on him reduced his speed and strength. Even then his strength was still deadly.

Jaime looked towards Ifrit that was still pursuing him at thirty feet distances and getting closer.

“Damn!” Jaime was swearing “from all my advantage, escaping is my best trump card! Why is he still able to catch up to me?”

Ifrit roared and jumped very high to overtake Jaime, but in the middle of the air about twenty stones and trees soon hit him hard and forced him to land.

“AURGGGGHHH!!!” Ifrit who fell down hard let out a very loud roar and sped up his pursue to catch Jaime. In an instant they were just separated by five steps.

Jaime can see the top of Huo Mountain in front of his eyes and sped up. Suddenly he felt Ifrit’s claws tried to slash him from behind.

Without any doubt Jaime jumped high to the sky, that claw scratched his back and caused a long line of wound and blood was flowing out from it. In that moment Ifrit followed him to jump and swung another claw to split Jaime’s body.

Both of them are floating in the sky right in the middle of the peak of Huo and before Ifrit’s claw could touch Jaime. Twelve big chains made from bright blue energy flew from the peak of Huo and quickly bound Ifrit.

On the top of Huo Peak, Jaime could see twelve men dressed in black has finished Twelve Moons Capturing Dragon formation of Double Moon Sect. They were spread forming a circle and gather their energy to activate the formation, which had diameter of fifty meters. Circle of lights kept glowing in bright blue along with others complicated text and formed chain made of energy which bound Ifrit.

Ifrit who was bound by the big chains was dragged and forced to land. That big creature was struggling hard to free himself. Jaime knew that that formation could only hold Ifrit for a matter of seconds. So without any hesitation, he channeled his own energy to the floor where the Twelve Moons Capturing Dragon formation was placed and suddenly red lines were glowing bright and more of the complicated texts appeared and moved in a circle.

Jaime activated another formation right beneath his feet.

“Urgaahhh!!!” Ifrit mustered all of his strength to destroy the chain that bound him and those twelve men dressed in black were thrown to every direction from the explosion of the formation.

Jaime who was still standing there gazed sharply at Ifrit and right at the moment Ifrit flew to attack him, he opened his mouth to shout a name. “Rierzzil Mustafa Iouqqu da IFritee!!”

A bright red formation was glowing and Ifrit’s big body was frozen with his claws only a hair breath away from Jaime’s head.

“Impossible!” Ifrit whispered in disbelieve.


Inside the Huo Clan Territory, no one was sleeping that night. Bell, that telling people of something dangerous is happening, kept ringing. People from various age, men, women, and children lined up in the middle of the pouring rain to walk outside the Huo Clan territory.

A lot of them were forced to leave their wealth and belongings at home.

“Don’t worry. Leave your money. Your lives are far more precious! You will return home in a few days. There will be no more people who will enter Huo Clan territory to take your money!”

Panic! Screaming and cries of the children were heard all night long.

Their houses were just left behind.


In another faraway territory, a man was sitting and staring at the jaded plate with few jade on them.

“The contract with Ifrit has been activated. Send some Hyena Troops to Huo Clan territory quickly.”

“Yes, as you wish!” answered a black shadow behind that man and disappeared.

“Too bad… But Huo Clan has been wiped out from this continent.” That sitting man was suddenly laughing. “Tell the others, if there’s anyone out there who dare to betray me, the will share the same fate as Huo Clan.”

“Yes, Prime Minister Ang!”

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