CGA – Ch 74

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Conquer God, Asura, and 1000 Beauties

Chapter 74



Kill me with [your] kindness

Wrap my whole body with [your] love

Crush me with [your] affection

Enslave me with [your] tenderness


Punish me with your sharp gaze

Make me lost inside the labyrinth of your heart

Imprison me in your fantasy

Bury me deep within you darkest secret


I resign myself to you

This heart has been missing you for far too long

This body longing for your punishment

Do anything you want to me



Hua liong Wi stared in surprised at the cat with white fur and blue eyes. The cat is hanging weakly in Elder Meng’s hand with both of its two legs hanging freely, showing its belly line.


“Xiao Ye, are you okay?”


“meowww…” answered Xiao Ye while trying to move its claws to Huo Liong Wi. He tried to let itself free in vain.


“so, its name is little Ye.” Jaime was smiling while walking to the Elder Meng’s side and moved her two fingers in front of the cat’s eyes. “Xiao Ye, you have such beautiful and adorable blue eyes. What if I pluck the two them out? Or perhaps I will tie up those legs of yours and drown you into the river. When your belly filled with water, I will slice it open and see what’s inside.”


“NOOO!!!!!” shouted Huo Liong Wi.


“MEOWWW!!!” shouted Xiao Ye in fear.


“Don’t do that,” shouted Hu Liong Wi in panic, “I will do whatever you want. I will do anything. Please… let Xiao Ye go!”


“Give me your soul essence.” Jamie was smiling while looking at Huo Liong Wi’s miserable face. That big guy really does have a weakness too.

Huo Liong Wi’s body was trembling, he was looking down and after a few breaths, he finally decided. “No! I will not give you my soul essence. As the head of the family, I will never sell my family.” His eyes were full of determination. “Xio Ye, please forgive Daddy. But Daddy cannot be treated like that, please understand.”


“hah,” said Jaime while sighing. “your Daddy cannot help you. So it’s time for you to fly to the dark sky and land as minced meats. Elder Meng, Throw that cat as high as possible to the sky.”


“Meowww! Meowww! Meowww!” Xiao Ye seemed to feel a bad intention and he’s struggling even harder. As if knew that he cannot free itself, Xiao Ye stared at Elder Meng with its pleading and adorable eyes. “Meowww…” plead Xiao Ye cutely.


“Cat, please don’t look at me like that, I am just doing my job.” Elder Meng turned his gaze elsewhere.


Xiao Ye stared cutely at Jaime with its blue eyes and meowing in such sweet voice, pleading very cutely.


Jaime nodded, “just as I thought, you really have beautiful eyes; maybe I should pluck it out first before throwing you high.”




“I don’t have any mercy, cat, for I the heartless king.” Jaime patted his chest proudly. “Elder Meng, pluck both cat’s eyes out before you throw he. Cat, you are begging to the wrong person, you should’ve begged to your Daddy! He was the one who has spilled everything you did to him. When he cried alone because he was scolded by his dad, you came to him and let him hugged you. When he felt alone or hide his big body while crying, you were looking for him and cheer him up. Unfortunately, while he ever said to you that you are the only one who can understand him, he let you die when he doesn’t need you anymore. Die with hatred to your Daddy.”


“Wait, Wait, Wait! Please let Xiao Ye go. I’ll do it, I will do it!” begged Huo Liong Wi while suddenly kneeled and squeezed his soul essence in hurry in blue spherical light and threw ot to Jaime.


“Good, Elder Meng you can release Xiao Ye now.”


“Liong Wi!” shouted Huo Gak in rage, “you ashamed Huo Clan! You sold your family for a cat!”


“Huo Gak!” what do you know about me!” Huo Liong Wi hugged his cat tightly and cried. “I only have Xiao Ye who was always patiently cheering me up. He was the one who understand me the most. I don’t want to live without Xiao Ye. If he dies, I will die with him.”


Suddenly Huo Kuo moved swiftly and silently towards Elder Meng. He swung his swords aiming at the Elder Meng’s neck. No one there expected that Huo Kui would do that sudden attack.

When the sword was a only a few centimeters away from Elder Meng’s neck, Jaime suddenly appeard beside Huo Kui, his hand grabbed Huo Kui’s face very tightly and throw Hou Kui’s head to the floor behind him hard. Hou Kui’s body was threwn backside, his head hit stone floor making a loud bang, created a big hole and made the floor around them vibrated very hard.


“you wanna kill my men? You should ask the master first!” Jaime mocked at Huo Kui and shouted. “Elder Meng, Huo Kui dared to move, kill his son.”


“Yes Master!” Elder Meng lifted his arm and move towards Huo Kui’s son.


“DOOON’T!!!” shouted Huo Kui, “I will give you my soul essence.”


“No Need. I don’t need you anymore!” without waiting, Jaime didn’t land his fist on Huo Kui’s dantian. Even though Huo Kui tried to evade it, but his movement has been lock by Jaime. In an instant, Jaime’s hand has landed a strike on Huo Kui’s dantian and absorbed all of his cultivation which has been saved up inside his dantian.


“Arggghhh!!!” Huo Kui Shouted in pain, sensing his power slowly disappear.



Far from Huo Clan’s territory, a man in his sixties sat down and stared at some jade stones placed on a plate which has ‘HUO’ written on it under the candle light. One by one, the jade stone that has green color at first slowly turn darker.

His eyebrows wrinkled. “They dare to give their soul essence after everything I gave to them. Traitors.”

That old man lifted the plate that has ‘Huo’ written on it, and threw it to the corner. “even so, it is good. It is time for whole Huo clan to disappear.”


When Huo Kui lost, one by one, his men gave their soul essence to Jaime. When the last person gave his soul essence, Huo Kui’s body which lay weakly on the floor suddenly shook greatly and black smoke came out from his body.

“what is happening> asked Elder Meng in surprise



Suddenly the whole Huo Kui’s men fell down and lie in pain, from their bodies black smokes arose as if it’s alive and gathered to form a black ball in the air.

“Who dares to take what is mine!” a loud voice suddenly heard from that black ball.

And from the black ball that was growing even bigger, suddenly appeared a big creature with two horns on its head and its whole body glowing in red releasing white smoke.

It has human shape and face of a lion and has big claws on both of its hands and legs. “I am Ifrit! Those nineteen men are mine. No one is allowed to steal their cultivations, souls or even their bodies!”

Ifrit that has three meters body roared so loud made everyone shook in fear.

[Name: Ifrit. Level 100 half Asura

Ifrit is a creature of Asura from class of Jinn. Known for its physical prowress, has ability to control fire and its cunning. Ifrit clan tend to live under ground or abandoned ancient ruins. Human can catch jinn such as Ifrit, enslave them, keep them or force them to make contract.

This jinn is one of jinns who often made contract with kings and became their magical servants.]

“I am not yours!” shouted Huo Liong Wi in pain. Black smoke rose from his body and he can feel his whole cultivation slowly disappear along with the black smoke which absorbed by Ifrit.

Ifrit laughing so hard, “you and the others are mine. When you made contract with creature of half Ausra named Ang and accepted some of my blood, you have given your souls to me. According to my deal with him, when you betrayed him, I will use your bodies to destroy your entire clan to the ground.”

Huo Liong Wi’s and the others’ bodies slowly shrinking, their skins wrinkling and grew weaker. Ifrit body grow stronger and its muscles expand.

“It’s dangerous! Everyone, leave this place at once, if not, you will become source of its power.” Shouted Jaime in panic.

“No master!” said Elder Meng in protest while standing beside Jaime. “I will never leave you here. I will fight with you.”

Jaime was looking at him with his eyes wide open. “have you gone mad, what makes you think that I will fight it? All brothers in black, I thank you for your help this time, see you next time when I want to use your service. Now everyone dismiss! An Tie bring Li Yin and follow me!”

Jaime was the first who ran way, made Elder Meng and the others surprised. An Tie lifted Li Yin’s body with ease and swiftly ran right after Jaime. The Elders dressed in black suddenly dispersed into whole direction and disappeared in the dark of night. People who were held hostage were running down from the Huo Peak.

When Ifrit finished absorbing whole cultivation from twenty men without leaving a single thing, it was looking at its surrounding that has become empty and soon roaring very loudly. Its voice shook whole Huo territory.

Elder Meng ran swiftly beside Jaime and asked, “Master, why did we run away from that creature?”

“That creature, Ifrit, has contract with someone named Ang to destroy the whole Huo territory. We are not people from Huo Clan, why do we have to sacrifice our body to fight that might beast.” Jaime yawned. “Time is late and I am tired. We better find inn soon. Tomorrow everything will be over.”

Suddenly Jaime stopped his step. “Darn! I just remembered something.”

“what is it Master?” asked Elder Meng who stopped beside him.

“I came here to rob Huo clan’s ancestor treasures that were hidden beneath the Huo Peak. It is exactly where the creature named Ifrit is standing!”

“So, are we going back?” asked Elder Meng in surprise

“No,” answered Jaime and quickly sped up his run. “We just need to cancel to find inn, we are making small tents not far from Huo territory instead. After that creature destroy whole Huo Cland, we are coming back to rob their treasures. You need to remind me in case I forget, again” Jaime swiftly ran away from Huo Clan’s Peak.

Elder Meng couldn’t accept everything just like that, he quickly asked his master again, “Master, did Master Huo promised you to make you his master?’

“Heh.. Elder Meng, let me tell you. In a company, we will not be forever having the upper hand. When sometimes things are good, a company can accept many workers, but when in time of crisis, a leader of the company need to take a hard decision, to fire some Employees.”

“Fire some employees?”

“Yeah, they even need to be ready to close some of their branches that making loss.” Jaime sighed heavily and continued his running. “Every time they terminate their employees, it is normal that the new employees will be fired first rather than those who have been working for long time. So, Elder Huo Bo Xiang needs to accept it. Because he just promoted me today, I couldn’t give him his retirement funds.”

Elder Meng was listening in silent.

“Elder Meng, do you forget the motto that I taught you?”

“Forgive me, but I forgot.” Elder Meng was confused with Jaime’s question. Since Jaime has never taught him anything.

“Listen well and remember this motto, and teach to whole member of Double Moon sect.” Jaime was looking at Elder Meng seriously.

If you meet the weak, stomp them as hard as you could. If you meet the strong, ran as far as you could!

Elder Meng was almost vomiting blood hearing those sentences.

An Tie who followed them with great effort from behind suddenly spoke, “Master Those are great words.”

Loud Roar was heard again, and this time it was so close.

“Darn,” shouted Jaime who quickly lifted An Tie and Li Yin. “we need to add our speed!” in an instant Jaime and Elder Meng move swiftly and far away.

Unfortunately, from the dark sky above suddenly something with big figure jumped high and passed them and quickly block Jaime with his humongous body.

“You took what is mine!” roared Ifrit

Jaime put An Tie and Li Yin down. And he quickly took out soul essences from the Huo Clan’s traitors and gave them to Ifrit.

“Elder Meng, An Tie, Li Yin, we move separately, we will regroup in the southeastern forest outside Huo Territory.” Whispered Jaime to them and in that moment An Tie brought Li Yin swiftly to the left, Elder Meng to the right and Jaime Jumped High trough Ifrit’s blockade. “Big Guy, we are not from Huo Clan, your contract was to kill people from Huo Clan. Please do not go after us. You will just do something useless.”

Ifrit seemed confused looking at various directions and decided to went after Jaime.

“Darn it!” said Jaime adding more speed to his run when approaching the outer territory of Huo Mountains. Jaime could see people of Huo Clan who were still waiting for the result of the fight.

“Ifrit!” shouted Jaime quickly. “They are people from Huo Clan. That one who dressed in white is their leader, Huo Bo Xiang.”

Before people of Huo Clan realized what is happening, from behind them, suddenly appeared a three meters giant with ferocious face staring at them.

In that instant whole men from Huo Clan can sense the power of that monster that is way above theirs and made their legs trembling in fear.

“Huo Bo Xiang and people of Huo Clan!” shouted Jaime to them. “This beast is named the might Ifrit. His level is Half Asura. He was envoy from Prime Minister Ang to wipe out all descendant of Huo Clan because he couldn’t control you and he will turn you into ashes. But don’t worry; he will disappear soon after they kill all of you.”

The faces of people of Huo Clan became even paler.

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