DK – Ch 29

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The Dark King – Chapter 29

The Church of Darkness

The long age question was answered in this chapter. Dudian was 9 years old when he woke from frozen storage! So I went back and read the raws… I have made a mistake because it was not Dudian who was 12 but his sister at that time. It was not little but elder sister… Sorry for that;)


“Failure, what is the reason? Nerves and blood vessels are connected. Everything has been double checked. It should have been a successful experiment. Why can’t I get the same strength as Knight of Light? Where was the mistake made? Ah…”
Dudian thought of the mutation on Rosyard’s shoulder. It was recorded as a failed experiment in the Alchemist Notes. However the thing that caught Dudian’s attention was the phrase ‘the same strength as Knight of Light’. So their purpose was the create their own Knights of Light? No, to be precise, attaining the same level of power of the Knights of Light.

Could it be that Knights of Light are genetically modified and held the power beyond the imagination of ordinary person?

This was definitely an explosive news!

The thing is alchemists would use the surgery to genetically modify their bodies. If Knights of Light are somehow or in someway are modified then The Holy Church is an extremely terrible existence. At least behind the scenes some shady deals occur.

Dudian was shocked. He continued to read.


The Alchemist Notes contained 10 years of experimental experience recorded by Rosyard. After the failure of self-modification Rosyard had become cautious according to notes. So he would steal children to experiment on. In case he would be successful, he would kill the child. Then he would share the details and results of the experiment with the ‘Church of Darkness’. After his deeds accumulated to a certain extent it would be regarded as a meritorious service. He could certify to a higher level (TL: the number stars if you guys remember) and access to greater rights and resources.


It was noted in Rosyard’s notes that this ‘Church of Darkness’ is made up of alchemists, potion masters, puppeteers and other heterogeneous occupation holders of great forces. They were not just limited to people outside the wall but some members of noble families, some civilians from residential areas and slums and even some people from the military were part of this organization. In simple terms, if the Holy Church was standing proudly in sunlight, then the ‘Church of Darkness’ was the horrible monster lurking in the darkness of the night!


“Holy Church, Military, Church of Darkness…”, Dudian murmured. From his current perspective these three forces were like a tripod which were involved in everything that happened within and outside the giant wall of Silva. As of know he didn’t know which force would be the best to join, military of Holy Church. For now at least he wouldn’t be leaning towards ‘Church of Darkness’
“I know way to less…”, Dudian sighed. His heart was at loss as he didn’t know where to go in the future.

He couldn’t stand the constraints that would be implemented by the military.

Holy Church was more inclined towards beliefs and faith. He couldn’t face his own conscience if he seek refuge with the Holy Church.

It can be seen from the Alchemy Notes that the various powers gathered within the Holy Church were in nature scientists of different fields. However the group of scientists without law and moral restraint were no different from the devil.

Dudian felt that for a small person like him to climb the world’s top would be very difficult. However, he never thought that ascending to the heavens would be an easy feat. In his mind another idea emerged. How easy would it be to live a normal life?

As the idea appeared, he though of the sharp words said by the aristocratic girl. Jura couple’s humble posture in front of the nobles was reflected in front of his eyes. He remembered how he had almost lost his life in ‘hunter’ castle.


He gently closed his eyes and asked himself. Would you be able to live a normal life? What would be standing and your posture in that case? Would you be able to escape the disaster the next time?

No, no!

When his life will be threatened he wouldn’t be able to show resistance!

He slowly opened his eyes. There was an unprecedented firmness in his eyes. Even at the expense of freedom! Even if I have to abandon my faith! Even if I have to abandon the compassion! I should live well. If I’m left in the darkness, I will crawl and dig out my own way into the light!
He grabbed a small iron sheet and cut a finger long wound on his arm. He clenched his teeth to overcome the pain. His eyes were becoming increasingly cold as he whispered: “Dudian, feel the pain. You were the one who came up with such a cowardly idea. Are you worthy of the sacrifices that your parents and sister made to give you the only opportunity to survive?”
He clenched his teeth and looked at the blood flowing from his arm as if to keep in mind the pain that he felt. He was quietly warning himself that in the future no matter how many difficulties or obstacles he would encounter, he would never the his direction. He would never let this world to tame him!

Mason, who came back to the bedroom, saw the blood flowing from Dudian’s arm. He sent him off to infirmary.

Scavengers in training.

Time flew by and in the blink of an eye three years passed.

“Dean the special training is finally over and today is the graduation ceremony. We will finally be able to go home to our parents” Zach smiled. He was the only dutiful son in the bedroom. Every month he would take a day off to see his parents. Dudian, Mason and Sham only occasionally visited their parents. They usually wrote letters to them.

Dudian smiled. In the last three years his appearance had greatly changed. The color of his skin is not as white as before, but a healthy wheat color because of the exposure into the sun. His height was one meters and sixty centimeters which was one of the tallest within the peers. After all, he was only twelve years old this year.

“Hey, this was the most special bedroom in the dorms. All four of us finished the training! ” Macon grinned, exposing two rows of white teeth.

Sham said: “I hope in the future when we will be in military, we would be assigned into same unit. However in case we are scattered, don’t forget to come my family’s pub… I will treat!”

Dudian and the other two have long heard about Sham’s tavern, Mason laughed and replied: “Absolutely!”

“Let’s go or we will be late. ” Dudian said.

All of them went out to huge school field. There were dozens of students chatting with each other.

Mason sadly said: “Three years ago there were more than 300 people. We are really lucky to graduate!”

“There are people who haven’t come yet.” Sham shrugged: “I had counted before. There are 106 students who would graduate.”

Zach looked at the woods outside the school field: “Who are they and why they are coming to our graduation?”

Dudian, Sham and Mason looked towards the place Zach was pointing. They saw Toby, but there were eight individuals besides him. They were talking and laughing. All of them were dressed in an elegant manner.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    That was quite the sudden time jump. I also find it ridiculous that he would cut himself like that.

  2. Lol even if there were no threats it’s plain stupid to think of living a normal life of middle ages after coming from a technological world… It would be such a pointlesly wasted life for someone with all that knowledge in his hands to live a medieval mans ignorant life… That should have been his main reason for wanting power instead of not getting trampled by others…

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