DK – Ch 27

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The Dark King – Chapter 27


 A friendly reminder: Don’t forget that the MC is a kid. Literally! You should not have expected him outdo a normal wuxia/xianxia MC…
Dudian and rest were sitting on the board carried by the camel while they were coming close to the gathering place. There were many students standing high and mighty. Although the overall number of students were much smaller than before, but it was still a very impressive result.

“There are so many people who are qualified!” Mason was surprised.

Most of the children came from variety of families, but at the end of the day they were trained by Tobu. It didn’t matter whether you were weak or a girl, after the training a transformation had occurred on each of them. They had gone through very harsh endurance training before the assessment.

Moreover in the desert survival assessment endurance was only a supporting role. To survive through you had to rely on luck and brains.

“I did not expect so many powerful people.” Mason spoke with some emotion. “I thought we were the only ones to desperately try to survive. Never thought that same conditions applied to everyone.”

Everyone was aware of the difficulties of the ten day assessment. The thought that they had survived, was already a miracle. But overall everyone understood that to finish the course, they could not simply continue with their current efforts. They had to push themselves ten times more limits.

At sunset the last desert camel came back. All the students who had passed the assessment were gather in attendance.

At this time, a huge black carriage ride over, stopped in front of everyone. Kris and Tobu jumped out of the carriage. Kris turned towards the carriage and opened the door. Students heard tinkling of chains. The sounds were followed by a distorted figure that was pushed down the carriage. It stumbled on to sand.

Tobu and Kris weren’t polite in the slightest. They brutally pulled the man’s chains to kneel him in front of the students.

Silence fell. There were no sounds but the wind hitting the sand.

Dudian’s pupils suddenly crunched as he saw the figure. His fingers tightly clenched onto sleeves and cold sweat oozed down his spine. The figure locked in chains was an alchemist. Moreover this alchemist was in the same faction as the one he had killed. A ‘life’ alchemist who also had experimented on his own body.

Moreover, the results of the experiment were also terrible!

His body was burly. However after his hip a twisted tail was grown which was wrapped around his body. Alchemist’s face was full of meat knots. A scimitar like extremely sharp bone dagger was raising out of his left wrist. But the most appalling sight was on his chest. On the center there were sharp fangs extended.

This, simply could not be longer called a “person”!

Everyone stared.

The children who had never seen an alchemist stared at the ‘monster’ with wide open eyes.

Tobu looked around everyone, indifferent smiled and said: “First of all I have to congratulate you for passing the survival assessment. You can be ravaged by me for the next six months. Secondly, some things should be known to some of you.” He used his leg to kick the burly man onto ground: ” This is. Your parents should have told you about alchemists, the devil’s apostle!”

The children burst into an uproar. No one had expected for an alchemist to appear in front of them. All kinds of evil legends about alchemists emerged in their minds. That kind of a body confirmed the tales – this is the embodiment of the devil!

“This time, in the place where you were assessed ‘alchemists’ were hidden. Resulting in a lot of people accidentally eliminated.” At this time Kris stood out and said “But fortunately there are no casualties. I have to congratulate all of you because most of the students who had encountered the ‘alchemists’ were not scared but rise up against them!”

She raised her hand and said, “There is a Knight of Light with us today!”

All children were burst into an uproar again, full of excitement, after hearing her words.

Knights of light were not part of military career. But they were exclusive knights under Holy Church. A symbol of noble character and pure will. Even the nobility would wish their children to marry a Knight of Light because of their glory!

“There is a Knight of Light!”

“I would have never expected Knight of Light to help to capture this demon. ”

“I’m way too happy! I want to his appearance! I want to meet the Knight of Light! ”

Mason, Sham and Zach were filled with emotion.

All of the students were envious as someone had assisted the Knight of Light while capturing the demon. Think about the excitement of the situation. How great a chance it would have been!

Kris smiled and said: “In total 38 students encountered an alchemist attack. But 17 of them not only failed to surrender to the devil but delayed it until the arrival of the Knights of Light! Especially last night. Lorian not only avoided the alchemist but also secretly left a signal which allowed Knights of Light to smoothly pursuit the demon and capture it in one swoop!”

“I declare that all the candidates who assisted the Knights of Light in capturing the alchemists will be rewarded with the second military merit at once. This will be recorded under your household. In the future if you become guards, you will begin with a rank of captain and will have a right to become a ‘knight’!”….When she mentioned the ‘knight’ part it referred to the ‘knight’ of military.

Hearing her words, students had envy flushed in their eyes.

Knight and the guard are completely two different levels, ah!

Although the knights of the military and knight of light are not comparable in status, but it is still a favorable status. It’s only slightly inferior to the noble status. If in the future you can become a Knight commander then your status would be higher than of noble family’s. As for the Knight of Light, nobles would kill to have them as guests in their households.

“In addition to what we know ten days ago Knights of Light found several footprints near an alchemist’s secret base. According to their speculation someone was caught by the alchemist, but successfully escaped. I don’t know who was it so please stand out so that I could appoint your military reward. ” Kris suddenly said in sweet tone.

Hearing this everyone was surprised. For a moment they looked at each other.

Dudian’s heart was tightened. He saw Zach and Sham look at him, waiting for his actions. Only three of them know the story.

Looking at the eyes of the three, filled with envy and excitement, Dudian’s heart sank. After they had ran out, he had cleaned and concealed the footprints in worry that some other alchemist may follow them.

When he had killed the alchemist he wanted to conceal his whereabouts because he did not expect Knights of Light will appear. It was to avoid other alchemists. Thinking about it right now, he had done the right thing by hiding their footprints. He had tied the alchemy notes onto his leg. If it was detected by a Knight of Light, he didn’t know what kind of a big crime it was.

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