DK – Ch 25

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The Dark King – Chapter 25

Alchemy Notes

Hopefully in few hours we will have another 2 chapters… Hopefully!


Faintly, Dudian once again touched old man’s body. Even though there was a fear in his heart, he was not as nervous as he had been previously. He touched down the robe. He found two object wrinkled in robe.

He moved the first object towards the sky to identify it in the star light.

It was a small sickle used to ignite fire.

His heart was pleasantly surprised. He tried hard to use the friction from fire sickle to ignite a small torch. Soon a small fire was used to light the darkness. He clearly saw old man’s fractured arm from the elbow. Ribs of his chest were blown and the rest was charred.

Dudian’s heart beat fast. He confirmed that old man’s chest didn’t undulate so he felt more relieved. There were papers scattered on the ground while pieces of the cloth worn by old man’s were missing because of the explosion.

As the fire got bigger, Dudian’s could see the appearance of the chamber after the explosion. All kinds of equipment were thrown to ground and damaged. Some of the things were buried under the sand which had flowed from outside. He looked at the crossbow which had its strings broken. Obviously it could not be used.

Dudian’s mind was distressed. He was preparing to fire the chamber to completely burn it. Suddenly he saw quite a few books on the other side of the chamber. He got close to the book shelf and the first book to catch his eyes was named ‘Alchemy of Life’.

In addition to ‘Alchemy of Life’, there were several alchemy books. There was a small manual with no name imprinted on it. He took it up and opened it.

“Alchemy Notes?” Dudian was surprised. He checked the content of the manual. It was actually the old man’s alchemy diary.

“Giant wall calendar. Year 287. The Black Snow Season.”

“Today’s experiment is progressing smoothly. Sure enough to create life I have to use humans as experimental materials. The problem is how to find the perfect material…”

Dudian rolled the pages, there were some records of the experimental process and other events. He didn’t look into details, instead hid it inside his cloth. As for the ‘Alchemy of Life’ and the other books, he simply skimmed through. Although the naming of the books were pretty impressive but they all give the feeling of primary biology books.

He did not take these books as they were too thick. It would be hard to hide and they will be easily exposed. From old man’s actions he knew that alchemy in this world didn’t have a good reputation. Or else he would not hide in this desert to secretly do experiments.

Dudian ripped the books, threw them on the flames, and burned the fire. He threw the rest of the books on the body of the old man. Later on he found the oiler, which had fallen to the ground, and poured the oil into the old man. The first thought was to destroy everything.

As the fire spread, Dudian ascended the wooden staircase he had rolled down. He climbed out and looked back. From the gap he could vaguely see the reflection of the fire. He had a hint of melancholy for a moment. He sighed, turned and ran along the route towards their camp.

He came back to see the fire pit burning but couldn’t find Mason and the other two.

Dudian refused to sit down and rest, dragged his exhausted body around the ground looking up. Soon he saw traces of traction, immediately followed the sand marks. In a distant he saw a shadow moving.

As he got the closer he saw Zach dragging Mason and Sham.

“Wasn’t he affected?” Dudian was confused. Then he thought back. Zach had always been a cautious character. Most probably he had played dead the same way as Dudian had done.

Dudian’s heart warmed as he saw Zach struggling to drag Sham and Mason. He tied Alchemy Notes onto his leg with a belt and went after the Zach.

“Who!” Zach jumped in fear as heard the sounds. He released Sham and Mason and nervously bent over to grab sand.

“It’s me,” said Dudian.

Zach heard Dudian’s voice. He was surprised: “You come back? Are you alright? What happened to that monster? ”

Hearing this, Dudian understood that Zach had secretly watch him and the old man while they fought. Moreover he had seen the mutation: “I’m lucky to run away. We should leave quickly.” He grabbed Mason’s arm and saw him still breathing. He was relieved to know that the green fog was not a lethal toxin.

Zach face a white because of fear. He could not help but look behind Dudian as if the monster was gazing at them from the darkness. He shivered and grabbed the Sham and said in hurry: “Run… Let’s not get caught again”

Dudian dragged Sham following in the back. The water was sufficient in that place. Although the old man was dead, but there was no guarantee that there won’t be other alchemists who would come to visit. When they find the next water source, at least he would be more experienced.

Half an hour later.

Above the old man’s secret chamber, few shadows appeared. The shorter one pulled out a small oil lamp and lit the fire. He looked through the gap down to the chamber. He saw burning fire inside the messy room.

“Has been killed.” One of the shadows, a graceful figure seemed to see what had happened. Her voice was full of chill as she continued: “The corpse it ruined. The den is burnt. It seem they didn’t want use to trace any clues.”

“These beasts and their vicious methods. They are really the apostles of the devil.” Another burly figure gloomily said.

“The alchemists have long sold their souls to the devil,” he said, “to get the power of the devil at all costs. Killing each other is nothing for them. But they should not fight with each other for no reason. I think there is something very important that made them fight each other. It would be very good if we had come earlier. ”

“Look at there! What kind of force was released in here to instantly destroy it? ” The previous graceful figure was pointing inside the burnt chamber, and the collapse of the gap, said: “It seems these alchemists had terrible devil power. “

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  1. Thanks for the chapters.

    Also, what do you mean “Hopefully in few hours we will have another 2 chapters”, I thought you were taking it easy on yourself. Why the double to, possibly, quadruple release all of the sudden.

    Special occasion?

    1. I got lots of free time so I’m doing my best to translate as much as I can. Actually chapter 26 is ready but the thing is I don’t want to release it without chapter 27… Both of them kind of support each other… so like if I can manage to finish 27, then I’ll release two more chapters.. or else tomorrow kinda 3 or 4 chapters

  2. Thanks for the chapters!
    to not know about any kind of explosives that’s really the dark age… I was kinda surprised at how their knowledge would be so shallow but I guess even if the nobles know they might not publicize this information.

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