DK – Ch 22

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The Dark King – Chapter 22

The Creator

I would like to thank CursedReader for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian slowly opened his eyes. By the shimmer of fire he saw the old man dragging him toward the darkness.

His eyes flashed but he gave up on the idea of attacking. As throwing the sand at old man’s back would not achieve any effect. Instead he would lose the chance of surprise attack. Moreover he had been dragged out for three or four meters. The best he could do right now was to grab a stone that was nearby the fire pit. But the stones near the fire were burning hot. Even if he grabbed the stone, he would have to casually throw it without aiming properly.

“I can’t step into his lair.” Dudian knew he was in great danger right now. Many ideas spun up in his brain. He had to do something before entering the lair. After all, he was not aware if there was someone else in old man’s lair. He didn’t want to be left in old man’s mercy!

The old man went back to the place where Mason wants to urinate. He bent down to pick up the dagger.

Dudian decided the moment had come. His eyes fell on the side the fire pit where stones laid. He grabbed one. At the moment it was hot but he could still bear the pain. He stood up and using the strength of the momentum threw the stone the best he could.

Bang!. The stone did not hit old man’s head but hit his back.

The old man cried in pain, stumbled but didn’t fall. He turned to see Dudian running away. Never he would think that he will be played out by a kid not once but twice. Anger burst out of him: “I’ll kill you!”. He tossed his right hand forward. Something flew out of his gown’s large sleeve.

It hit Dudian.

Dudian was thrown to the ground. His back was in pain. A pain so bitter that he almost fainted. His heart was in a loss: “The old man should not be so fast to catch up, was it a stone?”

He reluctantly looked back, his pupils suddenly tightening.

He saw the scene completely beyond his imagination. A snake like being which was attached to old man’s sleeve was flickering in the light of the fire. It was as thick as baby’s wrist and more than 3 meters long. Cuff was completely torn. Impressively, the external body part was attached to old man’s shoulder and was rooted there.

The most terrible though were the blood veins that were bulging on his arm’s surface. It was looking strange, hideous and disgusting.

Two words emerged out in Dudian’s mind: “biochemical transformation!”

Born in the family of scientists, Dudian knew that biochemical transformation is real. Only in the old days, experiments such as this were taboo. Any biochemical human experiments were illegal. In World War II was the only occasion where they were publicly used as weapons of war.

He had heard his father and sister chat about experiments of this kind. But he would never expected to see this incredible scene in a world which haven’t had an industrial revolution.

Dudian was shocked. The contact point of old man’s shoulder and the transmutation grew for a few centimeters. The new section was stained with large number of silky tissue fluids.

Old man stared at Dudian: “The little devil, I will not kill you so easily. I will cut you into tiny bits. Actually you shall become part of my experiments!” Finished, he took big steps toward Dudian.

Dudian’s face was pale. At this moment he finally understood that it was not part of the assessment but a real danger. He wanted to get up but back pain was so bad that he couldn’t move. Moreover, the previous time when the old man had used the green fog, although he tried his best to hold his breath, but it [had] still affected him. He felt weakness in his limbs.

“Want to run?” old man looked at him ferociously. He used his big hands to grab Dudian’s hair and dragged him away.

Dudian grasped onto old man’s wrist in pain. It felt almost his scalp would be torn out. The man stopped dragging him. They were in front of a pit which Dudian had seen before.

“Roll in!” Old man kicked Dudian’s body into the pit.

Dudian rolled down. Along the way his body hit quite a few stairs. His arms and back were in extreme pain. After a few breaths his body hit the ground. He saw the place illuminated by the dim light. He was in an underground chamber.

At the same time, an old man climbed down the ladder.

Dudian looked up and notice that the entrance to the chamber was covered in wood. Most probably one of them passed through the top of the shelter and alerted old man.

He smiled wryly. Wherever the plants were dense would also be abundant with the water. Logically that would be the best suitable place for a shelter location. He should have thought about it.

Old man didn’t even care to look at Dudian but quickly came to a table not far from the entrance. There were lots of pills and vials on the table. He mixed and poured few of them in glass of water and drank it.

Dudian looked around. He saw few cupboards standing next to each other. There were large glass of bottles on cupboards. Some of them had human hands, while one had a woman’s head inside it. The rest of the bottles contained hearts, lobes and other organs.

Old man noticed Dudian’s eyes: “Don’t be in haste. I’ll find a big container for you too.”

Dudian face became ugly, said: “Holy Church said that people like you have sold their souls to the devil, right? ”

Ricky old man scoffed and said: “The devil? The Holy Church would use the creator and the devil argument to fool the world. When I finish with my experiment, I will be the Creator!”

“What experiment?” Asked Dudian. Naturally he was not interested about the experiments. He wanted to use the conversation to buy some time to restore his physical strength. Even to think of a way to get out.

Old man sneered: “Don’t even try to attempt to run. Do you know what this is?” He opened a drawer and took out a small crossbow.

Dudian’s face changed, the situation was already against him. However he didn’t give up. Biting his teeth he continued: ” Why would the creator use the murder as a tool?

“Well, Its the wisdom of the Creator, its not possible for you to understand,” said the old man and sneered, “great alchemy will cast immortality and you should feel` honored to be the material to my experiment.”

“Alchemy?” Dudian hesitated.

He had some knowledge about the introduction to the Alchemy. It could be said that it was the foundation to chemistry which originated in Egypt. Conversion of a base metal into gold was one of the aims of alchemy tales.

However, the ultimate goal of alchemy was to create ‘Philosopher’s stone’ or ‘Sage’s stone’. According to the legend it could turn a person into an immortal!

In history, there have been many great people who were exposed because of their practice of alchemy. Even the famous physicist Newton was an alchemy enthusiast.

“Are you an alchemist?” Dudian looked at the old man with alarm. “Isn’t alchemy is about turning metal into gold?”

Old man squinted his eyes and said: “I did not think you knew so much. But there are two alchemist faction. One school studies the basic materials to manufacture the ‘Philosopher’s stone’ to gain the eternal life. The other group, including me, study the living things to create ‘life’, to become the Creator!”

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