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The Dark King – Chapter 17

Survival training

Time flies, in the blink of an eye three months has passed.

These three months, on daily basis they had long-distance endurance training. In addition they had “survival teaching program”. It was a general term. It referred to methods and tactics tested over a long period of time. It was divided into two main categories, namely “foraging” and “collection of resources”!

This was the basic ability that had to be mastered by every scavenger.

“Foraging” is subdivided into “water”, “shelter”, “access to food” and “subsistence”.

Each course contains a wide range of content. The first is the “Water Source” course, which focuses on finding water sources in different environments. These environments are divided into four broad categories: jungle, desert, mountain and swamp!

In the jungle looking for the water is much easier in comparison to the other environments. But organisms lurked in the jungle. “Survival” course to taught how to avoid these dangers too.

In addition to looking for water, there are water filters and different water quality testing and so on.

Obviously, scavengers not only have to survive outside the giant wall. They also need to collect different parts of the water samples and bring back to the giant wall for the studies. Entire giant wall of Silva was a huge solid shelter.

In addition to “foraging”, the “collection of resources” is also broken down into four major classes. The amount of knowledge is extremely large, namely “mining”, “collecting herbs”, “geological survey” and “exploration”.

Each of these ones, in normal condition is a separate course specializing in a college!

In other words, in the college one needs to study for three years one of these courses and they can graduate. But in here within just three years, all of them have to learnt!

According to Toby, only after mastering everything they can survive.

The three months for Dudian, the most difficult is not eight courses, but endurance training and “mining” course physical training. Nevertheless his progress in the last three months is extremely obvious. The first week it took him 30 minutes for full five laps of run. In half a month time he used 20 minutes for five laps. After half a month his timing decreased to 15 minutes.
After two months he was given the right to eat breakfast but he still the last child to arrive during five lap runs.

His physical abilities were affected during three hundred year sleep in the frozen storage. However his willpower was not affected at all.

In the second month, the physical consequences of the frozen storage were completely eliminated. It would normally take another three to four months to completely eliminate. But in this month’s super-strength exercises sped up the process. His speed and endurance were amazingly upgraded as a result of daily trainging and he was able to secure a place in the top ten!

At the end of the third month, he was already in top three according to the performance!

This amazing pace of progress was noticed by all the other children. Especially Mason and two other boys who lived in the same with Dudian. They gave him a nickname, “mad cow”.
“The law, the second chapter, the normative role of law … …”

In quiet library, Dudian was standing in front of the books of the law section. In his hands he was holding an introductory law book. Since the beginning of the third month he was out in library for ten minutes every day, which was the longest time he could squeeze out.
“Dean, why are you in front of the law section? I asked the teacher and was told that there is an examination today. Pay close attention to review the past knowledge or else you won’t pass and will be eliminated.” another child who was reading books next to geology section spoke to Dudian..

Dudian made a hand gesture: “Sshh!” He continued to focus on reading the basic law book.
After ten minutes passed he gently put the book back into it’s place in the shelf. He turned towards herbal bookshelf and skillfully took out a book called “Plants”. He quickly rolled over the pages for a review. After making few confirmations he put the book away and turned to leave.

“Dean!” Mason quickly caught up, said: “Do you know what today’s exam is about?”

“I do not know,” said Dudian.

“I hope they won’t test the geological survey. I have not had time to study. ” Macon eyes a turn towards Dudian and he smiles: “Most of the other things I can help you out with. If you have the chance, how are you going to help me out?”

Dudian snapped at him: “No tricks. Do not even think of cheating. ”

“Ohh, come on. We can try to sneakily pass few answers.” Mason bitterly said: “I do not want to be eliminated. Teacher said that in case we will lose the qualification to be a guard and be eliminated. We have to pay for the course fee by ourselves. My family can not afford such a high cost.”

Dudian shrugged his shoulders and said nothing could be done.

Indeed, on the third day of the special training, Tobu had said these words. But Dudian has long known that the training camp is in fact used to train the scavengers. However in name it is know as selection for guards. Even in case of elimination, most will still be the guards within the Silva’s giant wall. As for Tobu’s remarks, Dudian’s was sure that it was just a speculation.

Of course, for other children that was undoubtly a bad news!

It was also because of these words, most of the children who wanted to quit, clinged their teeth and continued the harsh training.

Soon, both of them came to the school field. All of the children were gathered, talking quietly trying to guess the forthcoming examination.

It was not long before Tobu appeared punctually. As he came over, everyone meticulously stood in neat rows. This was the result of experiencing first hand the pain of being kicked by Tobu.

However, Tobu didn’t came alone. By his side there was a tall gravecul girl in her early twenties. Her face was full of mature sexy charm. It seemed as if she had lost her childish naivety long time ago.

In fact, most of the ten-year-old children knew some aspects of knowledge regarding sex. As in this world, it was the legal age of marriage. After all it was not easy for most people to live to sixty when radiation was so corrosive.

Tobu coldly smiled and spoke in a consistent low tone: “After three-month training, you barely have the basic garbage guards qualifications. Starting today, every six month, we will conduct a final exam. All losers will be eliminated!

Everyone was tense after Tobu spoke.

Dudian also realized that the test is not a simple detection of knowledge and soon Tobu’s words confirmed his idea: “This assessment is very simple. Instructor Kris will send you to a place where you only need to survive for ten days. If you can you can be qualified to continue the training!”

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  1. OH WOW. So now it’s time to thin out the herd.

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  2. Radiation is not something that you can just get rid of… Radiation comes from irradiated particles and having these particles on or in your body will cause you to be constantly bombarded by radiation energy. If these particles are fused with your body you can’t just get rid of them. Nor can you undo the damage done to your body. No modern medicine can undo the damage. There are some medicine that can clean specific types of radiated particles by bonding with them but you can’t get rid of all of the particles. You would need something at the level of bioengineered bacteria or nanomachines that find these particles in your body and somehow get rid of them. Also you would need something to repair the damage done or you will be looking at a very increased chance of cancer in the future. So i’m curious how is the mc planning on getting rid of the radiation and fixing the damage done to his body… Since it is just impossible in modern medicine to fix the damage. Modern treatment is focused on containing damage and prevention of future cancer risk by taking some special supplements. Even so these are not solutions but just patchwork… Even if mc was from future where bioengineering technology reached such a level i doubt our mc can bioengineer special bacteria to get rid of his radiation particles and fix the damage done to his cells at this frugal land with no technology… It’s not easy to get to that level of technology and it can’t be done in one persons lifetime starting from 0 even when he knows how to…

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