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The Dark King – Chapter 12

Super Computer

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the 12th chapter!


Dudian took off his coat. The next moment he found a slightly dry spot on the ground. He used his bare arms to crawls in the cave. Fortunately, there is not steel or glass in these garbage dumps. After all steel is recyclable so no poor people will be extravagant enough to throw it away. As for the glass, the poor can not afford it.

The pungent smell was constantly suffocating Dudian. He was at point where he almost throws up everything in his stomach. Time to time he touched wet soft objects. In the dark, he could not see but many ideas such as lump of feces or rot body of a mouse came to his mind. Even the poorest of the poor would avoid a place such as this one.

Dudian clenched his teeth, crawled seven or eight meters and finally touched a hard object. It was his frozen storage apparatus!

He touched along the edge of the shell, soon found a button and pressed it.

“Fingerprints are being verified…” The mechanical sound echoed in darkness.

‘Click’, frozen storage opened. The door of the storage slightly arched the garbage upwards. But more garbage fell into the storage room, filling most of the free space inside.

Dudian glanced at the door, where a red colored figure was present.

This was the year.

It is this that let him know that he regained consciousness in three hundred years.

The other reason for him to understand that a full three centuries had passed is that the energy tube of the cold storage could only supply for a full three hundred years. That time span was the limit.

Dudian reached out to the inside and soon touched a raised button. Click sound echoed again. A built-in palm-sized screen popped up.

“Scaning the eyes …”

The previous mechanical sound talked again as a beam shot onto Dudian’s eyes from palm-sized screen.

“Verification: Pass …” mechanical voice resounded. The screen ejected a three-dimensional hologram. There were two options, start and exit.

Dudian said “start.”

A the outbreak of the original disaster, he wasn’t just frozen. In addition, the storage had a super-computer in it. It can be said that his super-computer was the essence of the old civilization. It stored information regarding science, technology as well as social history. These are the informative things and do not account for much memory. Nevertheless, super-computer included informations regarding social, scientific and technological development of every country, which required at least tens of thousands of gigabytes of storage.

Doudian thought of his father’s last words: “Remember, you must rebuild the human civilization … …”

Obviously frozen storage capsule meant to escape the disaster, but his father also took into account the survival of the humanity after the disaster. The outbreak of the global nuclear bomb caused a devastating blow to the human civilization. This super-computer had all the wisdom of the old world!

The basic principles of manufacturing gunpowder and firearms, naturally also include within the data.

“The world has no” electricity “, but fortunately the remaining energy in the freezer is enough to run the super-computer even though the body can not be frozen anymore. But at least it is enough to maintain the basic operation of the cold storage. It was enough to study for few months. Dudian didn’t know the exact power voltage but he estimated that the super-computer’s energy consumption was less than a laptop’s.
However, Dudian did not have so much time to stay here. There is no time to often come here to watch, as he would cause Jura couple to have suspicions.

“Enough time to learn how to make gunpowder, generators and check out the tools of the steam engine era” Dudian lying on the edge of the cold storage, began to study instantly.

He resisted the foul smell of feces and rotten animals. Gradually his body seemed to adapt. His mind was focused on the contents that were displayed by the super-computer.

“Sulfur decomposition … …”

“Electricity improved steam engine …”

In this small and dark garbage cave, Dudian concentrated on learning. Unwittingly, Dudian was not completely absorbed by studying. His concept of time was very harsh. At dusk, he rubbed sore eyes and stopped the super-computer teaching. Not eating and drinking for a whole day, he felt his belly burn.

“I do know when I will come over here the next time. If an earthquake happens and capsule is uncovered, someone may notice and excavate it.” Dudian made the decision that it would be too dangerous to the super-computer over here.
Previously, he did not bring in the Meishan orphanage. Because in the orphanage there was a high chance that it would be exposed by the children.

Now though the conditions were different. He lives in residential areas where for residents a small piece of metal is not worth to care for. Even in the “scavengers” training camp, it would not cause any attention.

Crack, Dudian opened the cover. He used his small nail to eject the small, chip-sized super-computer. The energy tube is connected to the circuits of the capsule so it would be very hard to dismantle it out.

Dudian looked at this little chip and sighed. Thousands of years of human history and technological inventions are compressed inside this a small object. If the rulers of this world know the value of this chip, he did not know how crazy things will become.

Duncan carefully put away the chip. He closed the storage’s door and hoped that he will see it another time. He began to crawl back to the surface. As soon as he left the garbage heap, he felt as if he was baptized from the hell and made into heaven. In comparison to the air inside, even though everywhere was filled with feces and urination he felt very fresh after he climbed out.

He took a few deep breaths and looked around. He noticed no one around and coat was still on the ground. He picked up the coat and quickly left the dump.

Not far away from the garbage dump, the rain water had amassed together into a small lake because of continuous fall of rain. Dudian did bother to control the radiation. He put away his coat and began to clean his arm and chest. As long as he could produce stable power supply, he will be able to find ways to reduce the body radiation from super-computer.

Previously, he found a bit of information in the supercomputer. There was information that documented the method to purify the radiation. But time was limited so he did not read it. After all, even if he knows now it is practically useless.
Soon his body was slightly cleaner. Sticky things have been wiped out. Especially his left hand which was stained with feces. He had bursts of nausea.

Dudian he knew his hair and body still exude a strong stench. He had to go home to wash properly, because if he continued to use this rain water he would get sick.

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  1. The world got destroyed because of wars but here’s a brilliant idea. Lets add blueprints of weapons to the information chip ^_^

    It’s literally pointless to rebuild the civilization without an immortal entity to rule and supervise the whole of human race till eternity. So what if he manages to rebuild the civilization and keep it under control? He will die of old age soon enough and then people will become just like the ones from past. In a few centuries the world will quickly develop again and soon be destroyed again by the same reasons why it was destroyed the first time… So pointless…

    Btw the cold storage wasn’t effected by earthquakes or any kind of natural disaster for 300 years but he’s worried it will be effected in the few months he woke up? Seriously?! Sigh… If you are placing a cold storage and expect it to last 300 years it’s pretty logical to assume you would place it in a stable non earthquake zone…

    Besides how can you expect someone to rebuild the civilization in his lifetime? It’s practically impossible even if he knows how to build everything. There is a huge gap between eras and some things can’t be done with one mans efforts. He may bring about steam age and proceed to industrilization but he would be stuck there because of his limited lifespan. For more advanced technology there are special materials needed which is obtained from all over the world. That is why a high population is imperative for industrilization. He may be able to see simple electronics being produced if he were to rush it up but i doubt people could keep up with his revolutions material and general knowledge needs.

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