DK – Ch 11

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The Dark King – Chapter 11

Back to slums

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Fernando was driving the carriage. They didn’t stop at “scavengers” castle seen by Dudian previously. Instead, they directly went to residential district. Although the carriage stopped at the wall separating commercial and residential district. Dudian had to get off and go back on his own.

“Do I fail to be a “scavenger” as well?” “Dudian had some doubts so he directly asked.

Fernando jumped back to the carriage and impatiently answered: “We have your results so there is no point in going to check it again. You should wait for few more days and someone will come to report.” He flicked the whip and the black carriage sped away.
Dudian frowned slightly, turned and walked down the street towards the Jura couple’s house. Fortunately, he had previously followed the Avril house carriage to return once, so he knew his way or he would have got lost.

He was very tired by the time he returned to 108 Lin Kang street (it’s the Jura and Gray house address). His breath was rough, body was sweating and legs were sore. Although the Jura couple’s house was not far from the wall, only seven or eight miles, but hist body has not recovered fully as he was in frozen storage for long time. Right now, his physical strength was much weaker than the average child.
Jura was looking out the window when she saw Dudian turn the street corner. Immediately her eyes lit up and she quickly went outside followed by Gray.

“How come nobody sends you off? Why did you come back alone?”

Gray saw Dudian’s unnatural tired condition. So he immediately picked up Dudian’s tired and weak little body and quickly returned home. After closing the door, Jura found a cotton towel to clean up Dudian and asked in a concerning tone: “Are you alright? Didn’t they like you?”

Dudian, seeing their reaction, knew that both Jura and Gray knew that he was taken from the law school, “Did you know?”

“An official came over to inform us that you got the qualification to join the guard.” Gray’s face was red as he suspiciously asked: “Did you fail the test?”

Dudian knew that “hunter” and “scavenger” identity should be kept confidential so he said: “I passed. After a few days someone will come to report. But I do not want to go, can I refuse this?”

If he can choose, he is willing to study the law first. More or less he is clueless about the current world so he wants to master more things before going outside of the giant wall.

Gray was relieved. He laughed and said: “Don’t you know that many people crave for a position such as that? Oh my! You want to refuse? If you join to be a guard, you do not have to worry about eating and drinking for the rest of your life. It has a great salary, moreover nobody dares to bully you!”
Jura looked softly at Dudian and said, “Do you still want to study the Law?

Dudian nodded earnestly.

Jura smiled and said: “If you go over there to train, you will learn law too. Your studies won’t be limited to only law but medicine, geology, sewing and so on. It is a comprehensive school. ”

“SCHOOL?” Dudian was confused.

Many people could not tell the difference between colleges and schools! In short, the college is specialized one, such as the Law School, Sewing College while school is composed of multiple colleges, and learn something very comprehensive!

“Nothing to worry about! You will learn the law when you join the guards.” Gray patted Dudian’s shoulder. There was a wide smile on his face and he continued to encourage Dudian: “I heard there will be a training camp for elimination. So just concentrate on the camp!”

“Auntie.” Dudian seize the opportunity to speak to Jura: “I want to borrow some pocket money!”

Jura was surprised for a moment, then smiled and said: “How much do you want? I’ll give you! Don’t ever talk about borrowing and repaying, we are a family!”

Dudian had prepared a reasonable answer: “I want to buy some food and go back to slums to visit the children in the Meishan orphanage. I had already planned to borrow money from you, visit the orphanage and come back afterwards”.

Jura smiled and said: “Alright.” She took out a pile of green paper notes out of her wallet and counted them. She gave bank notes amounting to a hundred coins to Dudian.

Since the invention of printing technology ten years ago, under the management of the Bank of Silva large amounts of banknotes were issued. In just a few years, they had replaced the coins and circulated to various households in residential and commercial district. Everyone has gradually become accustomed to using paper notes to trade. Nevertheless, people still addressed the amount using the word “coins” even though the payment was in paper notes.

“Thank you!” Dudian immediately took bank notes and put them into his pocket.

Gray saw this and did not say anything. He told to Jura to prepare dinner.

The next morning.

Dudian woke up early, Ate his breakfast after washing himself and left the house. Although he did not know when the “scavengers” would send people to pick him up, he knew that he did not have to go to law school for a few days.

“Sulfur … …” Dudian vaguely remembered the content of gunpowder. It was a festive when his sister told him how to make firecrackers at home. He was not so much interested in gunpowder so he could not remember the exact formula in addition to sulfur.

Dudian did not go directly to the purchase the sulfur. He hired a carriage and went to slums.

In the slums, Dudian went directly towards the Meishan orphanage. He passed the orphanage and then went over another four streets to enter unused streets. Along the way he smelled scent of feces and saw rotten bodies of insects. Not long after he reached a huge garbage dump.
The garbage dump of the Silva was located in slums.

There was nothing valuable in here to anyone.

Therefore, even the poor people would avoid this garbage dump, because all items that were discarded here has long been rotten.

Dudian standing far away, could still smell rancid odor of feces mixed with the smell of urine. Excretion problem of the Silva world was solved by directing it over here.
There were seven or eight garbage heaps standing like huge mountains. He couldn’t see what was behind. He looked around to confirm that no one was around. He came near a rubbish filled area. Dudian removed the large garbage piece from the area. Later he bent down, took out a piece of cloth and began to clean around a small black hole. It was big enough to accommodate his small and thin frame.

It was not a coincidence that he came to this place.


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