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Azief after looking for a while in that direction once again gazed back at the information window of his village.

Azief did not treat the consciousness scanning as anything big since he has already expected it long ago.

Even though he needs more people to rank up his village, he does have some facilities which can be upgraded to aid the development of his village

He then began to check the facilities.

Inn made of wood. Could promote hygiene and deter low level monster from entering the vicinity of the village. Ten percent fast regeneration of wounds if rest in the Inn. This small inn could accommodate to 20 people. The grant for the Inn ownership belongs to the Village Head unless the Village Head would sell the ownership to someone else. If the owner is not present in the inn, the automated response will be activated and will ask each person who wanted to spend a night in the Inn to pay a certain amount of money if they wanted to enter. Please specify the amount when you can. Could be upgraded.


He then specifies 10 copper for normal room and 20 copper for suites room.  Since there is nobody coming down to his village yet he doesn’t think he should charge high.

Not to mention there is not yet market price. Gold is easy to get if you are strong but sooner or later, gold that comes down from loot will have a price.

When that time comes, there will be a standardized market. Then he checks another facility.

A granary is necessary in any village. Made of runic wood. Could withstand winters and low level monster attack. Able to store food for a long time before it rots or decomposed. A small medium granary for a village. Could be used for emergency relief and feeds about 500 people if the granary is full. Only one granary for each village. Can be upgraded

Bonus: As reward for being the first one to create a granary on Earth, you are awarded a full stocked granary. Use it wisely. Also included in the granary is some Immortal Peach Seed from the Jade Palace.


He upgraded the Granary then by investing more money in it. The sound of money being drained does not deter Azief will at all. After all, money is not a problem. This is for long term use after all.

If more people come to his village, food will become important.

Not everyone will be like Wang Jian who possesses an Energy Disperse Stage strength and not many people would be like him which already possess a Seed Forming Stage strength.

There will be people who have normal profession and considering the information he got from the Dark Speedster, some were even groomed to be non-combatant profession in Revolutionary Army citizens and World Government .

Some become farmers who could create fields of food and fruits. Some become builders who can create high towering buildings.

Azief also needs that kind of people in his territory.

Most of the people under him right now, have classes that are related to combat instead of production class. If there is one only Sian is a production class user and she is proof that production class user has low strength.

A granary is necessary in any village. Made of runic stones. Could withstand winters and low level monster attack. Able to store food for a long time before it rots or decomposed. A small medium granary for a village. Could be used for emergency relief and feeds about 1000 people if the granary is full. Only one granary for each village. Can be upgraded



As for the Immortal Peach Seed is has already been planted in one of the fields.

Azief hope something good can come of it. Maybe it will be related with Seed Forming Stage benefit.

The reason why Azief thinks like this is because only Seed Forming Stage user could activate the Civilization seed.

After that he checks the ranch.

The ranch is important for anyone who wanted to create a cavalry corps. The ranch is a small ranch and could only accommodate to 400 horses. Only two types of horses are available right now. Can be upgraded to increase the size of the ranch.

Fire Horse: eats heats and flames. Very suitable if anyone wanted to traverse the Flame Regions.


Ice Horse: only drinks water and can also hibernate when they are weak. Could withstand harsh conditions like harsh cold winters and move unhindered in snowy regions.


Azief has already planned to create a cavalry corps so he quickly upgraded the ranch.

Even now, he has some flying cavalry thanks to the Pegasus flock that Sofia and Loki stole in Athens

He could already imagined ordering a cavalry attack with hundreds of warhorses trampling his enemies.

The ranch is important for anyone who wanted to create a cavalry corps. The ranch is a small ranch and could only accommodate to 800 horses. Only three types of horses are available right now. Can be upgraded to increase the size of the ranch.

Fire Horse: eats heats and flames. Very suitable if anyone wanted to traverse the Flame Regions.


Ice Horse: only drinks water and can also hibernate when they are weak. Could withstand harsh conditions like harsh cold winters and move unhindered in snowy regions.

Wind Horse: A horse that is focused on speed. Their charging speed is one of the best and is good for riders who wanted to optimize speed in riding.



Seeing the improvement happens almost immediately made Azief feels like he is playing a city management game.

Outside the area of the ranch suddenly multiplied. The same could be said for the Granary which is now as high as a two story buildings.

The soldiers who was seeing this improvement only smiles but they did not jump out in excitement or anything like that since they are at their post guarding the village from any external threats.

Sometimes there would be some dumb monster trying to rush into the village but immediately dispatched by the arrow attack of the patrolling soldiers.

Most of the monster is just weak monsters.

But Azief is a cautious man. He never will leave his territory so undefended. He once saw a great city trampled under a great monster horde. He out of everyone understand the danger of monsters gathering together.

A few of stray monster might not be a challenge. A weak level monster might be easy to dispatch.

But if hundreds of thousands of weak level monster rush towards you and you did not possess heaven defying strength like Azief, the only road you left with is the road of death.

Azief heaved a sigh of relief as he then went outside.

Looking at the sky he smiles.

‘Today seems like a good day to get into battle. I also am tired being in this camp. Need to stretch my muscle’ he said with a smirk on his face.

And then slowly he floated up.

Nobody notices that Azief was floating.

It was only after he floated up about ten meter from the ground, somebody from the farm notices the floating silhouette.

With the sun blaring hot in the sky, his shadows elongated like a shadow that covered everything

Then with a boom, he went right up to the clouds.

The soldiers who were patrolling around the wooden walls was shocked when they heard the sonic boom but when they see the black robe person flying up with a speed akin of thunder, they just smiles bitterly.

Loki who realizes this too little to late could only grumble in the barracks to one of the officers of the army.

‘Azief is joining the Hunt.’ Loki sighs. But Loki understands. Azief must feel suffocated here. And he does need to stretch his muscle.

Nobody understands Azief more than Loki does.

With his Seed Forming Stage energy, there is not many in the world right now that can fight toe to toe with him in one on one match.

If people could not use any artifacts, then Loki can bet with a hundred percent certainty that there is nobody in this world will become Azief match.

The strongest in the world. Azief got this title faster than before. It is different from the previous timeline.

Azief got this title when he becomes the first sovereign. But before that he got many competitors for that title.

Raymond. Katarina. Jean. Oreki. Hikigaya. This is all his rivals at that era. The era before the Sovereigns.

After the first sovereign was crowned, the second came. And then the third until the seventh.

By that time, people worshipped the Seven Sovereigns like Gods.

They all have their own temple and servants. Japanese usually worshiped the Two Sages Beings which is Oreki and Hikigaya.

Their temple on Kyoto was the largest one in the Asian countries.

Katarina is usually worshipped by the Russian and some European countries also under her patronage.

The Temple of the Snow Deity in Kiev is one of the most artistically built during that time. It was full of her sculpture in a holy posture.

Raymond was big in North America and Central America.

He is also worshipped is some places in Mexico.

The people of European also worshipped Jean the Time God who sometimes bestowed his gift of eternal youth to some of his followers and champion.

He, Loki also have majority of the Norwegian descent worship him and the Scandinavian countries usually will give his temple an offering every year during his holidays.

But, the temple of the God of Death is the most full of believers.

You would think as a person who held the title God Of Death people would not worship him but maybe it is because Azief indifference to the race of people that make him such an effective god.

For example, Katarina always chose her champion from Russia and always favored the Russian empire people when she bestowed her gifts.

The same could be said to the other Sovereigns.

Even Loki favored Norwegians when he wanted to bestow any blessings. But Azief does not differentiate anyone.

Whether you believe in him or not, he doesn’t care. Loki once asks why he doesn’t care. Azief answers

‘It didn’t matter whether they believe in me or not. In the end, I will reap them all’

Even his champion he chose it by random choice. Someone attracts his attention, so he bestows his gift.

But even though he has the most followers rarely he grants a wish.

Another reason why Loki felt that Azief was a popular sovereign is because of his Gift. The gifts he bestowed are not a gift that other sovereigns could bestow.

There was once an old man who loses his son pray in front of the twenty foot statue of Azief in the Dragon Pass for the Death God to resurrect his son back to life.

For a week he prays without rest and full of sincerity.

The other Sovereigns take notice of the Faith energy coming from the old man and sought to turn the old man to their devotees

Jean sent his champion to offer the old man to come to Neverland to relive the moment he had with his son for eternity.

But the old man refused.

The other Sovereigns also been moved by the old man sincerity so much so, that Oreki the Illusion God offers the old man to live in an illusion of pure bliss where he could always be with his son in an imaginary world.

But he also refuses.

When finally the old man was about to die because of the exhaustion he put in praying, a sound break the sky and ask the old man

‘Do you dare to pay the price?’ The voice asked as it shook the Earth. It was Azief talking from his realm.

His voice creates thunders, produced fiery tornado that sweeps the lands and rock the pillars of the sea.

‘What will you give for the life of your son?’ the voice asked again

The old man replied

‘Everything’ Then for a moment there is no word from the sky. A minute later Azief voice pierced the clouds and said.

‘So be it. I have resurrected your son.’ Then a light shone down on the old man and the old man turns youthful.

All of his wrinkles disappeared and his bent back become straight.

The old man prostate in front of the statue and left his offering which is all of his wealth in front of the statue.

Thunder flash on the sky and his offerings were received.

At the time many heroes was there. They were all shocked by the display of power that the Death God has shown the world.

The old man who is now a young man, return to the graveyard and dug the grave of his son.

The moment he opens the coffins, life was breathed in inside the young man son.

It was the first time Azief ever granted a wish and the way he did it not only makes him more mysterious but also makes more people believe in him.

Who didn’t want to cheat death? Who didn’t want to be resurrected after death?

That was also the first time Azief shows that he is able to resurrect the dead.

It was also the reason why Jean the Time God always hounded the God of Death to resurrect his wife but was never successful.

Even Loki doesn’t know why Azief never wanted to resurrect Paulette.

But, that is a once a future timeline. Loki reminded himself as he sigh.

‘I guess Azief will join up with Wang Jian’ he said as he then resumes his job in the barracks.

Little did he know, Azief was aiming for something different entirely in his journey.


Even though Wang Jian also goes to hunt, his main mission was a search and rescue operations.

Today, is the day they began the plan to increase the villagers. With more villagers, Wang Jian could hold up his head high when he is in front of his lord.

When Wang Jian and his army were scouring the neighborhood they did encounter a few beasts but nothing that they couldn’t handle.

It was when they were ambushed by a hundred killing wolves that they began to feel pressured and was besieged on all sides.

Azief was flying through the clouds when he finally spotted Wang Jian group. Azief saw that they were hounded by a hundred Black Wolves.

Azief did not even stop his flight as he said something

‘DEATH’ he said this one word but when it came out of his word, the word death sounds ancient and mystical

This is one of the words he learned from the Ring of Forbidden Words. Inside that word, lies the arrogance of a God.

Inscribed in the words itself, is the Laws Of Creation And Destruction. Azief channel 20 percent of his Essence Aura into the words, and the illusory meanings of the words become reality.

The moment he said those words, the words reverberate and echo in the ears of everyone near the wolves.

Wang Jian who at the ground notices the fluctuation of energy around him quickly sent his gaze to the clouds and he could see a black attire hooded man hidden in the clouds which is still flying forward

The soldiers following Wang Jian also could hear the faint words and they could feel their Orbs and Pillars shakes and rumbling sound filled their mind.

Some trembles feeling a cold rising up from their feet

When the words echo inside the wolves ears, something terrifying happens.

The excited and killing intent of the wolves quickly dissipated like a lie, and then they began dropping down like flies.

One by one they all drop dead.

All of this happened in a second after Azief utters the word. And it was terrifying. Cold sweats run down at the backs of the soldiers.

There are no flashy shows. No sword essence like when Wang Jian fought his enemies, no saber slash or light works.

Only one word, a faint word and a hundred raging fierce wolves died almost immediately.

Azief who did not even stop after he said those words has already disappeared from the clouds which Wang Jian could see him from.

Zhang Ye who was beside Nie Feng quickly rides his horse to Wang Jian and then looking at the hundred dead wolves said to Wang Jian.

‘General, what happens?’

‘Our lord’ Wang Jian said.

‘Oh. Where is our lord?’ And Zhang Ye quickly look at the sky but he didn’t see anyone. It has become a habit to look at the sky when the soldiers mentioned Azief.

Considering, Azief always likes to fly, this reaction is understandable.

And then Wang Jian sighs.

‘He is already gone.’ Then looking at the silent massacre that happens in front of him he just smiles bitterly.

It is good that his lord is strong, but with strength like that, he as a subject, what could he offer?

Never before he felt such feeling of uselessness.

At least with King of Yue, Yue Xing needed him as a suppressing general in the battlefield. But Lord Shadow, his new liege, what could he need Wang Jian for?

With one simple word, he could kill hundreds of killing wolves; with one hand he could overturn the world, beckoning the wind and fire with a simple flip of his hands.

Lord Shadow alone is enough to kill thousands of invading enemies.

This feeling….is heavy.

Serving under someone so exceptional….also has its problems. He needs to quickly increase his strength if he is to became a subject that his new lord can trust.

Wang Jian then orders

‘Collect the loots, skins the fur and take the meat. We will advance forward and achieve the mission that was entrusted to us. Gathering teams do your job. Others, forward.’

Wang Jian then with his one hundred cavalry men moves forward leaving dust behind them.

Azief who did not understand the complex thought of his subject is now heading somewhere.

He is heading towards the Ice Region while smirking.


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