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I normally would never ever share something like this but I had to… You must watch this documentary! IT IS A MUST

The biggest psychological experiment ever is being conducted, and we’re all taking part in it: every day, a billion people are tested online. Which ingenious tricks and other digital laws ensure that we fill our online shopping carts to the brim, or stay on websites as long as possible? Or vote for a particular candidate?

The bankruptcies of department stores and shoe shops clearly show that our buying behavior is rapidly shifting to the Internet.

An entirely new field has arisen, of ‘user experience’ architects and ‘online persuasion officers’. How do these digital data dealers use, manipulate and abuse our user experience? Not just when it comes to buying things, but also with regards to our free time and political preferences. Aren’t companies, which are running millions of tests at a time, miles ahead of science and government, in this respect? Now the creators of these digital seduction techniques, former Google employees among them, are themselves arguing for the introduction of an ethical code. What does it mean, when the conductors of experiments themselves are asking for their power and possibilities to be restricted?

P.S: Turn on the captions unless you speak Dutch!

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  1. I won’t pretend it doesn’t affect me. However, I will say that the documentary doesn’t note things such as addons like: NoScript, No Redirect, Addblockers, Cookie Deleters, other search engines like DuckDuckGo and many more privacy protecting options.

    Of course, these can’t stop website layout or other in-site commercials from influencing people. And even with the best Addons, VPNs, search engine or security measures you can still be influenced by the content itself if all fails.

    What I’m trying to say is that while this is still a serious problem they’re ways to reduce the damage. Just like many medical treatments cannot just remove wounds, damage, trauma, etc. It can still alleviate them, until a solution is found and applied, or the whole wound rots and requires amputation.

    Sorry for the wall of text, even if it’s not a chapter I will still thank you for it.

    Have a nice year and remember, take care of yourself.

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