Ancient Planet

Bastion of ancient civilization, a keeper of galaxy wisdom is invaded by alien armies. Use powerful ancient technologies and defeat the attack of enemy armies!

What’s special:
– 15 unique levels (35 in mobile version);
– Variety of different enemies with unique peculiarities;
– New technologies allow choosing appropriate way of defense;
– Story line is based on the galaxy wars veterans’ memories;
– Our artist has traveled to the ancient planet to create its game image properly;
– Voices of the characters are identical to real ones;
– The game was made at the order of the Highest Council of Intelligent Civilizations of the Galaxy.
– Here should be one more point, but it didn’t pass the censorship, that’s why we’ve substituted it with an ad: «Galaxy energy drink «Improvizer» with missile fuel extract – releases fatigue and shortens live. «Improvizer» – live bright and fast!»


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